Top 10 Taxpayers In Nepal in the Fiscal Year 2072/2073


Most tax paying companies are the same but three companies have been out in this fiscal year 2072/73. They did not be enlisted in the top 10 tax payers companies in the Nepal. Three new companies Nepal Oil Corporation, Nepal Bank Limited and Sipradi Trading (Pvt) are included.

Most tax paying companies to the first, second and third number are respectively NCell, Telecommunication Company (Nepal Telecom), Surya Nepal are intact. Ncell has paid 28 Arab 74 Lakh in the last fiscal year. In this amount, 20 Arab 85 Karod 21 lakh 89 Rupees is perceived as income tax in the fiscal year 2071/72.


Top 10 Taxpayers In Nepal in the Fiscal Year 2072/2073

taxpayers companies in nepal

1. Ncell

2. Nepal Telecom

3. Surya Nepal

4. Gorkha Bruary


5. Nepal oil corporation

6.  Nabil Bank

7. Nepal Investment Bank

8. Nepal Bank

9. Agriculture Development Bank

10. Himalayan Bank


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