5 Things That You Can Do on New Year’s Day When You Are Far From Your Family, Staying Abroad

5 Things That You Can Do on New Year’s Day When You Are Alone and Far From Your Family, Staying Abroad

New Year celebrations aren’t complete without family reunions and feasts. Just like any other happy moments, New Year is a get-together occasion for all family members, accompanied by food, new dresses and good clicks that get posted on facebook later. Kids enjoy to fullest and most of them perhaps don’t even know why they are enjoying.But. all in all new year is a wonderful moment for the mega celebrations. However, what if you don’t get a chance to unite with your family ?then would your new year be a boring day? Then I should say it will not be.

Don’t worry! You are in India, Qatar, USA, UK, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, America, France, China, Japan, Dubai, etc, you can celebrate Nepali new year from there. But how? here is some simple ideas sharing…..

Here are some cool things that you can engage yourself in the New Year staying abroad.

5 Things to Do on New Year’s Day Being Alone and Without Families

Tip:1 Clean out your room

bathroom cleaning room
bathroom cleaning room

Well ! it sounds little awkward to actually clean out during the new year. there is another side of it which says cleaning is the first thing to do in special days. And it is a great idea if you don’t have any serious company or plan on the very day. Just find your stuff that doesn’t matter anymore to you which you can sell it or recycle it later. And make sure your stay is becoming more clean and smart including the tables, have just chairs, computers and all have just as the start of the new refreshing year.

Tip:1 Travel to some cool place

Nepal is Safe for Female Travelers
Female Travelers in Nepal

Another awesome thing you can do is travel. I will not say where and how. we all have our interests and choices. Just find that cool place in which will make you happy and don’t bother about the people. you can be with your besties or if you don’t have them then even surrounded by strangers wouldn’t be a problem.

Tip:3 Party at home

house party
house party

It again depends on whether you enjoy making food to others and dine with them. But if you do then this is going to be another memorable moment. Just call your close ones. Your friends or even relatives who might be around and then decide the menu which will, of course, include their choices as well. Those who love cooking can prepare for others and the rest will enjoy. At the end of the day, you will find it quite amazing.

Tip:4 Buy a gift

buy gift for

We all have someone special who is moving in our head time and again. A new year can be that day when you can buy a gift hamper to that person and share the happy moment. The day will be remembered and felt a lot.

Tip:5 connecting people

connecting people on mobile phone
connecting people on mobile phone

Again if you are not going out your house and staying the whole day in the house then this idea can be a good one. Connect to all your closed ones through phone calls, messages, and even emails to wish them a healthy happy new year along with the well-being of their family. This idea can help your relations to be strong and erase away any misunderstandings that you might have gone through in the past with them

Above all, the one who is going to decide is you and it again depends on your choices /interests and circumstances you are into to choose your plan for the new. I hope your new year celebrations is going to be awesome and memorable as per your plan.

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Author: Dipendra Thapa

5 Things That You Can Do on New Year’s Day When You’re Alone / Far From Your Family and Country


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