7 Unexpected Things Nepalese Man Search on Woman

7 Unexpected things Nepalese men search for women

From the beginning of the human civilization, there has been a never-ending debate on finding or looking for a ‘right partner’. The reason that it is a never-ending debate is that different people have different perception and this perception tends to direct your views and opinion. One person might think that the girl they are seeing is the right women, as per say “right partner” and others might have a different opinion and might even regard her as a bad one. This is a vicious cycle and tends to go over and over.

Coming back to Nepalese men, their choices are simple as any men in this world. So even when the topic says, the things Nepalese men search for women, I will generalize all the men in this world and write about what men really want in women so that they can consider as their right partner. And I think search good qualities is a woman should be done by the men too. Because this woman is going to the one who you are going to share your world with, she will be the one who will mother your children, help you plan your life, pick you up when you are down and make you a better person. Now, this might be a feminist issue since it is questioning the women here, but the truth will be heard and everybody has a right to select a right partner for their life.

7 Unexpected Things Nepalese Men Search for Women

  1. Character:

You are the most beautiful girl and your character is not as much of your beauty and maybe not up to the mark. Being beautiful has seriously nothing to do with what you look like on the outside, but everything with what you do and what you really are on the inside. I think you have met so many beautiful girls whose personalities were dirty.

I am not judging but I think you have. We want people who put as much time and efforts into ensuring that they look good. But have you put a little look on what they really are under that makeup? Observe the girl who has a good sense of humor, who is really around you, who does not order salads because they are so much into what people might think. Inspect the girl who laughs out loud in a public place because she found the joke you told hilariously. Examine the girl who is being herself and not a formal freak!

  1. Respect:

How you present yourself has a lot to do with what you really are as a person. Wearing branded clothes or clothes that emphasize your body is nothing new to hear or see about, nor do I believe it is disrespectful. But, that is not where I am taking with the words I write. Today we are so much familiar with social media and all these apps that take your attention every second. Those social media girls are the resume for men. It has everything written or should I say show – where you go, whom you go with, what you say and how you say is reflected. And truly speaking men do not want someone who is everywhere, doing everything, with everyone.

boy helping girl

boy is helping girl

And do not get me wrong, the photos shown might also not reveal what you exactly you are doing but the first impression is how thoughts are stereotyping is created. You surely cannot respect a man, if you do not respect yourself. Yes, people might want women who are sitting at home, reading the book and not getting drunk. But it is also a test to the men to not judge quickly on what they see. Everybody needs a break and wants to enjoy. But that is where you should not get overboard and do everything captioning “Yolo”.

3. Affection


Men are very much like physical human beings. Everything for them elevates with the touch. It goes without saying that a woman who is very free with her offering of affection will entice them. It is very warm and welcoming to the man. The connection is shown when a women grab their hand, and hugs them and ask how their day was. It evokes the feeling of being wanted by the one they love. When a woman shows affections, the men feel overwhelmed and that goes for the women too. We are human beings and we all demand love. The affection is shown strengths the connection and gives open spaces for the communication, and truly that is more important to make them comfortable.

  1. Intelligence:

Stimulating conversations can really impress the men. Most men prefer intelligent women rather than any foolish girl who might be good looking and stuff. Intelligent women are the ones who know so much about the world around them and are also curious to know more and to do something better for the world to make it a better place. They think critically and engages your senses. They make you think about things you have never thought of. Ever!! This is trait where women can actually make to broaden your horizon and direct you to success which is a big deal and a big turn on for your life. To be honest, there is so much to live than any TV serial character, or makeup or new Kylie Jenner talks.

  1. Confidence:

For every one of us, every day is a struggle. Even the smallest things can make a big obstacle and you won’t know what you really should do. You get so much into the idea of the problem that you forget that the solution is within you. Confidence! Yes. That is the key to most of our problems. Every day is a struggle to get through and when you have a confidence and strong woman by your side you do not really have to fear and you can pursue your dreams. A woman that loves herself, even though she has tons of flaws will love a man for all of his flaws too.

Beyond loving you, she will break down every door that creates an obstacle for you and reaches out for the best for you. Knowing that this girl understands her worth is very appealing. On the good point, you are looking for someone who can complement you and motivate you.She knows exactly wants she wants and she is content with herself inside out. There is something different about these confident women. These confident women grab your attention and it stays in your mind for a very long time. This confidence has certainly nothing to do with the looks.

When you are confident about your flaws, no one can really use it against you-you know the ones who spend an hour in the mirror. Taking you out of the track but I have a perfect example. I do not know if everyone watches Game of Thrones but you certainly might know about Tyrion Lannister. He is a dwarf and everyone laughed at the idea of being so dwarf and thinking he was unqualified for a ruling. But he has come out to be the most powerful one. I know the show is fictional but that is what I am trying to say- despite the dwarfism, he was so much confidence in himself that he did not let one question his ability.

  1. Ambition:

Men are considered to be a planner for the family and they love to take these responsibilities. But they also love a woman who can plan and help with the responsibility with them. Men do not want to take all of the decision themselves alone. They need suggestions and they would love him their partner has something better than him. That is how to converse and that’s how you come to a better idea. Not only men, women also do not want a man who is visionless and does not bring out more creativity in solving problems.

When you ask your partner a question, you just do not want an “Okay” answer. You want the pros and cons of the problem and the solution too. That is how you grow and make your home a better place. Determined women are much more committed simply because of the fact that they have a mindset for the future. There are no obstacles to the future plans because they know exactly what it takes to get there. A woman who is motivating you and pushing you forward to be the best will always be the best for your home, for your children. When things get difficult, she won’t sit there cursing the fate, she will be trying to solve the problem. This way or another, she will get there.

  1. Modesty/humbleness/humility:

Humble people give out a positive energy to the people. When men search for a right partner, this trait becomes very much attracted to them. Humble women give out their compassion and put the happiness before their own. And doing such thing brings them the inner peace and satisfaction. When someone puts the happiness of others before their own, we can know that this person does not have an inflated balloon of ego. When ego does not outcast your love, that’s when your love grows and your relationship gets better. Even when there is a misunderstanding, she won’t waste a time waiting for you to apologize. She will give preference to the relationship. She will be more focused on solving the problem so that it won’t happen again.

And that takes a good amount of courage and you should be proud she apologizes first because most of the girls don’t.

Author- (Susan Basel)