Things To Know Before Buying An Engagement Ring

Things to know before buying an engagement ring:-  Hopefully, you don’t have experience buying an engagement ring. It’s why we’re here. So let’s take a dry run, shall we? So, at this point, you’re probably experiencing one of two things.

Either your special someone to be is hanging over your shoulder pointing out which ring they like or you want it to be a complete surprise. Either way, you’ll need to fill some information gaps. What you need is to find a jeweler who makes you feel welcome and will educate before helping you make a purchase. It’s not as overwhelming as it first feels.

What I’d like to talk to you about today is tips on how to buy an engagement ring. I’ve seen grown men shake when they come into the shop to buy a diamond ring because they’re frightened getting it wrong. Guys don’t worry about it. We’ll be fine.

Things To Know Before Buying An Engagement Ring

1. Style

What’s his/her style? What sort of jewelry does he/she like or wear? Give yourself time and watch him/her carefully. You’ll get an idea what puts a brand new smile in him/her face.


2. Budget

It doesn’t mean that if you’re spending your money in the expensive ring because you’re saving your money from a long time for this moment or for the other reasons. As the engagement ring is for almost our lifetime and a symbol of trust and love, you should be careful with your budget, too. While buying it, whatever happens, try to stick with your budget as much as possible.

3. Shape

It’s really important to what know what shape of ring your future mate loves. We’ve got a lot of choice in this thing, round cut diamonds, oval cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds. So many different domains to choose from. So let’s start off with the most popular which is a round cut diamond.

4. Metal

You’re looking for white gold or yellow gold. Do you prefer platinum well there’s the new metal out on the market called palladium? Palladium does everything that platinum does. It’s as hard as platinum, it does all the same properties. There’s another option you can talk about or think about. And it’s also a lot cheaper.

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Works on a wrap roughly the same prices out of 18 karat gold. Another choice you need to make is if you’re going to go with white gold the problem with white gold it does tend to tarnish a little bit on the underside. The natural color of white gold is a yellowy grayish color. And every now and then you can have to realize you’re going to have to get it rhodium plated.

Rhodium plating is a process that we use. It’s liquid platinum. And turn it gives it that white sheen that should see the other choice you have is joining 9-carat gold join it in 18 karat gold those are the two choices you do have. Also, you have a 22 and 24 karat gold which I would stay away from because said any stones in that kind of metal the metal is just too soft.

5. Design

You could have a single stone ring, also known as a solitaire. Then you kept the opportunity to get a three stone ring which is called a trilogy ring. Now, this also represents the past present and future. That’s a nice thought. Then you can have a multi-stone ring with the center stone a diamond with diamonds going all the way around the Alps side. You can have a center stone with diamonds going down the shoulders.

There is a lot to choose from there. What does she really want if you’re looking for something that’s unusual something that you’ve seen in the catalog something you’ve seen in a different design. You can have it made doesn’t cost you a lot more money. What you do is basically take that design to any jeweler who obviously manufactures and they can give that design and they can CAD design it for you. So you get exactly what you’re looking for in the stone shape with the metal that you’re looking for and his wing for she wants.

 6. Color

The color and the colors go from a, d to z. D is the best color that you can get. Why is it started a, d? Well, we have a B and C that a possibility that we could get something that’s as bright as bright and we haven’t discovered it yet. But there’s room for always room for maneuver. Other colors of diamonds you can get his yellow diamonds. you can get blue diamonds and the rarest of all would be a red diamond. And the options are there are options available you can get cognac colored diamonds. Victor, I like to stick with the white color diamond. I would always recommend it between addy energy color as a rule of thumb.

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7. Cut

There are 57 to 58 facets which are tiny planes cut on the Diamonds surface and are angled and size that dictate how the light reflects and exits the diamond. It’s also known as its fire or brilliance. Make a cut too deep or too shallow and the diamond will be less brilliant.

8. Clarity

 This could be an unnecessary pitfall. They can be costly. However, look at the diamond what do you see. Do you like what you see? If so that could be the one for you. Steer away if you see any black spots within the stone. This is carbon or coal trapped within. Use a jeweler’s loupe and you will see small inclusions nature’s fingerprints. They look like small clouds or feathers but are usually invisible to the naked eye.

Inclusions can affect the Diamonds fire or brilliance. However, they are unique and shouldn’t always be seen as a fault. So why worry so much about something you can’t see as a rule of thumb. Don’t go below an SI one slight inclusions or me f which is internally flawless. This is the most expensive diamonds you can get on the market.

9. Carat


Carat is the size of your diamonds you’ve got a quarter carat anything up to a half carat. A half carats one carat and so on. Let’s say for argument’s sake to your budget is a 1500 pounds. You looking at a half carat diamond which says the valued at 1,800 pounds. So you have 300 pounds over your budget, however, there’s a little trick if you go slightly under that carat to say 48 points just two points below you actually won’t see a difference in the size of the stone.

However you’ll see a difference in the price that stone now has become from 1,800 pounds then a 1,500 pounds. So by dropping a stone a couple of points, you can save yourself an awful lot of money. The same thing when you go to the one carat stone or one-carat diamond could be in the region of say 3,000 pounds. But your budget is said two and a half thousand go down to a ninety-five point diamond and then that now becomes in your budget.

10. Cash

Many years ago De Beers started in advertising campaign saying that diamond is forever and also that you should spend at least one month’s salary on your engagement ring. They’ve even moved it up to two months salary. However what I’m going to say to you with the information I’ve given you. Just buy what you feel you can personally afford.

11. Ring size

It’s always handy to know what size finger she is. However not to worry the average woman’s finger size is actually an imminent or an end. But if you get it wrong I’m sure when you go back to the jeweler’s say look I’ve got the finger size wrong. They’ll resize it free of charge.

12. Insurance

It’s very important you take your receipts and any diamond certificates that you may have to your insurance company. And have it properly registered. After all, you want to make sure that you get the money back if you lose it.

An engagement ring is Forever To women, it represents pure beauty; to a man, money. It is a girl’s best friend and a symbol of a man’s affection. The ad is directed to women, with the assumption that the women will present the ad to the men, giving a subliminal message that the diamond is exactly what they want.

While it’s an individual choice to decide which or what type or size of engagement ring they prefer. But it’s worth it to hear the words from others, too. Maybe you’ll get more idea from them. So, try talking with friends, families, and jewelers who are willing to help you in this matter.

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