46 Cute Things to Do with Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has now emerged as a day for lovers. It’s far the most romantic day of the year. Lovers expect romance on this day of the year and that is why Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year… The growing commercialization has made the present time even greater.

Many restaurants, locations, gift stores and cinema halls or any of commercial places make high-quality offers for this day. so many functions are organized for the sake of the couples who need to spend time together and make the most of at the present time.

Therefore, there are so many matters you will do on this day. planning beforehand of time is absolutely the high-quality manner of ensuring which you have a very good and romantic day.

If you also are searching out things to do on this day for your girlfriend, here we’ve forty-five different things you could do to make valentine’s day the first-class day for your beloved. you could make the great of the day following any of the below referred things to do.

The list contains approaches to celebrate valentine’s day with your loved ones depending on the way you think would in shape your girlfriend’s likes and character. go through the list and locate the one that fine fits your plan:

50 Cute Things You Can Do with Your Girlfriend on This Year Valentine’s Day

  1. Spend the Day in service of the Needy

If your girlfriend is the considerate type who hates all the show-offs of valentine’s day and rather likes to serve the needy, do plan for the same. Make some arrangements to go to an orphanage or an old age home. Prepare lunches for them and got down to spend the day with them.

It isn’t always important to spend the day romantically all of the time, you could do something worthwhile additionally even as you’re celebrating valentine’s day. Be considerate and spend the day in service to the needy.

  1. Buy Her a beautiful dress

Every now and then it’s nice to dress up your girlfriend in line with your likes. buy a peasant dress for your girlfriend. you can individually go to any department stores and stores to locate best dresses or you could order them online. but, earlier than that, ensure what color fits her and what are her likes and dislikes. Also, don’t forget to note her size before buying the dress for her.

  1.  Buy her coupons for a Spa Day

Girls love the spa and the times when they pamper themselves. For that, you can make sure you buy her coupons for a full spa day. Make sure you find out the best place where she can go to get all her needs fulfilled. In advance, make sure which places she likes and where she is regular.

This way, you will make sure that she enjoys her day. Additionally, you can also go along with her to get your manicure and pedicure too. It would be a good couple’s thing to do. These days, spas do bring out valentine’s day offers for couples to go together and get all the needs taken care of.

  1. Have dinner at home

Going out for Valentine’s Day dinner has become very popular. But on this day, the restaurants are sure to be horribly crowded, the menu is restricted and the charges are steep. As a substitute, strive ordering in from a favorite restaurant and eating the meal in bed.

Spend the night over nice meals and cozy home environment rather than in some cramped up restaurants with strangers. This way, you two will have a good time with each other, and it will not strain your budget too.

You can easily have the best meal you want to have while watching tv or talking to each other. Make the best of it. This will additionally let her know that you have a domestic homely side to you which will sweep her off her feet.

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  1. Have an indoor picnic

For folks who don’t need to go out or to reserve meals from outside, it is better to cook dinner or something yourself. Make dishes consistent with what your girlfriend likes and arrange an indoor picnic.

To beautify your place, hang beautiful lights across the room, purchase some picnic-y snacks, pop the champagne and set up a blanket and pillows for you and your girl to sit on. This will be a good option than going out all the time. It would be something new and homely which your girl will definitely like.

  1. Cook dinner for Her

Nothing will make your girl swoon over you than a scrumptious Valentine’s meal. In case you’re feeling ambitious, cooking dinner with your girlfriend is complicated, you need not worry. Take a look at easy meals network’s Valentine’s Day food and dessert recipes.

If you’re like maximum oldsters and cooking a complete gourmet meal is not an opportunity, examine simple recipes, like old-fashioned pizza. Additionally, if your girlfriend is up for it, cook dinner collectively—it will likely be noticeably glamorous to work with each other in the kitchen and prepare a good dinner that both of you will enjoy.

  1. Plan a complete-Day Date

dating is not just having lunches or dinners, it’s also spending time together. So, on valentines day the one thing you could do is commit your complete day to your girlfriend. Make a complicated plan on what to do throughout the day.

Take her out early in the morning and pre-arrange the entirety that you will be doing for the day. Make the day count and live in each moment of it. it’s going to no longer take that lots amount of time or cash to set up everything either. simply ensure you find pleasant spots to enjoy and talk and enjoy.

  1. dress specifically for Her

The very pleasant way to unfold Valentine’s cheer is to put on stunning dresses as in line with the preferences of your girlfriend. In addition to it, you may also buy matching or complement dress for your girlfriend as well. That way, you two will complement each other beautifully.

You can go for dinner dates or lunches dressing up really well and going together.By dressing up proper as per her preferences, you’ll make her happy. She will recognize that you care about him and realize how you love her.

  1.  Get a present

As we looked for the right gift for our girlfriends ultimate Valentine’s Day, we knew that women love things like chocolates, flowers, teddy bears and cute gift items.You can also go traditional for valentine’s and buy these gifts. Every girlfriend will definitely expect these types of gift on this special day.

Just for this occasion, you will also find beautifully prepared flowers, chocolates, soft toys and gift items too. Just go to any of the gift shops and get them for your girlfriend. It is as easy as that!


  1. Watch Sunrises and Sunsets

Go to a close-by hill, up the pinnacle, be it trekking or an extended hiking, after which, sit down quietly within the top while watching the sunset or the sunrises or the both. the instant could be very romantic and you may additionally enjoy the rides while you’re at it.

There is something magical about such moments. So, make use of it to rekindle the romance in your courting.

  1. Take her for a romantic walk in the rain

Valentine’s day is in February when the weather is comparatively cold and it does rain at times. To make the most of it, you can ask her out to go for a walk with you. IF you are in a place where it snows, then it is even better. you may make the best of such climate by going out in the snow.

Take her to any of the hilltops or mountainous areas in Nepal and take part in ice skating. If romantic movies have taught us something, it is that short walks together in beautiful weather breed romance. So lose yourself a Serendipity moment and spend the day alongside your girlfriend.

  1. Take her for a long drive

Drives can be purely romantic. This valentine’s day, make it a point to visit a few areas that are very romantic. In an area that isn’t that traffic congested, go with your girlfriend on the drive.

Stop few times for lunch and tea/coffee and resume the drives. You can also stay in a beautiful place to spend the night together. This can rejuvenate your love and rekindle the romance in your relationship. Additionally, touring together will be a good alternative to visit the places you always wanted to together.

  1. Swimming

If ice-skating is too tame go for a swim. There are such a lot of swimming pools inside the city, you can effortlessly locate one which has been embellished for the sake of swimming. You can also go move for a swim in the night time and make it romantic.

Additionally, to make it extra non-public, you can pre-book the pool for the evening and manage a stunning dinner by the pool and after taking a dip in the water, you may have the dinner, most effective the two of you collectively underneath the sky.

It’d be a tremendous time to speak to each other, to discuss the relationship or something you need to speak about. Make it sweet and romantic. It would be a time to relive times before and also plan for future years. Your girlfriend will simply appreciate this gesture.

Nepali swimming pool boyfriend girlfriend image
boyfriend girlfriend together are swimming in pool
  1. Put together a conventional valentine’s day Greeting card for her

Whether you’ve been courting for a while and you want to inform her what you feel, or otherwise you haven’t been courting lengthy in any respect however you want to show you care, a card goes a long way.

Take the craft papers out and get artsy. For terrific card mind, you can look up online for inspirations. You can also include phrases of writing, a cute poem or heartfelt message is usually successful.

  1. Set a budget and enjoy within Budget

Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day can get steeply-priced. In place of stressing about buying a high-priced gift, set a price range collectively with your girl and get innovative.

Together get innovative and make a plan that you may perform in lowest of the budgets. Make it a challenge and work together on it. it is going to be a very good experience for you too and in the long run of it, you’ll feel genuinely right about it too.

  1. Take her down memory lane

Even though Valentine’s Day is all approximately celebrating the moment, there’s no better day to reflect on what makes you so satisfied collectively together with your girl in the first.

An incredible manner to have a very good time in your relationship is to make a scrapbook—glance through antique snapshots, find cute stickers and paper and then channel your internal Warhol. If developing a full scrapbook is just too time-consuming, make a college card or mini scrapbook.

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  1. Splurge on a hotel room

In case you are willing to splurge on a gift, why now not break out from roommates and sharing dual beds (no matter how an awful lot you love dozing proper subsequent for your girlfriend!).

sometimes, the fine manner to get inside the mood is to spend money on a change of area. Spend the night time ordering room provider, cuddling in a large bed and taking bubble baths…what might be better than that?

  1. Make a Greeting e-card

In preference to shopping for a card that has been made already, you may select to prepare your personal lovely e-card. E-cards can be made very effortlessly and the quality aspect approximately it is you could make it the way you want it without worrying approximately locating the fine message in it.

You can write your own message interior it and have a completely satisfactory song set with it. There are numerous websites so that it will assist you are making the prettiest e-card there’s.

  1. Whip up some cocktails

We understand that getting the effect of alcohol on V-J Day is probably not the exquisite idea, making Valentine’s Day-themed cocktails collectively together with your girlfriend is a laugh and festive way to have a great time the day.

Make every other beverages submit-dinner; in the end, completing Valentine’s Day with a domestic made Be Mine Mojito doesn’t get a good buy higher. if you’re underneath 21, take a look at out those great mocktail recipes!

wine party man picture
wine party
  1. Be appreciative

We apprehend we will all get a hint over excited with a Valentine’s Day fantasy. but even if you spent the past 3 weeks dreaming of cruising on a yacht together with your boyfriend or beginning Tiffany’s field, be appreciative if he gives you a teddy bear.

we now not speak me being expertise if she forgets the day altogether, but V-J Day can be a little annoying for truly all people, so ensure to widely known the attempt he makes—you will have extra fun, and he’ll be thankful to have such an appreciative girlfriend!

  1. Create a collage

A considerate way to do something special with your boyfriend is to create a collage. Locate all the pix of both of you collectively and then create a collage from it.

Make it appearance lovely by means of writing down approximately special things approximately each of the pictures. Arrange those photographs in a flattering manner and make it look pleasant. it’ll be a great way of creating your boyfriend sense right about the relationship which you percentage.

  1. Put together a lovely Bouquet

Flowers are for girls. Of course, they would really like a few pampering too. For this, you may buy beautiful flora for her workplace table or his room. Throw in a few candies too.

Make it appearance very stunning. Flowers are lovely and pure to examine so, providing the vegetation to your boyfriend can be an amazing way of creating your boyfriend sense certainly correct approximately every other.

  1. Watch a Romantic film

Together with your boyfriend, plan on looking a romantic film. purchase strengthen tickets and locate proper seats with a view to watch the movie. films may be a splendid manner of expressing how you experience to your family.

during the valentine’s day, there will usually be romantic films as a way to be playing at the cinemas close to you, find out which film is the nice and watch it together with your love.

  1. Spend time with your close buddies together with your girlfriend

if you do not want to spend the valentine’s day together with your girlfriend only, you can plan it with the company of your friends too. It does now not have to be simply the 2 of you.

as an alternative, you may plan for the complete gang so as to be even greater amusing. For that, get collectively with the pals to your gang and plan this. It will likely be even extra fun if there are extra than just the 2 of you.

  1. Propose her

In case you two have not but talked about marriage and have not proposed, this will be the right time and the day to accomplish that in case you sense ready for it.

This can, in reality, be a nice marvel and she’s going to feel truly top notch. Make a lovely arrangement and when you feel that the time is proper, pass in advance and propose her on valentine’s day. You could make it as tricky and exquisite as you choose.

  1. Plan a holiday together

For the day of Valentine’s, you also can plan a day out. you can plan to go for a unique vacation spot than the only you’re staying in. Take the time off and pass someplace far off to enjoy the day collectively. either take a flight or drive and spend the entire day collectively.

you could also upload on a few different days if you feel that in the future isn’t always sufficient for the vacation. you could plan to see a few destination, pass go to a few places that you have continually desired to visit or move hiking/trekking or something which you might revel in being away from the usual place that you stay in.

  1. Camping together

On this day, you can also move camping together to some desert. Wilderness usually rekindles the romance in relationships. Such time together inside the barren region will be an exceptional time to recognize and realize every different higher.

Camping collectively and being through yourselves for a day in some ways away area will honestly assist you two apprehend each different greater and flourish the love which you two proportion.

  1. Go Bunjee

Adventure sports are constantly done great whilst you are there along with your unique man or woman. On Valentine’s day confess your like to the full-size different at the same time as you are taking element in an adventure sport collectively like bunjee.

this will make you recognize how you like your girl and the way you revel in being with every different all of the time. it might be a great experience for you and of course, your girlfriend may even love it as a great deal as you do.

  1. Go Paragliding

If you are not the bunjee kind, you may usually move paragliding. Nepal is this sort of beautiful place that we have so many paragliding places on hilltops in every corner of the town.

You may book earlier for a paragliding enjoy and go with your boyfriend. it is going to be as soon as-in-a-lifetime revel in that you and your boyfriend will truly experience and will keep in mind for years yet to come all over the course of your lives.

  1. Mountain Flight

Yet another choice for the outdoorsy form of couples right here goes on a mountain flight. Flying on top of across the world the highest peaks that we see from our country will be tremendous.

Make Valentine ’s Day memorable via booking a mountain flight and going collectively with your boyfriend. You could revel in the flight to and from and it will likely be high-quality to peer the snow-capped mountains together with you’re vast other.

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