Things to Do and Not to in Dashain, Holy Festival of Nepal

Things to Do and Not to in Dashain, Holy Festival of Nepal

Dashain is right around the corner. It felt like yesterday when Dashain had just bid us good bye and we had to wait for a whole year to celebrate it. But time has passed so quickly and we are only a few days’ ways from Dashain.

Dashain is our biggest festival and the greatest one of all. Children to adults wait for this day to come so that they could take time from their schools and work and celebrate with their families and friends.

We have been modernizing it every field and we have been taking cultures and traditions to the next level. We have been doing stuff that we should not be doing and degrading the cultures. It is our utmost duty to save the culture for the future generation.

Find here the facts and information about Dashain festival of Nepal. The best things to do in Nepal are much more. But we have something that we can do in Dashain festival of Nepal.

9 Things Not To Do in Dashain Festival

Here are the few things which we should not be doing this Dashain:

  1. Drinking:

The only thing people are waiting is to get drunk. The liquor shop owner says that the highest sales of alcohol are during the Dashain season. It is good enough for people who enjoy with their families and friends and drink a little but some people take this over the top.

Not only, they drink more than necessary but creates a unenjoyable environment in the surrounding. So this Dashain you can promise yourself not to drink alcohol to a level that might create disturbances in the family. Be a responsible person and do not drink like a tank.

alcohol liquor
Don’t Drink Alcohol
  1. Gamble:

When we think about Dashain, we can surely think of gambling or as per our language say “taas khelne”. Gambling has been running and making lives of people since the beginning. It purely depends on your luck and the amount of risk you take.

But even if you have the greatest luck, it is quite not right to risk a large amount of money for gambling. It has been reported that many people have gone bankrupt due to gambling. So be aware and think before you risk your life along with your family members.

  1. Excessive eating:

We can all agree that Dashain stands for eating meat as much as you want. But hold your thought right there because you have to go through a lot in our life than this Dashain. Eating meat is bad for your health especially eating red meat.

But since it’s Dashain, eating meat can be considered but excessive eating can cause high cholesterol, increase excessive fats and so on. Before you jump to eat meat, think about the later consequences it can bring to our body.

  1. being lazy:

Since you get holidays from your daily schedule and have enough time to rest, you start to get lazy. You wake up late in the morning and sleep late at night. You sit in one place and play games or just watch movies.

Also, your excessive eating habits can cause you to sleep in afternoons too. So this Dashain, what you should not be doing is being lazy. Get up early in the morning and do exercises which will burn calories from the food you eat.

Help other people in the household activities or do anything instead of being ideal and laying in the bed all day. Take care of your health so that you won’t have any problem in the future.

  1. Over spending:

It’s Dashain and you would like to shop everything you want which you could not do earlier. And that’s okay. But you have to think about what is right and wrong. Shopping does not have to compulsorily over spending.


You can spend for all the necessary items but resist when it comes to luxurious stuff. People also over spend on Dakshina which is a good thing for children but you have learned to manage your budget so that you will have something left at the end of the day.

  1. Leave the house:

Dashain is the time for people to go places to attend people. What we must do is not to leave the house with no proper security. The thieves and the robbers are waiting for this kind of day when people leave their house and go to their relatives or anywhere. There must be proper security so that you don’t get robbed.

  1. Slaughtering:

This is the most disliked thing in Dashain where animals are been killed in the name of culture and rituals. I am not a big fan of eating meat or whatsoever. But killing thousands of goats for meat is a bad thing to do.

Some people behead these animals for Goddess Durga. So this Dashain takes a step ahead and do not kill animals for the sake of meat and culture.


  1. Be careless while flying kites

Flying kites is a traditional activity which is extremely enjoyable to those who do it and also to the people who watches the kite fly. Well, I am one of them. But because it is usually done from the roof tops, it can be a risky location at times when adrenaline is high enough to get you down, literally.

Keep in mind your environments when you fly a kite, and select a location where there are fences or walls that reach above your hips. Be careful and watch your little siblings too because they can get hurt too.

kites Dashain festival Nepal-children
Flying Kites During Dashain Festival in Nepal
  1. Avoid relatives

You may not want to meet the annoying old people of the family who by the perverted fortune is your relative, but go get a tika from them anyway. Dashain may be the only time when you see some of your relatives.

So we should be kind and patient enough to get tika from them. It shouldn’t be too hard to suffer their attendance for a few hours. In a culture like ours where relations are put on such a high platform even though some of them do not deserve it.

It can be a problem when avoiding relatives during Tika because that might end up in misunderstandings. So save yourself from such criticism.

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