7 Cool things that Prove 3D Printers are Totally Worth it!


3D printers are now available at a price of less than $200. Yes! Since the burgeoning of this revolutionizing technology, the devices have become this cheap. And they are capable of creating extremely functional objects that find immense application in our daily lives.

Below mentioned is a list of completely cool things that prove the actual worth of buying 3D printers. By printing them, you can prove to everyone who feels 3D printing does not have much practical importance. Excited? Let’s get started

3d printer

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7 Cool things that Prove 3D Printers are Totally Worth it!

1)  Self-Watering Planter

Self-Watering Planter

Source: cults3d

Well, if the technology around us is advancing at an unprecedented pace, isn’t it our duty to keep the environment we live in decently modern? By creating yourself this self-watering plant you’d be doing exactly the same. No need to remember the watering schedule for your plant! Just plant your favorite herb in this self-watering planter, add water in it once and you’re all set. 

It’ll ensure that your plant doesn’t die out of any sort of neglect in watering. It is typically used for growing kitchen-related herbs. Isn’t it too cool to digest?

2)  Pen and Pencil Holder

Pen and Pencil Holder

Source: cults3d


Why get the same holder for your stationery from some shop that your friend has bought his’? Instead, create a customized pen and pencil holder for your own. Figure out a complex shape that is not only aesthetically pleasing but can also accommodate enough pens and pencils.

This pen and pencil holder would decrease randomness on your work desk. It’s very easy to print this model and its STL file is available for free on Cults.

3)  Mechanical Quick Grab/Release Phone Stand

Mechanical Quick Grab Release Phone Stand

Source: thingiverse


Admit it! Most of us like to watch our favorite content online on our smartphones. And we do it most of the time before going to bed, holding our smartphones in our hands, adjusting different angles! But why complicate things when we can afford to get convenience with ease? The mechanical quick grab/release phone stand is just as the name suggests. 

It’s not like other typical phone stands which hold the smartphones too tightly that taking it out almost becomes a task! Instead, it lets you quickly grab and release the phone. You can print it using PLA 3D printer filament. The design works fairly well with larger smartphones as well. 

If you don’t find what you need in this list, You can learn more about some 60+ Coolest Things People 3D Printed this year.

4)  Slim Credit Card Wallet

Slim Credit Card Wallet

Source: thingiverse

Working on a push-button slider mechanism, this slim credit card wallet can hold up to five credit cards. It lets you comfortably carry your bunch of credit cards in a single wallet while traveling. Although the part requires some support for its printing, it’s not too difficult to crack.

The designer of its 3D model recommends you print it with PLA material. It’s got a nice design that also manages to grab the eyes of anyone who is looking around the object. 

5)  Tealight holder

Tealight holder

Source: thingiverse

If you think that tealights were only made for keeping your brew hot, you are wrong. They can also be used for making your evenings a little bit cozier than before. This 3D model has the capability of lighting the corner of your room, like no other lamp or light.

It plays with the light and shadow to actually make a room feel living. Its design has dedicated tendrils growing from its base that cast captivating shadows. The designer recommends printing it using PLA 3D printer filament.

6)  Groovi Monster

Groovi Monster

Source: cults3d

Love to hear music straight from your smartphone but aren’t satisfied with its voice quality? Well, this passive amplifier has the capability of increasing its sound level like no other. It adds the little oomph effect to the tiny speakers that your smartphone has. With it, you’d be able to groove your favorite tracks present on your smartphone. It can be created simply without any need for rafts. 

7)  Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp

Source: craftrum

Here’s a moon lamp based on the principle of lithophane. It’s a truly catchy object for any house’s nightstand. Although, without any sort of backlights it’s as dull as any other non-living object, after hitting the light switch it displays the surface of the moon. It can be printed in two halves, when combined, makes up for a considerable diameter of the lamp i.e. 8.2 inches. 

The Conclusion

After knowing that 3D printers are capable of creating these kinds of objects, don’t you feel they are really worth it? Imagine, a 3D printer costing  less than $100 has the power to create all the amazing parts and functional prototypes mentioned in the list above, and even more! In other words, it means that your daily life can be so exciting and customizable.

You no longer need to buy the same objects for your home decor as your neighbor has! Instead, you can make objects how you like to imagine them. How cool, yeah?



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