14 Things Not to Do in Diwali Festival

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Things not to do in Diwali festival

As the Diwali represents the aspects of lights and spreadness of love, it adds the meaning and reward to the environment and human beings. So the human beings spread the love and lit the lamp of peace and humanity. a person is ownself called as the wise social animal. So also it is taken in the first list of creatures and natural resources. God and goddess have created the world and the man, but the man has created the new technology for fun and enjoyment. They are in the race of developing and researching something new and new, something better and better, something fast and faster.

All the tools and device that we are using is the main sources of development and invention. samely the many festival and occasion are held and come, people don’t miss the chance to take the entertainment. They seek entertainment everywhere. They want fun and enjoyment everywhere. The present youth generation will not be present if any programs are organized not containing entertainment. its because the technology has made them full dependent and they can’t breathe even without technology in the present world. In addition to Diwali or festival, I want to say and advise you that, the simple mistake make man black. A piece of wood stick burns the whole forest.


So remember the serious thing that more enjoyment and trying for more enjoying may become the ring of dangerous and might happens too. There are many things which may make your Diwali with the garden full of thorns. If you want to celebrate this Diwali with a lot of happiness, you have to be conscious while doing the serious works. I am describing and giving you suggestion that is mentioned below which will be very effective and helps you for celebrating Diwali without any objection, only full of happiness.

1. Avoid bad planning:

Concentration on celebration may take your life too sometimes. Man are very hurried up for entertaining and for entertainment. Diwali is not like the festival holi that the every should be tasted and can be done according to wish. It’s the festival of humbleness and generous. Those who makes their body and controlled in their own,they can only enjoy the realty of Diwali. A person makes the bad and unnatural plan that calls the problems and obstacles themselves. All the thing should be done and managed in very sensitive order, that can never give you in the problems. Easy and comfortable way sends you in the dense of problem and problems only.

diwali bomb men and women picture

So be careful in this Diwali, don’t include the things and works in your planning list that may arise the problem and make your Diwali celebration colorless. Everything depends on your mentality, how you react and fight with the obstacles. the problem is never if you have a solution, and the problem is very big if you have not the solution. The men can swims in the sea too if he wants and know to swims. And the men can sinks in the ponds also if they don’t know to swim. The moment of Diwali is also the same, if you make the good plan your celebration will be good, if not your celebration will be meaningless. So keep on minds don’t rise the steps of resulting the bad and damages output.

2. Stop teasing to girls and others:

The bad habits result bad and good habits guarantees gives a good respect and good self-esteem. we have to behave well with everyone because we also expect good behave from others. teasing to girls may arise the problems of quarrel and if it is serious you will sent to prison. There will be not excuse for teasing the girls. Girls are very sensitive human beings. They only want respect and love, not the hate. you can only tease the girls if you know her better. Without recognizing and without thinking the outcome of the result,you do so then the environment of discrimination and hate will create. If you love the girls it is your right to tease your own and even to your girlfriend. You can also tease anyone if you take permission from him or her.

a girl slap a boy picture
a girl slap to a boy

No man wants his disrespect in public and alone. There are nowadays many organization which are working for saving and educating the girls. Empowering the strength of girls, nowadays have become very matured. So be careful if have planned or want to tease anyone. But I think it’s the right time for you if anyone lives in your heart to say your internal feelings on the occasion of Diwali. The festival of lights may bring lights in your love and life too. the time and tide wait for the nod. The time is only observed is it the right time to do something special or. no one has given the rights to tease the girls, it is also not the person or girls wants that somebody teases me. So hurting anyone will make your intention bad too. so love all respect all.

3. Avoid loudspeaker party:

The environment of Diwali is itself lighting and sounding by the blasting of crackers. if you do the loudspeaker party,the surrenders and your neighbor may abuse you and disrespect you. Hurting the heart of your neighbors is not good for you and society too. people thinks negative about you and you will be kicked by the society. The society may send you to jail or to the prison. if have the passion of doing loud speaker party, you postponed the planning for a few days later. I also know the party is more enjoyable in the loudspeaker music and breaking self-dance no steps any rules. But this type of activities make you shame in front of your society and family member will also abuse you. the party can be done at any time or in any occasion but Diwali comes only one time in the year.

load speaker picture for party

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So celebrate it without making and creating noise. The celebration of Diwali must be wonderful and peaceful. Doing party does not make you great but being participation in society programs helps you to determine your importances. Together doing the works complete fast and make the coordination in the friends and relatives. The party is also of different types. If your passion is to do a party in Diwali compulsory, it is my advice to yo is,you can do party peacefull not giving the full volume in the music. The party is necessary for the Diwali but loud speaker is not good. If the party organized, the combination and cooperation will be coordinated in the single shadow of the single tree or single family. Love should be spread crossing the boundary of impossibilities. The party should be also done and celebrated but in low volume and peacefully so that no one gets disturbs. Though it’s a common practice amongst Indians to tag along with a friend for a party where we know no one, it become the emergency need of the moment to large our relationship.

The different smell of different dishes on the display are saying to crack the bottle and break the table by dancing because we have gotten the chance and reasons to celebrate and doing the party.courtesy the free flowing booze and lip-smacking kebabs on display, plates of smelling items and supports of time and environment we suggest that the least you can do this festival is refrain from forcing yourself into a big and crashing party. Please make yourself available for the parties that you have been invited for and also reminds your own relatives and family members to make the party grand and most grand. The lights and color of the party must be shown to the party. But be conscious about loosing emotion and constellation, you can forget to recognize yourself. It will be only possible if you crash the party in systematic and peacefull manner.

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