6 Famous Modern Technology, Machines & Equipments Used in Nepal


4. Photocopier

Photocopier is commonly called as photocopy machine. Photocopier makes paper copies of documents and other visual images quickly and cheaply. Photocopier is widely used in offices, school and business. Photocopier can reproduce the copies of the document in short time. The schools can reproduce the paper documents and reading materials with the use of photocopier.


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5) Scanner

Scanner is an input device which helps to convert the  documents  in  digital  form. Digital image of the object can be made with the help of scanner. Scanner is also use to digitize the document rather than typing the document. The process of digitizing is called as image scanning. It is used to keep the records of data without having it to type. Scanner is used with the help of computer.



Scanner is widely used in office, business, school  and colleges.  The  digitize  image created with the help of scanner is very easy to share from one computer another.


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6) Video Chatting camera

In this technology, people from one place can talk live with the people living in next place. Computer and internet is very much essential for video chatting.

Video chatting camera

Camera is installed to the computer which takes the video. This camera is called as web cam. The people having a video chat can see each other through the computer connected to internet. People having video chat can share their video and they can talk with each other. Video chat is used for personal as well as business purposes.

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