17 Things to Do in Diwali Festival Celebration


17 Things to Do in Diwali Festival Celebration

As we know that Diwali is the very decorative festival of the Hindu religion which lies on full moon day of Kartik or in the month of Ashwin and Kartik. it is celebrated with indefinite happy and courage. the root of wealth and prosperity means goddess Lakshmi is all over the world is widely celebrated for a healthy and wealthy life. The peace and prosperity life is the needs and wishes to every people but due to the presence of now wished obstacles strikes our wish and burns the planning chart.

however fighting by taking the help of goddess Lakshmi gives power and knowledge, building the immunity power to fight with upcoming unwanted obstacles. something is better than nothing reminding the priceless proverb, we do and celebrate Diwali historically if not we are bind by the circle of circumstances, we worshiped Diwali with making plans and brings the lights of the smile on every sad and black face.

There are many things to create and make the Diwali live and fresh in the hard disk of our mind.


The appearance of colorful lights and blasting of different crackers are adding the rose smell in the environment of Diwali. making the journey and collecting the photographs of different locality helps you to celebrate Diwali modernly in the coming year. A lot of love and stadium of happiness makes you flavored and fantastic your life which also helps you to become renown man by increasing your personality. The great things in a person, that is watched and cared for by the people is first your personality then after intelligence which increases your value in the locality on among the people. people of different states and different locality celebrate it together with very auspiciously and joyfully.

Goddess Laxmi Lakshami Mata HD Wallpaper Pictures Photos Images for Happy Tihar, Diwali Dipavali
Goddess Lakshmi Mata Photos

The natural resources also promote and sing the song of peace and purity, by spreading pure air and raining for the crops. persons think one steps before for planning and make their list that will have come on an action in Diwali. following are the plans and prospects for celebrating Diwali:

1. Take the commitment:

commitment text image

Taking the commitment is one of the top things to do in Diwali. The path of becoming a success and fateful, the first step is taking commissions for the right thing in right time i.e. in Diwali. No one reaches the peak without falling. Trying should never be quiet, it should always in continuing for. the process of continuity makes the hole even in stone that we can see in the spring falling from the above. the daily process of doing works guarantee the success because of there no any war and obstacles which can’t be defeated after fighting continuously. so I think its right time for taking commitment to be the successful person. and also take the commitment for not hurting the heart of the other wordlessly. hurting others become problems for achieving the oriented goal. The grace helps us to ride and reach the peak of success faster. How faster you runs., you come near to your goal. The sky of hope and grace of all the stars makes the way of your achievement path flat of softness and comfort.

2. Spread smile :

Nepali actress model rekha thapa images pictures wallpapers photoshoot
Wow….. beautiful smiles of Actress Rekha Thapa

Spreading the smile is one of the top things to do in Diwali. Gathering face downs the internal zeal and the dream and personality erased automatically. The Happy face is liked by everyone and cared by Avengers and unknown. As we know far better that laughter is the best medicine for maintaining the structures of life. if there will be a lack of laughter there will never be a smile on their face that demoralizes the person personality and fame. Nothing can be affected with your love and no one will be impressed if your face depressed anyone. Being fit and attractive makes the person fame heavier and lightful. The internal words speak itself from your face. So spread your smile while taking and behavior with anyone that makes your relationship more strength and longevity.


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3. Show the way to strangers:

Helping is itself a religion of humanity. Showing the way to strangers and feeding them makes you more strong. The grace is priceless that you get after helping others and you make your place in their heart. The great thing and precious matters are earning the love and name. but the world is running in the race of earning money more and more. People spend their whole life by earning money but never gets time to help strangers. Thy has forgotten who I am and why I have born and what should I do being a human being.they don’t have time to share the feeling, ideas, and personal happiness. And the whole life is spent on four walls of becoming rich and richer than comparisons.

They race very fast, they run very fast, and do many things but don’t get anything. The full life spends without value. A person should spend their life in research and investigation.the way will be blocked that stranger has no idea to reach their destiny, you have to show them because you will be in the same conditions tomorrow. And mind it persons get fruits according to a plantation. So, showing the ways to the strangers is one of the top things to do in Diwali.

4. Destroy your anger:

Destroy your anger a child boy is in sea beach
a child boy is in sea beach

A spreading spray of angriness on any default works done by other decreases your identity and you will be guilted from everyone’s heart. Angriness is the great enemy even than the warriors of war that destroy you along with your identity. Men always must be in happy and away from the dirty ponds of angriness. One mistakes game over is surely fitted here which says that if a person makes a single mistake, he or she loses their dream and identity. Identity says the person’s weight along with their prosperity and loveful hearts. If he or she loves everyone even the mistake is done by anyone.then is states that the person is like the god and is treated as the complete human being. If the person comes in the angry mode they forget even that he is also the man, and the mistakes are committed by everyone knowingly or unknowingly. The personal identity depends on their own behavior and works. That is why destroying the anger is one of the top things to do in Diwali.

5. Not forget to burn the lights:

A little daughter with her mother is lightening the Diya Diyo in Diwali tihar Deepavali festival
A little daughter with her mother is lightening the Diya/Diyo in Diwali/ Tihar/Deepavali festival

As it is is the festivals of lights, don’t forget to turn the lights. the festival will be the celebration of Diwali in the desert. but it happens when the person is suffering from poverty and malnutrition. They have nothing to eat themselves and fed others. god also sometimes sees people in different eyes of discrimination. they are pressed habitually and bound with their situation. They also wish to celebrate Diwali happily. So help also them and make part of your celebration. Lights are the symbol of truth and victory of light over darkness. That is why burning the lights is another most important things to do in Diwali.

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