9 Things to Do in Tihar Festival of Nepal

When it comes to Tihar festival, the most common thing in you all Nepali, being a regular person, will do is probably catch up with relatives and friends, bursting some wonderful firecrackers and booze the night out, and before you know, the lighten ‘festival of lights and diyos’ is over.

Well, Tihar can be a lot more and more fun provided all of you give in to the festive spirit. After all, Tihar comes only once every year at the month of Ashoj or Kartik, which is exactly why you should go a little out of your way to make it memorable with your family members and friends.

Hindus from all over the world, not only in Nepal and India, celebrate this festival in name of their goddess Laxmi and God Bishnu. Nepalese celebrate this festival by putting Tika on forehead of brothers and sisters and burning Diyos on homes and sending each other gifts, sweets, greeting messages and many other stuffs.
The articles covers some of the things to do in Tihar festival of Hindus and SMS collection in English language which you can send your family members and friends.

9 Things to Do in Tihar Festival of Nepal

Here are 8 things you should do this Tihar.

1. Splurge

Tihar is the best season and time to make yourself and your beloved ones to have feel good, and what better than crackers, diyos and cloths shopping. Tihar is considered a one of the best time for shopping, hence use it as the perfect excuse to lose your restraints and splurge your money in some good ways.

2. Give Your Home a Makeover with Best Color

This is a best season and time to give your home a new (read cleaner) look. If your home resembles a garbage dump, its time to pull up your socks and go on a major cleaning drive. In case you are one of those guys who keep their homes spick and span, you can change the decor of your house. Try giving your home’s walls with a new color, fill the house with flowers, diyos and lamps around you.

3. Socialize

During Tihar, almost everybody is in the mood and, more importantly.  almost everybody is in the free to celebrate. Without the stress of impending work during the Tihar festival of all Hindus on the mind, it is the perfect time to catch up with friends and relatives in these all 5 days. It is better to organize a do at your own home, villages, chauk, or place. Keeping festive trend in your mind, orgianzing a social party can be the perfect way to have fun and happiness with your friends and relatives.


4. Go Easy on the Calories

I don’t need to tell all of you that Tihar also translates into Selroti, Fini, anarsha, Puri, Jeri, Khir, and sweets, sweets and more sweets. All that Sel Roti and Mithai with the onset of the festival as it is almost impossible to tell no each and every time you’re offered the perfect old mithai or other high-cal delicacy.

5. Make it a Family Affair

The saying that ‘brothers and sisters come first’ holds especially true during festival of Tihar. Spending Tihar with all your family members helps in strengthening your bond. If you are very far from your family, then it is the perfect time to book your tickets and get yourself amongst people that matter the most to you in your life.


6. Give some time in Charity

A good way to make your Tihar festival a happy one and satisfied one, would be to brighten somebody else’s day. If you have, you can either distribute sweets/ clothes to poor children. For that you can get in touch with any charity organization around you and your home if you want to go an extra mile in trying to help the needy.

7. Things not to do in Tihar is Please Say No to Firecrackers

yes, this is the one things that you should not do in Diwali or Tihar festival. Burning firecrackers is not aloud to you and your health and as well your society. Yes. there are all aware of the adverse effects that firecrackers have on our environment but continue to turn a bind eye to it.

8. Send Best sms, messages, wishes to all your friends and relatives

Dipawali wishing messages is a nice way to show you care dooring the holy festival. A short, sweet Shubh Dipawali  messages will make your beloved ones smile, happy and think of you while the snow falls.
Sending SMS to your friends and relatives is one of the best things to Do in Tihar, Festival of Nepal. So, let’s send Tihar SMS to our relatives one.

SMS Tihar Wishes Messages in Nepali Language 7

Bhagwan Shree Bishnu jee tapaaiko ghhar sukh ko varsaat garoon, Dukhharuko naash garoon Yo Tihar ko din ma tapaaiharulai dhereiy dhereiy shubhakaamana Hapay Bhai Tika to you.

Tihar SMS in English :Wishes no. 7

Shubh Tihar  is the Blessed season of goddess Laxmi and God Bhisnu which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love, happy and peace.
Happy Shubh Tihar 2076

Tihar Wishes in English for sisters :MESSAGES no. 10

May this Bhai Tika be so special for you my sisters,
that you never never never ever feel lonely again
& be surrounded you by Binaju (brother in law)

Happy Diwali Wishes in Nepali Language

maata laxmi ko haat hoss tapaaiko maatha maa

saraswatee ko saath hoss tapaaiko bolimaa

ganesh ko baas ho tapaaiko ghharamaa maa

ra devadevi ko aasirbaadale

tapaaiko jindagi maa praqash nai praqash ho jindagiamaa

happy new year

nayaa varsa ko subhakaamana

Happy Diwali Msg in Nepali Language

pes 6a ful ko fulabaari

anuhar yasaari nai haasi rahoon

khooshee ko barshat hoss majaale



2076 tapaaiko laagi hoss varapur mastile

rekah thapa

rajesh hamaala

aaryan sigdela

priyankaa kaarki

sushma karki

Tam cruza

enjelina joli

aliaa vaTTa

ranbir kapoor

savai jana le timeelaai eutaa kuraa vanna timaro mobile maa aayekaa 6an

mesej box maa gayer hernus ta

happy Diwali 2076

9. Give a special gift to sisters

Tihar is also known as the festival of brothers and sisters. Bhai tika is the last day of tihar festival. On this day, sisters put the Tika on the forehead of brothers and brothers gives a special gift to sisters. Don’t miss it.

HAPPY Shubh Dipawali
Receive my simple gift of LOVE
Wrapped with SINCERITY
Tied with CARE &
Sealed with BLESSINGS
2 Keep u HAPPY & SAFE all the life long.
HAPPY Shubh Tihar

9 Things to Do in Tihar Festival of Nepal