60 Things to Do in Nepali New Year 2021

Things to Do in New Year 2021: – New Year is the start of the year on January 1. Nepali new year starts from 1 Baisakh. Baisakh 1St falls in mid-April. From this day, the new Sambat (B.S) starts. AS Bikram Sambat is the official calendar of Nepal.

From this New Year the B.S 2021 Starts. It falls with the starting of the Basanta Ritu. In this season, new flower blooms, the sky is clean and the environment is so clear and fresh. New Year fills new energy, excitement in us for the new starting of the year.

We should forget the tensions, problems of life and we should celebrate the day with full excitement and happiness. It is celebrated with great fun and enthusiasm. The shops are full of crowd to buy gift and foods. So, for the shopkeeper, it is the day to earn money more. So, the 60 things to do in the new year are;

The new year is on the way and we might not even have realized this. Various resolutions we made last year might not have been fulfilled, some of the friends might have gone far, relationships might have broken. Carrying all these joys and sorrows as well as various mix emotions, the year 2075 is gonna end.

The new year is a great time to celebrate with friends and families. New ideas of having fun can be discovered in the name of celebrating the new year. Here are a few ideas you might like if you are searching for great ideas to celebrate this new year with your friends. Take a good look through it and tell us how you like them.

60 Things to Do in Nepali New Year 2021

  1. bungee jumping

It is always a great way to start your new year with the thrilling experience of bungee jumping up from the bridge to the wild river running under.

Gather up your friends, collect some money and travel to either Bhotekoshi Jumping Spot or to Pokhara before the day of New year and in the day of new year, register for a jump and experience the thrill of free falling from worlds highest bungee jumping site in the world.


In addition to experiencing the thrill of free falling to the wildest river, you get the chance to enjoy the exquisite view of the green countryside and wild rivers on the way to the bungee jumping sites. So, if you are good with money and have good friends who love doing adventure stuff, bungee jumping is a great way to celebrate with your friends.

  1. A trip to Mustang :

Not much needs to be said about this exquisite location which is located in the Northern part of Nepal.  People have been pouring in to visit this wonderful place. Mustang has been featured in many movies and songs.

This featuring has encouraged many young tourists to visit this beautiful place. It’s even better to travel to Mustang on bikes with your super close friends, Nothing beats celebrating a new year with memorable and once in a lifetime trip to this wonderland with your close friends.

So, if you have about one week of free time and some bucks to burn, planning and going on a trip to the Mustang is a great way to celebrate your new year.

  1. Organize a cleanliness campaign in your locality:

Through the passage of times, Our locality gets dirty and people always expect a government to conduct a cleanliness campaign which is itself a bad decision. If you want to create a positive impact on your society and want to spend your time productively, New year can be a great way to start this initiation.

Gather up your friends, make a team and organize a short campaign of cleaning up your locality around on the occasion of New year. This not only creates a positive impression of you in the society but also creates positive vibes within you and you will feel you have done something great.

This feeling always leads to success. Hence, getting involved in such social activities like cleanliness campaign is a great and productive way to celebrate your new year.

  1. Organize a blood donation program :

Although you might not get the same fun doing these social activities, it gives you a sense of responsibility. Blood is an important entity and there is always a shortage of blood in different hospitals.

If you are looking for a good way to spend your time in this new year, you, with a team can organize a blood donation program in your locality. Contact local red cross organization and other NGO ’s, they will be more than happy to help you in this great initiation. Instead of wasting your money and time drinking alcohols and making noise, social work is the best way to celebrate your new year with your friends.

  1. Create Group New year resolution:

Almost everyone creates his/her new year resolution. A resolution is a promise you make to yourself for the whole year. It can be anything like “Start going to Gym”, “Studying hard”,“Earn some amount of money” and so on.

However, no one thinks of making a group resolution with your friends. If you and your friends are like a team and are planning to start something together, it’s a great idea to create a team resolution for this new year. It can be anything which can benefit you as a team.

In fact, making team resolutions and following it strictly, your coordination among the team increases and you have a clear vision of the tasks you need to do as a team. So Celebrate this new year by creating a group new year resolution

  1. Sharing secrets with each other :

Secrets are everywhere(its a pun). Every person possesses some secrets during his/her journey through life. If your gang of friends are close enough and want to celebrate a new year in addition to strengthening your friendship, you can play a game of sharing secrets with each other.

Sharing secrets build a layer of trust and this trust ensures the longevity of your relationship. just gather up in one of the friends’ house and turn by turn share your secrets among your friends.

Of course, Have good food and drinks as well. Some funny secrets might even create moments of laughter and thus this is one of the great ways to celebrate a new year.

  1. Drinking competition:

This might be a little hardcore way of celebrating but if you are of legal age and have no problem even if you are a bit drunk, organizing a small drinking competition among friends can be a great and fun way to celebrate New year.

This is an adult way of celebrating so reader’s discretion is expected. Jumble up at someone’s place and bring up a lot of drinks and one by one, compete among yourselves to see who can drink the most. You can also use soft drinks instead of hard drinks.

Make sure, you don’t make much noise or you will get a problem in your neighborhood. This should also be done among close friends and young college students are not advised to celebrate New year in this way.

  1. Organize a grand party with some special flavors

Who does not love parties?? This is an expensive way of celebrating new year but if you can afford it, it’s a fun way to celebrate the new year, invite all your friends and throw a special party on the new year eve and watch the fun unfolds.

Parties are also a great way to meet and make new friends as well as strengthening your relationship with friends. When you grow old after many years, you will have some good memories of these parties as well as you will have got some good friends to cherish these moments together. Hence, organizing a grand party with your friends is also a fun idea to celebrate the New year.

  1. Go to a local club

Nowadays, clubs are established almost in every big city, if you are one of the guys who live in the city and has a great club in your vicinity, you can celebrate your new year by going and enjoying the club with your friends, Some club organize special parties on new year eve and even invite some famous celebrity.

Dancing and drinking in the club will be a great and fun experience with your good friends. But, take care not to drink alcohol too much otherwise you will get in trouble with legal authorities.

If you stay by the ethics and morals of society, enjoying at the club is a great way to celebrate the new year.

  1. Campfire

Campfire is the best way to celebrate new year if you are kinda short of money yet plans to create a wonderful environment for a celebration of the new year.

Spending quality times with friends by sitting by the fire at night, singing and dancing will be a truly unique experience of celebration of the festival. Gather up your friends and head to some open park and light some firewood and sit by the fire whole night.

Of course, don’t forget to bring some musical instruments like guitar and piano as it will make the environment musical. Don’t forget to make sure you are allowed to light a fire or not or you might fall into legal trouble.

11. Organize a barbecue party.

The barbecue party is the like campfire, except you light a small fire to cook meat outdoor. Especially Barbecue utensils are available on local stores where you can buy them, once bought, you can organize these small parties at your convenience.

If you happen to own one of the barbecue setups, celebrating the new year by organizing a small barbecue party is never a wrong idea. Make sure to bring plenty of good drinks and musical instruments to liven up the party. I am sure, your celebration would be memorable and you will end up wanting more from the party.

  1. Go to a local musical restaurant

Not much musical themed restaurants were established back in the days. However, the time has changed, there are at least a couple of great music-themed restaurants in some of the big cities in Nepal.

Whether you like cool jazz music or hard rock music, you will always find the best restaurant for you. And yes, a celebration of New Year by going to these restaurants can be a great way to start your year with friends you love and care for.

Make sure, you have enough money to afford these restaurants. In addition, to live music, you can enjoy the best cuisines in this specially designed restaurant for your optimum pleasure. Hence, if there is a musical restaurant nearby, celebrating the new year there can be a great idea.

  1. Organize a local concert in your locality

Bored with nothing big happening in your locality or college?? Looking for a way to celebrate this new year? Why not organize something big in your locality? It can be at your college too.

Make a great team and make an initiative to organize a local concert in your vicinity on the special occasion of New Year. It would be a great experience for you and your friends when you organize these events in your locality or college.

Don’t be afraid to start this initiative as everyone will love this. It is always better to start your year with the sense of responsibility and the feeling “I did it”. So, if you have a great circle of friends and want to do something great in this new year, organizing a local concert might be a wonderful idea.

  1. Play truth and dare game with friends

Truth and Dare game is a funny game which can be played among close friends. To play this game, at first, friends sit on the floor making a circle. Then, a bottle is spinning in between to determine who is gonna ask a question to whom.

When the bottle is stopped, The two people pointed by the bottle(by cap and back of the bottle) have to ask each other. If a person answers, he/she needs to answer a simple question asked by another person. The question can be anything like or.

Similarly, it is answered, the person has to undertake some daring tasks as desired by another person. This game is very fun to play among the closest friend as it will bring out some of the secrets. However, ethics and morals should be considered before playing this game.

If you are short of money and got good friends, hang out at someone house and this game can be the great way to wait for the midnight when you scream and wish “Happy New Year” to each other.

  1. Go to local music concerts organized in New Year

If you happen to live in a noisy city such as Dharan, many concerts are organized regularly there. In the special occasion of New Year, people might have organized some good concerts around your locality.

If you are looking for an exciting way of celebrating New year with your friends, find the info about concerts being organized and go there, because going to concerts in New Year is never a bad idea. You may get a chance to see your favorite celebrities

  1. Organize a one-day cricket tournament.

This is one of the great ways to celebrate the new year if you and your colleagues live in close vicinity to your college and are great cricket lovers. Make a couple of teams and organize a single day tournament of cricket and enjoy the game of cricket with your closest friends.

Starting a new year with the sports you love will obviously be the most advantageous. With a small entry fee set, you will gather significant money and thus that can be used to organize a small party among the fellow players after the games have been completed.

  1. Go to local traditional restaurant and enjoy traditional cuisines.

Traditional cuisines are our identity and it’s our duty to preserve the integrity of our delicious traditional dishes. Its better for our culture and traditions if we create a habit to enjoy our traditional etiquettes on the special occasion of New Year.

There might be a local traditional restaurant in your vicinity. Gather up your friends and head over to such restaurant and enjoy traditional cuisines in their own traditional forms.

These types of activities will make you realize your identity and you will certainly enjoy the best dishes that have been passed down through our generations. So, celebrate this new year by promoting and enjoying your traditional cuisines.

  1. Get involved in your religious activities together.

If you are quite religious in nature and strong aptitude towards performing religious activities, getting involved in such activities together can also be a good celebration idea for the new year.

You can go to a local church or temple depending on your religion and get blessings for the bright and prosperous year. Even if you are not so religious person, it would be a new experience to be involved in religious activities.

Religions and activities related will give you a sense of purpose in life and heighten your moral characteristics. Youths like us need to be conscious of religions and stuff. So, getting involved in religious activities can also be a great idea to celebrate the new year.

  1. Watch Japanese anime with your friends.

There is a new trend in town, Anime. Anime is the term used to describe popular Japanese animated series. If you are bored of watching Hollywood movies and series and want to change your taste, start your year by starting some new and popular anime series.

With epic stories and cute anime characters, I am sure you would get hooked up in the story of these Japanese pop culture. It’s even funnier if you watch them together with your friends.

Even if you are a devout anime fan,  it is never weird to celebrate and start your new year by watching any new anime series. Hence, if you want new taste in entertainment and want to do something new in this new year, watching some anime series can be a wonderful idea.

  1. Spend quality time with your siblings and celebrate with them.

Having siblings is like having childhood friends, however, going to college and other life stuff make us drift apart with our siblings with whom we have to spend the majority of our childhood.

Celebrating the new year with siblings can be a great idea if they are nearby. To celebrate with your friends, just gather up all the siblings of each friend and get to know each other, knowing each other’s siblings can make your relationship stronger than ever.


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