11 Disrespectful Things to Do in Nepal – Never Do These Things While Travelling in Nepal

Things not to do in Nepal:- Every leaf of the single tree is same can’t be requisite. There may be the change in shape, size, and color too due to their growth and getting the sunlight or other recipes too.

Similarly, there are many people whose thought does not get matched with another one. Means to say there is various person who is consent on your saying or promulgation. it’s not the news and fake to hide it because the world knows about natural beauty.

Its beauty has emboldened the visitor and tourist and make them addicted too with their wings of beauty gives their own sun and shine. A tourist who came to visit and wonders the Nepal in their own camera and captured the limelight shaded in every platform and structured in everywhere with their own feather and rang.

Those who come to Nepal have their large and longs list of plans to make here true with the support of natural hands and natural shadow. The man needs refreshment due to their trot of a busy life. It’s the pension and also the format of making tension free for grasping the felicity in the arms of natural beauty.

Natural beauty and natural figures of Nepal will make your intent and motion captured and trapped in their lovely worlds from where you do not want to come out. Opponents, there are some of the people to who gets marrow in doing respectful things.

Disrespectful things to do in Nepal also not gives you allow to do such activities that make you and society hamper and shame. You have to earlier be understood about the norms and needs, pleasure and principle of Nepalese people that will make you adjust and makes your fun more incentives and innovative.

Many tourists come here and show their vulgarity which has make and treated them non-sense and society has also changed their eyes to behave with them.

It’s the Hindu nation and according to Hindu holy book, the tourist is treated and respected as the God because they are our special person. More to context, there are everything presence in tables if your orders, the pleasure and pleasant are waiting for your orders and payment.

They are always in welcoming mood and delivering cart. A tourist who wants to roll their body and motion in the wave and smell dust of natural gifts can have those types of permission.

Instead, there are many tourists who are in the search and trying of doings the disrespectful things to do in Nepal, I also n support ion your statement and thought, Nepal is the small country but Nepalese have large hearts.

The errors can be edited and forgiven but the offend or crime have not any excuse. There you have to play and perform your all desires and pleasurable activities inside the limits and boundary of decent.

This is also your m person identity-warping and making fun matter, you are here tourist not the citizenship holder of Nepal. Talking to the topics of disrespectful things to do in Nepal, you can have many options but you have to look on your surrounding either anybody is here or near about you or not, watching in hidden mode.

If you caught in raid hand, then you have to pass with many fences punishment. So, following are some of the disrespectful things which give you ideas and advice as well about disrespectful things to do in Nepal with following points and plates:

11 Disrespectful Things to Do in Nepal – Never Do These Things While Travelling in Nepal

1. Hugging another girlfriend:

What will you feel if anybody snatches you’re eating bread from your hands? Similarly, this is also one of the disrespectful things to do in Nepal which will make your surely the disrespect and extinct from the Nepalese territory too if you caught in anger mood.

Lover and lockers only have rights to open and hug to their own inputs which they are connected with. Another girlfriend is their priceless assets which do not want to sell any of the lovers in the auction. Hugging other girlfriends show you intend to use and overlook the society and another girlfriend.

It will be may be published in the news if you continue your activities for some of the days till it does not make you popular. Disrespectful things to do in Nepal have various aspects to treat with others and one of it is hugging the other girlfriend.

hug boyfriend girlfriend
huging a girl

Hugging to your own girlfriend is your right sand daily actions but hugging to another girlfriend in front of their lovers and publicly makes you some disrespectful treating in their viewer eyes and mind. This is also one of the disrespectful things to do but it will depend upon your wish to try it or not.

2. Teasing the girls:

It also gives a signal of disrespectful things to do in Nepal. if domestic or natives people tease to natives girls are not big blunders but if the tourist or foreigner tease some of the native girls will make you disrespectful and disgusting too. There are also many Nepalese girls who like the foreigner appearance and activities.

talking boy girl communication
teasing girl

So, it can be handle but increase and cross the limit will trap you in prison and you will be kicked out from the track. Disrespect to do in Nepal, for it the government does not give you permission it depends upon your volatile occupation and derogatory actions.

It is also one of them which can make your plans and places more enjoy according to your p view but other may have another eye and thought a can take and make it the big issues.

So, be careful and maintain your postures to gain the real glad and real marrow of enjoying and occurrence and existence of natural beauty of Nepal. The disrespectful thing to do in Nepal also includes one of its crew.

3. Picking flowers:

Planting flower will make you respectful but pick flowers from another garden will surely make you disrespectful. Because it is also one of the disrespectful things to do in Nepal.

Nepal is the structure of people having great thought and lives the standard life. There are many public places where there are gardens having various flowers and various designs decorated.

Picking flowers
Picking flowers

In those garden, visit, you can pick up the flower or rough it which will make their looks shaded and fade. The beauty will also decline their shining and looks will crop their charming.

Picking the flower from other garden or conservative garden will make your stance changes and you will be in search or listed in the list of disrespectful because of your action perform under the disrespectful things to do in Nepal.


4. Picking fruits:

Visiting or tripping to the Himalayan region, you get the chance to see the tree of apple and orange and many other fruits, which will change your intend due to greediness and the fruits lightness. The fruits are very much kept in safely due to the assault of any others or strangers. Fruits production are the main occupation of Himalayan people.

plucking a guava from the tree
plucking a guava fruit

While traveling through the fruits tree and road, you can pick up the fruits which will make you disrespectful if you caught red handed. Owner stays in hiding and silent mode to trap the thief.

People of Himalayan are very much light hearted if you beg, then you will receive more than begging. They also know killing theirs of anyone is our human religion too. So, this is also the disrespectful things to do in Nepal while traveling nearby the fruits tree.

5. Come out without paying hotel bills:

This will show your reality and real mentality. Mending the bills and try to pay the bills will not make the noise and rush of people in such evidence if you caught. But going out after doing dinner and eating several items and trying to go as acted like the forgotten is also the symbol of disrespectful things.

counting Nepali Rupees Paper Money
Counting Nepali Paper Money

Moreover, the shopkeeper will try to stop you and make you bill paid. They deter you and not allow you to go without payment. Doing such types of activities will also speak about the disrespectful things that can you do In Nepal. You can act like the forgotten if you caught outside after moving.

6. Public nocturnal activities:

This is also disrespectful things to do in Nepal. There are many tourists who came to Nepal with their girlfriend or with their beloved. Any things else, there are many couples who can hold their emotion and come in vigor and start ecstasy out eh sound that will make you disrespect.

Making and dog such activities in public will make you healthy and people will laugh after seeing such activities may be you will be blackmail if anybody record such your activities doing in public and can entry and install in Youtube. Even though you feel marrow on doing such activities, you can do it with your own mentality and think about its consequences.

7. Bikini photo suit:

As you know that, Nepal is a landlocked country, and here are not the seas situated anywhere, it is looked in foreign besides the sea, many girls are staying and lying in a bikni pose which is common in their area. But such action and performance are totally banned because of the cultural country.

Even knowing all the rule and regulation, you want to turn and break it and try to do photo suits in public in nude or bikini mode, then you have to pass with disrespectful treatment by the locality.

Nepali Actress Model Sushma karki Susma Pictures Photos Images Photoshoot Wallpapers
Actress Sushma Karki

No listening the extra, you can do it by seeing the public and surrounding is anybody near bout you or not. If there is no one, then you have no any intervention and can capture with your glamorous choice and dance in chance.

8. Gargling and spitting in public:

Nepal is natural resources rich country and it is the country were everywhere you get the chance to live and step up in greenery environment. There are many cities where there is expedition about the cleanliness. Makes town clean and green with this slogan.

a boy is spitting in public place from car
a boy is spitting in a public place from the car

So, mixing water in their plans surely will make you disrespectful. This is also one of the disrespectful things to do in Nepal if you have such intend to do and you are beyond of this types of activities.

Spitting in public and gargling in clean places spots the scars and makes the faces of attracting scars and naughty in view which will diminish the popularity of that area and locality.

 9. Engaged in drug addiction:

Drug abdication free society campaign are nowadays looked in several of the city. There are many of leaders who are in this campaign to combat and almost exit the drug addiction and trap free the youth from such illicit and hazardous health infection activities which will play their measurable role in society as well as the country development.

drug addicted boy
drug addicted boy

Youth are the pillared of the nation which will move the projects and chariots of development ahead with exhaustive and robust power to make the country bolster and independent and economically strongly erect.

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10. Cracking bottles on road:

This is also the disrespectful things to do in Nepal but it is banned in Nepal. Even for your wish and contempt of desire, you can do such activities far from the eyes of the public. Nepalese people are very much aware and they always use and sweat for making the clean neat and clean.

throwing bottles on road
bottles on road

By cracking the bottles on road encourages many incidence and accident and result from the loss. So, even though it is the disrespectful things to do in Nepal, you have to walk under your mind decision or mental decision depends upon you.

11. Thwarting and dominating:

This also the disrespectful things to do in o Nepal by coming from another country. If your name included in such types of activities, then it will m confirm makes your name and prestige derogatory and hardly punished too. Nepal is very much strict in handling and active to catch the such offend straddler and conducting such action with Nepalese.

talking with each other boy girl
never dominate anyone

Giving threat and dominating in Nepal will overload you and you may never walk again if caught is such case. It is the country of all equality in treating. And everymen of the country are Nepalese. Walking against is also the disrespectful things to do in Nepal as you have plans and searching for making such types of plans.

11 Disrespectful Things to Do in Nepal – Never Do These Things While Travelling in Nepal


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