10 Things To Know Before Buying The Right Wireless Wifi Router

Things to know before buying wireless Wi-Fi Router:- The internet is the system of integrated computer networks which helps people connect over the computer or other gadgets. Today, we need the internet not only to keep in contact with old friends and families but also for watching the news, gaining insights about world politics, working and many other things. To get the internet connection easily or wirelessly on the devices like laptops, computers or smartphones, you can use Wireless Internet Routers.

Whether you are setting up a network for the first time or upgrading the current one, the bottom line of the entire setup comes down to the wireless router. The quality of the router determines the internet speed and accessibility. There are various routes available to choose from with different capabilities and quality. Choosing one can be tedious.

So, we have come up with some general guidelines that can help you choose the best wireless Wi-Fi router for domestic or official use.

Things To Know Before Buying The Right Wireless Wifi Router

  1. Single band Router vs. Dual-band Router

There are two types of wireless routers on the basis of frequency bands- one with 2.4 GHz and the other with 5 GHz. Choosing between these two routers would be quite easy. If you live in a densely populated region, you should get a router with the dual band as it provides a faster connection. On the other hand, if there are no other Wi-Fi routers in the neighborhood that would interfere yours, you can go for a single band router. Make sure to know how many people need to use your internet and how many Wi-Fi routers are in the near neighborhood.

Wireless Wifi Router
Wireless Wifi Router
  1. The life span of a router

Usually, any of the networking hardware does not last forever. With changes in standards, the routers have to be changed. However, the router you buy should have at least 5 years of life span. It should provide good connectivity to a wide range of gadgets like computers, laptops, smartphones, and other devices.

  1. Price of the router

The cost of the Wi-Fi router ranges from as less as 20 dollars to even 500 dollars. While the internet connectivity would be super-fast with high-end routers, usually we would not suggest going for it. Because, with the rapid advancement of technology, even the High-end router may be obsolete within a few years. So, it is better to buy medium ranged routers.

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Unless you need a top ranged router for official works, a wifi router within the range of hundred or two hundred dollars would be perfectly fine.

  1. Range

It is extremely important for a router to have a wide range. Sometimes, even when there is a wifi router in the house, you can find dead spots. If you have that problem, it is very likely to have good range all over the house if you buy a more reasonable router and pair of power line adapters. It could help you extend the range of internet connectivity.

  1. Speed

One thing that you should know before buying the router is that routers are not responsible to increase or even decrease the internet connection speed. The numbers that you see in the router like 200 MBPS or 1500 MBPS is actually the speed at which the beam of router signals. It affects the performance of the internet at home. So, it is important to buy the models with decent speed capabilities so that you can have even internet connectivity all over the house.

  1. SD slots and USB ports

Many routers these days come with SD slots as well as with USB ports. If you think that you need to connect some computers with the router, buy the router with many USB ports. These ports can be used to share external hard drives and other components on the network.

Having said that, if you feel that you would not need to network such devices to the internet, USB support router is something you need not buy.

  1. Upgrade capabilities

With the rapid advancement of technology, you might need to get another router very soon. But, with the Router with upgrade capabilities, you need not to change or replace soon. Search for the Wi-Fi router that has upgrade capabilities. Most ISPs will transition to the new standards at some point or other, and the router becomes useless. So, it’s better you buy the router with upgrading capabilities to make it more workable.

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  1. Brand and its Popularity

The most widespread router incline to be of a good brand. While there are many routers in the market, it should not be difficult to know which ones are popular. Always read the user’s review before buying the router and make sure to buy the branded and popular router. Similarly, it can be very beneficial to get the router of the same brand as the ISP suggest. That way, it can be more reliable.

  1. Warranty

Usually, the wireless router is expensive than other routers. So, it is worthy to choose one that gives descent offers; like warranty or guarantee. Before buying the router, check for the after sales services that the company offers.

  1. Size and style

Finally, while choosing a particular brand, look for style and size as well. The style and size have nothing to do with getting extra speed, but there is nothing wrong have a bit stylish router at home, isn’t it?

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So, keep in mind the above-mentioned points while searching for the router. From technicalities to style and prices, everything is covered in the points. It can be daunting searching for the perfect one at the market. So, make up your mind regarding your necessity and budget and search for only those. Finally, with right and descent router, you can have good internet connectivity that allows you to watch movies, and browse the internet. It is convenient to get the internet these days. All you need to do is look for the good, branded Wireless Wi-fi Router.

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