Tansen Palpa Nepal – Famous Tourist place in Nepal for Sightseeing


Tansen Palpa Nepal – Famous Tourist place in Nepal for Sightseeing

Tansen Palpa Nepal is one of the most popular tourist Place in Nepal for Sightseeing. Tansen also popularly known as Palpa. Tansen is situated on the slope of Shreenagar Danda at an altitude of 1343 m.

Tansen is a administrative center of Palpa District in the “hills” of western Nepal. Tansen is also a one of the Municipality of Nepal. It is situated on the highway between Butwal and Pokhara.

Tansen, city of Palpa is located on the crest of the Mahabharat Range or Lesser Himalaya overlooking the valley of the Kaligandaki River to the north. Tansen Palpa, Nepal is a popular tourist place to visit in Nepal. So, you are welcome to visit Tansen Nepal. 

Photo of Tansen Palpa Nepal

Srinagar Danda (hill) offers a panoramic view of the high Himalayas. One can view the Kanjiroba, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Mansiri, Ganesh and Langtang groups from there in one sight.

It is central Nepal’s most popular summer resort on the way from Pokhara to Lumbini by Siddharth Highway. The town Tansen enjoys a moderate climate with temperatures rarely exceeding 30 Celsius or going below freezing.


Tansen palpa Nepal
Tansen Palpa, Nepal

The greatest attractions of this town are its ancient culture, friendly people, Bhagwati Temple and wood carving of Amar Narayan temple. The heart of the town has a huge door called the Baggi Dhoka – supposed to be the biggest wooden door of Nepal. The sunrise view from Shreenagar and mountain views are spectacular. Towards the north there is a Gaurishankar in the east.

Other nearby attractions include Ranighat and Ridi Bazaar at the auspicious confluence of the Kaligandaki and Ridi Rivers. Ranighat is a Rana palace next to the Kaligandaki River.


Famous products of Tansen Palpa, Nepal

On one side there is snow mountain and on the other side a sweeping view of the Tinau river valley, the Churia hills and the Terai. Water jugs known as ‘Karuwa‘ and special hand woven Dhaka are the most popular products from the town. Dhaka cloths are used in traditional Nepali jackets and Topis. Besides that, local Newars are known for traditional metalwork. Tansen Palpa Nepal is a popular tourist place to visit in Nepal.

A large Mela (festival) is held there every year on Maghe Sankranti, 1st day of Magh month.

Tansen Palpa Nepal – Popular Tourist Place in Nepal for Sightseeing

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