19 Things to Know if You Are a Funny Friend

19 Things to Know if You Are a Funny Friend

Fellowship or friendship is a relationship of common love between individuals. The fellowship is a more grounded type of relational bond than an affiliation. Despite the fact that there are many types of friendship, some of which may differ from place to put, certain qualities are available in many types of bond. Such qualities incorporate fondness; generosity; cherish; temperance; sensitivity; sympathy; trustworthiness; benevolence; shared comprehension and empathy; delight in each other’s organization; trust; and the capacity to act naturally, express one’s emotions, and commit errors without dread of judgment from the companion.

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Individuals who are normally interesting and funny in social circumstances encounter numerous benefits. Numerous investigations have demonstrated that funniness decreases social uneasiness, anxiety, tension, facilitates strain, and has various constructive passionate and mental effects. Moreover, it has been demonstrated that entertaining individuals might be more successful. However, it is vital that being amusing runs over normally in a laid-back and unconstrained design. Having silliness appeared to be constrained and cumbersome can have a negative effect upon social circumstances.

Strange Funny Friend
Strange Funny Friend

We have companions who are constantly used for a giggle. Would it be that makes them interesting? When you see them, give careful consideration to what makes them entertaining. Is it their manner of speaking, non-verbal communication, content, general air, or something different that makes them normally clever. Distinguishing what is that influences them the amusing will to give pieces of information to how you can be normally clever also. While there is no down as far as possible on what sorts of individuals can frame a friendship, companions tend to share basic foundations, occupations, or interests and have comparable demographics.

19 Things to Know if You Are a Funny Friend

Some point that describes that if you are funny friends in your group:

  1. In the event that your companions go over an interesting video, they generally post it first on your wall to peruse your comments. If you do post it and still your friends don’t get angry than you are a funny friend.
  2. You are the just a single in your gathering who can state absurd things to your companions and escape with it. Well, the one who is clever enough can pull their friend’s leg and still manage to escape from it?
  3. You are the one that dependably has the gathering laughing out loud.

Well, we also considered that friend a funny who does not think of the surrounding and can laugh out loud. If any of your friends laugh less than we can consider them as a funny friend. We know that they don’t care about the surrounding.

  1. Particularly when things are entirely tense, you must be the one to help the temperament. Well, we need a friend at the time of difficulty and tension. We need moral support from our friend and relative when are in dilemma and confusion. So a good and a funny friend will always try to cheer up for you whenever you have a problem. They never try to get tension and show instead they make you laugh and cheer up to you.
  2. In the gathering talk, you’re the person who dependably keeps on cracking the jokes.

In every group, we have someone who is very joyful and talkative. She/he is always trying to crack the joke and is always the first in making the joke out of the conversation. They never give a second thought and just say their heart which sometimes sounds very funny. In such case also we considered the friend to be funny.

Tom, a stupid friend of Jerry
Tom, a stupid friend of Jerry
  1. Furthermore, tbh you’re continually finding the most amusing images and labeling everybody.

Well, it is considered to be a fun friend if you keep on tagging your most serious friends in the troll on the social networking site. Similarly, you keep on cracking a joke even if the situation is very serious around you.

  1. In any case, when anybody labels you in an image you’re sufficiently amenable to answer “hahaha lol adore that”, despite the fact that you saw it weeks prior.

Someone who is not serious about their life and the situation is also said to be funny. Someone who is always in a good mood and keeps on smiling in any situation is also considered as funny. If your friend keeps on tagging on the same troll or image every week to annoy or irritate you, but you always keep on replying hahaha, lol etc in the post make you funny friend in your circle. They know that whatever they post you will never react and considered you the funny one.

  1. You’re willing to influence yourself to resemble an outright simpleton just to influence your companions to giggle.

Well, the one who is happy and is never serious is the one they are funny. Anyone who is trying to influence you about the anything like about your career aims and hobbies. One who makes fun of everything that you think and laugh first and then only react on it? If anyone of your friend does that then they are considered to be the funny friend.

  1. There have been countless times when you’ve said something in all seriousness and everyone just presumed you were being sarcastic.

   There are people who are very frank and just say their heart out. They say everything openly and without giving a second thought. They don’t even think what other will say and just speak. It is not accidently this happens it is repeated every now and then and other make a judgment about the people. They think that the person is being sarcastic but in reality, they are funny. This type of people are joyful and funny and don’t care what others think about them.

  1. Similarly, one is considered as a funny friend if they know the how to change the situation from serious to funny in no time. They actually can say any things just to make a crowd laugh and change the environment. Sometimes they also speak out of blues and say randomly anything that is completely out of the topics and make their identity as a funny friend.
  2. Being funny or being serious both are given by nature. Its ones nature that whether you are funny, sad, serious, talkative and so on.  It’s the nature that one can speak without giving the second thought and say their opinion even without asking. They always try to change the condition of the group and if they know anything they say in such a way that it sounds funny the person get the tag of being funny friends.
  3. If you are talkative and just speak without other permission and always speak stupidity from the movies or any other thing that no one can even guess that you are about today that and it sounds so weird and that person is considered as a funny friend.
  4. In the other hand if someone speaks randomly anything that comes in their mind at the time and seeks other attention than they are also considered as a funny friend. Sometimes in the chance of seeking other attention, they get the tag of being funny.
  5. It is also the scenario that sometimes the group of your friend makes their opinion about you seeing your habit like making funny faces sometimes copying other voices and doing acting in front of the group of the people without feeling hesitation than they are considered as a funny friend. This type of people with this kind of hidden talent can become a comedian in future and take it as their profession.
  6. We can keep that friend in the list of a funny friend who can make another laugh in the serious matter too. Similarly, those who keep saying jokes in the group and keep making other laugh are also considered as funny one.

    we all have that one friend
    we all have that one friend
  7. We considered our friend a funny if they do the caricature of other people and makes us laugh anywhere, then they are also taken as the one who is funny. There are other cases also which can make one a funny friend.
  8. We all know that friend in need is a friend indeed so it is important for us to have friends. Friends should be cheerful enjoyable and supportive to us. They should also be the one who can make us happy and laugh when we are in a bad mood. Someone who is always caring and trying to make you happy all the time and are supportive than they are our real friend. They are always trying to change the situation and make the environment humorous and cheerful is considered as a funny friend.
  9. The friends are those who are always there to help you and support you in whether in a good or bad situation. Well, there is also a friend who is very humorous and always ready to make laugh to other. In a group of friends, there are some who makes laugh at any time and at any situation. Those are considered to be the funny friends.
  10.  Some friends are funny as they used mimic and short words which sound really funny. Well, they used mimic words in order to make friends laugh and change their mood. These type of friends are called a funny friend.
Starwars Funny Pic
Starwars Funny Pic

You as a funny friend influence a propensity to invest more energy around amusing to individuals, and offer to share a clever story or joke of your own. Everybody has sentiments about existence, and much of the time, assessments can be diverting to other individuals. Individuals who are normally amusing are regularly ready to discover cleverness in both themselves and their sentiments. On the off chance that you are excessively tense or hesitant, it will be hard to discover silliness in such things. You may also consider opening up to others by sharing a humiliating anecdote about yourself. Be careful, be that as it may, as self-expostulating jokes could influence you or others to feel awkward. Stay with something that is in great taste.

Friendship is really important in everyone’s life and everyone should know the value of the friendship. It is said that friends in need are a friend indeed. Well, it is clear that friend is important to both your happiness and sorrow too. It is a mutual understanding and caring without any selfishness. We all have the friends and some of them remain lifelong who can make your life beautiful and support you in every aspect of your life. Here we have discussed the fact to be funny friends. Hope you all enjoyed reading it. Be funny, be cool, be happy. 😉      

15+ Things to Know if You Are a Funny Friend

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