6 Things That Make You Feel Rich Without Having Money

6 Things that make you feel rich without having money

The feeling of being rich has nothing to do with money. We all know that best things in life are for free. And it is exactly so. We do not really want to believe that because when we see people who have lots of money and the type of lifestyle they pursue make us believe otherwise. We see that they have good cars, expensive clothes, big houses and a good bank account. How could they not be happy? We all think that.

And on the surface, it also looks like that. We look at the happy exterior and think that everything is going well for rich people and that they are happy. But, the reality is not always the same. Money is not everything. As we all know, love and happiness and that feeling of satisfaction cannot be bought. It has nothing to do with money. Money might give you a luxurious lifestyle but is only momentary.

Here, in this article, we are counting the things we have and can have that will give us much more happiness that money cannot give. After going through this article, you will get a different outlook about richness and happiness and the relation between these two.

6 Things That Make You Feel Rich Without Having Money

1. A loving Family

You do not choose and buy a loving family off the shelf of any supermarket. It is either there or it is not. And it has nothing to do with money. It has more to do with how you love and support each other in times of crisis and how you help and love your family. Your family stays with you all your life and this is a blessing.

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Instead of hoping for a lot of riches, you can instead start building your family, being there for the others who love you the most in the world and create a beautiful environment where you feel safe and secure from anything outside.

2. Supportive Group of Friends

What are all the riches in the world if you do not have a group of friends with whom you can go around, spend the money and have a good time with. You can laugh with them, you cry with them, do stupid things together and learn. Money cannot buy this company with a supportive group of friends

We have seen so many rich people who are doomed to spend a lonely life because they used up all their time and energy in earning money and never spent anything on cultivating a good friendship. Friendship is what lasts all life and the happiness of having a good friend by your side in the times of crisis can never be substituted with money.

3. Love of your life

Having that person you love by your side in the thick and thins of life is what counts. Wouldn’t we all feel like the luckiest and happiest person in the world if we had that particular person we loved by our side at all times? Would we need a lot of money after that?

To build a comfortable life Money is needed but it is nowhere near to substitute love. We would all rather live with less money and fewer means given we have the person we love next to us. So, instead of concentrating on money, it is better to invest in a good life with the person you love. Riches do not matter when you do not have that person you love next to you to love and support you throughout your life.

4. Wisdom

Being a wise person does not have any relation with having money. It has more to do with how well you prioritize things that matter to you and how you handle situations in life. Be wise and prioritize the things that keep you happy without spending a lot of money or without you having to work too hard. Wisdom is not something you can earn, It is something you cultivate within yourselves over the period of time in your life.

You learn from various experiences and cultivate a wisdom that can help you in the long run. Be wise and know how and when to do anything that you do. This way, you will prioritize happiness over everything else and will learn to enjoy little things in life. You would therefore not need any money to live a happy and wise life. You just need to be wise.

5. Seeing the World

Seeing the world is something you can do without money. Who said traveling needs money? You can just set out with a backpack and see places, see different cultures, traditions. You will also get an exposure to the kind of life others are leading who do not necessarily have a lot of money at their expense.

This will give you an idea about how fortunate you are to have the things that you are having in life. Set out on a journey, stay with people, volunteer to help them and learn from the experience without having to spend a lot of money. This will give you a whole new perspective and you will realize that way you have something very important which cannot be bought with money.

6. Follow your passions

The happiness that you get by following your passions is always something when compared to the boring job that you do day in and day out just to make some money. In the need of money, we forget that work can also be fun. Something you feel passionately about can also be something from which you make a lot of money. So, in order to feel happier and richer in your life, do something that you feel very passionately about. 9-5 desk jobs sure do pay good, but what is money when you do not have time to enjoy?

Therefore, it is better to follow your passions rather than being stuck in a job for money that you are not happy about.

Author-Ranjan Poudel


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