Buddha Facts: 30 Things You Probably Feel Confuse About Lord Buddha

Things You to Know About Lord Buddha. We all know that Buddha was born in Nepal. But this is not enough things to know about lord Buddha. Here we have published 30 simple things to know about lord Siddhartha Gautama. Buddha. Buddha is an icon that many people. Get facts about Lord Buddha. Get the Buddha Facts.

Buddha Facts: 30 Things You Probably Feel Confuse About Lord Buddha

  1. Birthplace : Kapilavastu Tilaurakot (Baisakh full moon, Friday), 563 BC
  1. Father’s name : Suddhodhana
  2. Mother’s name : Mayadevi
  3. Wife’ name: YASHODHARARA
  4. Son’s Name : Rahul
  5. Grandfather’s name: Sinhahanu,
  6. Grandmother’s name: Kanchan
  7. Descendants : Suryavansi,
  8. Family (Bansa): Sakya
  9. Gotra : Gautama
  10. Death (Mahaparinirman) date : Baisakh Full Moon (Tuesday)
  11. Place of Death Mahaparinirman) : Kusinagar (India)
  12. Age of Death Mahaparinirman) : 80 years of age
  13. Buddhism Received : Sravan Purnima (Friday) Night, 12 pm Gaya, India.

About Gautama Buddha Lord Siddhartha

  1. Buddha is called The Light of Asia.
  2. Buuddha was got married at the age of 16 years.
  3. The age of Wife Yashodharara is also 16 years.
  4. Buddh had stepped 7 steps when he was born.
  5. Mayadevi was died after 7 days of Buddha was born.
  6. Budhha had left the home after 7 days of Son Rahul was born.
  7. The driver’s name of buddha horse is Chhanak.
  8. Buddha horse’s name is Kanthak.
  9. Son Rahul was born at 29 yeas of age of Buddha.
  10. Buddha was born after 20 years of marriage of Suddhodhanale at the age of 57.
  11. Buddha brother’s name is Nanda kumar.
  12. The place where Buddha was got knowledge is called Bodhgaya and the tree under where he go super knowledge is called bodhbriksha.
  1. The Place where Buddha started to promote knowledge : Saranatha
  2. Buddha is considered as the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
  3. Four holy place (Char Dham) of Buddhism religion are means Lumbini, Gaya(BodhGaya), Sarnath and Kusinagar
  4. Buddh is the national hero of Nepal.

Although these are very simple things to know but these makes you confuse in all the time. so, it’s better to know. Have patience and piece in your mind.

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