Things That Every Bride Should Know Before Her Wedding Night


Things That Every Bride Should Know Before Her Wedding Night

Marriage is one of the memorable moment in life which a girls or body get a chance to feel and pass through this in sweetly. The first night of marriage is called wedding night which is also the night of recognizing both of them mutually.This night is also called the ”Suhagraat” in Hindi and Nepali. This night is taken as the night of delighting and pleasure because both of the couples trapped and stick into one cycle for achieving the sexual pleasure. This is one of the very beautiful moment for achieving the bliss of pleasure in the bead with a recognized man who is her life partners. Marriage gives you the license of living the life openly and enjoying with your husband and wife.

Things That Every Bride Should Know Before Her wedding night
Things That Every Bride Should Know Before Her wedding night

It’s different to girls because girls are not aware of it and have also got knowledge and understanding about such kinds of incidence. When girls do marriage with their life partners, they get busy in thinking about further moment and action that she started to get as responsibility and family member in a different role. If we talk about wedding night, its one of the pleasurable night for girls and boys to explore and extend the internal desire and wishes freely. Both make the new charts for driving the life.

Its the night of exploring the life symptoms in next coming day.This night adopts the real values as also taken as the glimpse of further action when the wedding night of the couple is calm and happy, it mostly shows that the couple is happy and stay their life happily in mutual understanding. But if there start some kind of indoctrination and misconception between them, then it will affect their marital life and have to suffer through many upheavals. Thus the wedding night decides and explores the next steps of life. So this night is not only the night of making moment pleasurable but also life chartline shower. In this night, girls feel more hesitant and shy because lack of experience and ever faced such situation. Here are the points and instruction that the every girl should know before her wedding night, to get rid of many kinds of metal, emotional and spiritual torture.

Things That Every Bride Should Know Before Her Wedding Night

1. Knowing about personal wishes:

You have to first know your personal wishes and have to also try to know your husband personal wishes to collaborate and join in one venture. Surrendering your whole body on other hands is not a normal task.The boy or husband where you will become nude is taken as the unknown person on the first night. Then after, both of you become known to each other. That is why when you reveal all your personal wishes and desire, it will make the moment comfortable and conducive for moving to other level and closeness. When boys also say his personal wishes like an any of their habits and activities, will also help you to make or acts accordingly for making the moment more sticky and sweet.

2. Confirmation about drunkard or not:

This is also the most knowing things that every girl should know before her wedding night. Girls should know about their marrying boys that he is drunkard or not. Is he have a habit of drinking wine unlimitedly. You have to know about his drinking limitation and habits if the boys are a drunkard, then your wedding night will be like the water in the milk which will be not tasteful. Many of the current boys have an addiction to drinking wine and spending or making gossip with friends for long period of time when they get any pressure and collision with any a kind of problem. It will be better to know about this about for your better wedding night.

3. Criminal allegation:

This is also one of eth important things that you should know before the wedding night. When your futuristic husband has a criminal allegation then your life may become life the leafless tree. You have to also live your further life in trouble and in fear of any kind of torture. When the boys have a criminal allegation, then they may be pulled out any time into custody for further asking. Criminal alleged boys also have fear and due to that, he cannot performs the in well manner in wedding night, make you have satisfied.

4. Handsome or blunt face:

Your happiness will fall down when you saw his face in wedding night directly when the boys face having spots and any kind of smear. Your internal desire may get the loss to get attach with him. It is the natural things that the b-girls love to love the boys having the bright face and smart looks. If boys face is blunt or awkward, then it will de-energizes you happiness and enthusiastic for getting them into the having intercourse moment. Handsome face boys have some extra capacity to make the girls attract and stick easily.


5. Smoky lips:

You have to also notice on his lips either it is black or in fade red.becausethis two colors speak the different things. If the lips are black then it shows that boys have habits of smoking cigarette and if not then boys have not any kind of smoking habits. The red lips are also taken as the attraction of girls for making a sweet kiss. Boys having smoking lips may make you mouth giddiness and vomiting which will convert you metal condition reversed for some time.Smoky lips breathing is also not good due to exhaling bad smell that demotivates you for involving in kissing.

6. Dress should be comfortable:

In wedding night, you have to also maintain well by wearing comfortable dresses. When you both get involved in sexual intercourse, then it will make easy to do something naughty. If the dress is very tight, then it will also hurt you for out lifting it. Wedding night is a moment of becoming dressless and it is done by the husband when he feels difficult to put out the dress easily then he may get angry. But you can also give some surprise or take the test after wearing internal dress having unique hooks that can make him also courageous. Mostly, the internal dress should get hook up easily to have more fun and it should be comfortable.

7. Spray the perfume in wedding room:

For adding the sweetness in the moment, it is better to make the room smelling good. The room smell should make him engage in you without losing the motion and concentration good smell is also known as the power of catching the real phenomenon. To make the sweet syrup by depending one another also makes your wedding night so special. Wedding room should have such special magnetic effect that can enchant his feeling and he will become obliged to focus on your hip and other body parts. Room smell also adds the energy and make him active to catch up you in an adorable manner.

8. Clear all the disputed argument:

As we know that every man has their own principles and way of living life which does e not get matched with others. If it happens so then there is great probability of arising disputes that can create misconceptions. You both have to agree on some common issues t to find you in one root and fruits.The different argument never makes you both closer and closer due to the gap in thought. When the thought and argument get distance, there may arise the distance in your romance. To solve such kind of action, both have to solve the disputes and plant you feeling in one pit together.

9. Be in perfumed:

As I have told earlier that the room should be perfumed and for making the moment more pleasurable and mirth, then you have to also be in perfumed. Girls body smell is also the extra features and tools for catching him in your arms. If your body leaks out the bad smell then, his mentality may change and darken your wedding night without making the night happier.The boy’s mood also depends upon the smell that is coming near to his nose from the surrounding. When he catches you in his arms, at that times, the body smell starts him to get more stimulation, and it will happen opposite if the body perfumes badly.

10. Paint the lip in red color:

This is also the major things that you have to focus on red lips is also the magnetic parts to attract boys attention. red lips are also taken the power of catching boys concentration. In the wedding night, red lips will work as a magical capsule for giving you more delight and rapt and him to not boycott you in any condition. Red lips can hypnotize him very easily and can jump over you as a hungry lion for having the beauty bread. Wedding night is special for both of you and you both have to present your responsibility for making the night unforgettable.


11. Give some erotic gift:

You can also gift him some kind of unnatural or erotic gift which expresses some love or intimate actions. This kind of gift also helps you to bring closer. Boys and girls are the two parts of the same coin and you have to live with attachment.For physical relation intercourse and celebrating with joy, you have to mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared to get extreme and pleasure and delight. When you gift him some erotic or special doll which is showing their private parts then it also uses to joint you in the Nexus.

12. Start the activities slowly:

This is also the primary thing that you have to understand. Doing haste in anything will make waste and problems. When you want to grasp the fruits without ripe then it will sure taste sour. Therefore, you have to wait for the actual time to explore and expose your desire openly. Wedding night is first parts of opening the ammunition. because of that, you have to keep patience and calm but fit up alarm in right time. Do not attack like the longer hungry tigers and snatch their parts which will rub and scratch in his or her body you both have to step up your activities by both agreement and understanding.The principles of ”slowly win the race” confirmed is also applied here.

13. Past moment should be buried:

You have to forget all your past activities that may be bad or not appropriate for maintaining the relationship.There are some confidential activities and gossips which should not be exposed to anyone even to close friends. You may have passed through different kinds of upheaval which have given you sometimes pain and sometimes gain. In wedding night, you have to forget all the other relationship and extra pain, getting away from parents. This kind of affection should be abandoned in this night to light up the pleasure in the dark night.

14. Hygiene should be well maintained:

Wedding night is celebrating the night with limits and any kind of disturbance. It burning the candle in the chest of pleasure and breast of yourself. Being healthy and fresh is supportable to both of you for getting close and attached to make the moment sweeter. Your sickness and weakness can affect the night and have to compromise in activities. If such kinds of unhygienic factors will suffer you, then it will become the night without any kind of bright. You have to care your hygiene by keeping the moment w that will happen in the night.

15. Knowing about husband bad characters:

It will make you more trusty over your husband after knowing all the characters of your husband.Character clarification of your husband makes you satisfy for entering into next intimate action. You can put your head on his arms without any suspicion. Many boys have linked up with many girls that will also affect your married life. So be aware of all these characters of your husband. Husband character is good and clear then it is your extra strength to enjoy with himself. If he does not take interest in any other girls, means he is interested in you and you have to also try to make him satisfied.

16. Compromise the past and start the new journey:

Marriage gives you new meaning and model to make your journey start with novelty meaning and. It is not only the barriers which you have crossed singular but with your life partners and the new responsibility has added on you. Being the daughter of your mom has made you transformed into the second role as the wife of anyone. You have to think that the life has turn and jump in new bridges with lots of works. At wedding night, it will make you trauma when you remember the faults and assault of the past. So it will be better to quit all the story before celebrating a wedding. You have to make your mind fully free to get the enjoyment and bliss charismatically.

17. Don’t reveal about the past boyfriend and relationship:

Some of the eth boys are very clever and try to know about your past relationship and gossips. Here, you have to act like the honesty girls and have not any knowledge about this kind of matters. Boys also want to know about your relationship with any other boys at your college day and anywhere else. It is such news that will make your head bowed forever in front of husband. You will never live the happy life because of this kind of thought penetration. In the eyes of boys and others also, you will become his second choice and they may reduce his interested over you. You should not open your gossip and relationship suitcase in any condition to escape for his pelting any non-prestigious dialogues or abuses.

18. Try to know about husband hobbies:

It is also one of the ambitious things that every girl should know before her wedding night.Different boys have variant hobbies and choice of selection some boys have hobbies in singing, some have watching romantic movies, some have hobbies of playing a musical instrument etc. If you become able to know about his personal hobbies, then your further task will become easy to cooperate with him by talking in all these subject to make them more interested in you.

19. Know about the favorite food:

Girls have to also scroll their trying to know the husband favorite food. Food has such magical power that can melt any aggressive person. You can trap his feeling and make under your beneath by serving his favorite food. favorite food will enable his jesting mode and start to disclose his desire in a vibrating manner. Favorite food will make easy to share your hormone by eating in a single dish.

 20. Be well prepared by looking adult videos:

If you are virgin and experiencing the Puting P in a V for the first time, then you have to be mental, physically and emotionally prepared for contributing the contents. The night is also known as the nude night due to having intercourse.The girls may bleed in the first night and may hurt with pain while doing Hump. This kind of the problem should be faced, by knowing all these you will take the support of porn videos to become mentally and physically prepared to achieve the pleasure of bliss.

21. Smile erotically:

Girls laughter is also taken as the magical tools to draw anyone’s attention girls laugher have such active effects that can change the motion and feeling of anyone in second by her magical character and acting. That is why girls smile is taken as the ornament of girls. If girls lack the laughing they will look like the c fade rainbow. Therefore, in wedding night you have to keep a smile on face erotically for creating the moment satisfactory.

 22. Motivate for support at sex pain:

While busy in intimate works, the girls may have pain in wedding night and vagina may bleed. You have to make convince earlier for the occurrence of such condition. You have to support your husband while involving in such action at night for making him also happy


23. don’t haste for intimate works:

Some boys were some girls are more courageous and curious to get into the Humping performance. But doing it in haste may give you unnatural consequences and affects badly. Wedding night and its Humping performance should be done slowly and after the permission and readiness of each other to achieve the ultimate delight.

 24. Clean your private parts:

This is also your first duty to keep all the private parts clean for impressing your husband. Boys get more impressive when he saw the girls private parts shaved and cleaned. Noncleaning private parts also expose the girl’s character about the unhygienic and laziness. Private parts cleanliness makes you feel lighter and comfortable to stands and interact with each other.

25. Prepare the nutritious diet :

In wedding night, there is an exercise of energy wasting activities to get ultimate enjoyment. For maintaining the body energy and strength, it will be supportive to keep the nutritious died or fruit for having in midnight snacks. While getting stable after finishing the intercourse, the body may come in imbalance. And keeping the nutritious fruits will helps to eat together and discussing the night.

26. Keep cotton clothes to stuck off:

For cleaning and making something rubbed, cotton clothes are helpful. Available of cotton clothes helps to rub the body as well as clean the bleeding part and also some other things.

27. Convinces him to start with kisses:

Some boys are of aggressive nature and they do not have the patience to do anything in right character. In wedding night also, some boys start to catch up the girls without foreplay. Convince the boys for a startup with a kiss that will also make you easy to cooperate and enjoys the period of time.

28. Keep mentally prepare for premature ejaculation.

Some boys may suffer from this kind of problem which will stroke in your relation like as well as in married life. So it will be better to make solve this problem if the boys have after getting information in wedding night. You have to also be fully prepared to prolong your physical relation period.


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