10 Things Not to Miss in Nepal as a Tourist

Find here 11 things not to miss in Nepal during your visit. We have enlisted here 10 must things to do in Nepal while you are in holiday. As we all know that Nepal is one of the most photogenic country in the world. Nepal is the land of Mount Everest and birthplace of Lord Buddha and Goddess Janaki. Besides that we are discussing here top 10 things not to miss in Nepal during your visit as a tourist.

11 Things Not to Miss in Nepal in Your Visit

1. Trekking

The first things not to miss in Nepal is trekking. Trekking in Nepal is one of most popular things to do in the world amongst trekkers. There are many popular place or trekking routes in Nepal which are world famous. Because Nepal is one of the highly scenic photogenic country in the world.



2. Mountaineering:

Mountaineering is another stuff that you should not miss to do in Nepal. Nepal is also knows as the country of Himalayan mountains. The northern of Nepal is almost Himalayas. There are hundreds of places or mountains which are opened for mountaineering including the highest peak (8848m) in the world, that is Mount Everest.

3. Rafting and Kayaking in white river of Nepal

This is another things not to miss in Nepal. Rafting in Nepal is one of the top 10 places in the world. You can get world’s deepest gorge in Nepal’s Kaligandaki river. There are dozens of river which are opened for rafting. Some of the rivers of Nepal are restricted for rafting. If you are fond of fishing, then you can do fishing in some river as well.

4. Eat Vegetarian or Non- Vegetarian Momo at Nepali Taste

When you will come Nepal or If you are in Nepal now, then don’t forget to eat MoMo. You can have both Vegetarion or non vegetarian MoMo. What ever you like. But remember to eat steamed MoMo as snack. You can get wonderful taste of MoMo everywhere in Nepal from street stalls to fancy restaurants.

5. Boudha Stupa:

Bouddha is another UNESCO world heritage site, located in the Kathmandu valley. It’s great white Stupa and pilgrimage centre for all Buddhist community.

6. Bath with Elephant in Chitwan National Park

There is facility for having bath with the elephant in Chitwan national park in Nepal. Wash elephant in the Rapti river in Sauraha. You’ll get wonderful experience while helping wash down an elephant in the great Rapti River.


7. Kathmandu Durbar Square:

Kathmandu Drubar Square is one of the UNESCO  world heritage site, located in Nepal. Don’t forget to see the Kumari devi, ‘the only living goddess in the world’ near by the Kathmandu Durbar Square at the Kumar Ghar.

Nepal Culture Kathmandu square

8. Viewing naturally beautiful scene of Himalayas

If you don’t want to go trekking, mountaineering, rafting or kayaking, the viewing naturally beautiful scene of Himalayas range another things not miss in Nepal. Nagarkot, Sarangkot and Antu Danda are the some viewpoint to view naturally beautiful Himalayas mountain range experience. Nagarkot is outside the Kathmandu valley but near to Kathmandu. Sarangkot is outside the Pokhara Valley and Antu Danda is located in the eastern region of Nepal.


9. Get Relaxed on Rara Tal

Rara Tal is biggest lake in Nepal. If you are fond of the viewing lakes in the lap of Himalayas, then Rara lake is one of the best destination for you. It is located in Mugu district, where you can go with the any vehicle of transportation. It has wonderful photogenic views. Get relax in a Rara lake.

10. Masked Dance in the Dashain Festival

Dashain is the greatest and longest festival in Nepal. It lasts for long 15 days. It falls in the late September or early October every year. You have never seen such mask dance in the world like in Dasain festival of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. Masked dancers perfrom their amazing dance to elaborate rituals and tradition.

You can have bamboo swings in this festival everywhere in the country. It gives you wonderful fun and enjoy. But this things not to miss in Nepal can be shown during the dashain festival only.

11. Fishing and Diving in Nepal’s River

Fishing and diving in rivers of Nepal is another most popular things not to miss in Nepal as a tourist. Many fishes live in the steep gradients of mountain streams which are characterised by white water rapids, pools and waterfalls.

The river bottom consists of boulder, cobbles and gravel. This type of habitat is well represented in highland Nepal and often forms an impenetrable barrier to heavy bodied clumsy fishes of the lowlands. Only slim bodied cold water forms that resist strong current can thrive well in such environment. Fishes from this inspiring underwater world can be studied by diving and snorkeling.

Water clarity of creeks and medium sized stream is high soon after rainy season and form spawning areas of snow trout and mahseers. Migratory fishes arriving from turbid water of lowland river broadcast their spawn and raise their egg and fry in nursery bed sunlight waters of shallow creeks and streams. Fishing in clear water is a seasonal affair in Nepal, cherished by young and adult. Diving and snorkeling in placid pools provide a zest to fisher life.

Fish fill us wonder in fast turbulent waters of Himalaya. There are all kinds of smell, sound, sights for learning real language of living stream one of the deepest motivation may be observing and understanding.

The chain of life is fitted in a nice ribbon of a mountain stream, a naturally well balanced stream like Arun support is a delicate balance of four indicator insect mayflies, stoneflies, caddis flies in the upper reaches and midges, crane flies and black flies in lower reaches.

The rugged mountain topography coupled with high annual snow melt, rainfall from an impressive catchment of numerous Himalayan drainage system makes these fishing waters unique in the whole world. Besides this placid Himalayan lake such as Rara, Gosain Kund, Panch Pokhari (eastern Nepal). Although they are not extensive on either number and size, they support an ancient gene pool of endemic snow trout and catfishes and loaches.

In most mountain streams the water level subsides just as rapidly when the rains cease. Typically such habitats support migratory fishes or temporary attendants in fast flowing stream of the upper reaches.

Many fishes living in steep gradient of mountain stream are characterized by many adaptive devices which keep themselves in position and protect themselves being swept away by fast current. By diving and snorkeling in crystal clear water shallows and pools of mountain stream one can observe the mode of life based on natural principles. Most of river fish face anticurrent, for the current brings them food.

They cling to the rocky or stony bottom by means of their sucker and adhesive devices.

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