Tamilrockers, A Website For Download Tamil HD Movie Free [Review]


Tamilrockers is popular among youth and any movie lover in India as well as around the world. This website is also famous for leaking big-budget films whenever they are ready to release in theatre.

It has been violating the filmy act under Indiana policy by leaking newly release movies. Tamilrockers website used to misuse their position and threatens to release more films for download with Indian dub.

Releasing any hit films without copyright is an illegal act in any country but the Tamilrockers website used to do it in India without any fear and difficulty. Many more pirated website has been banned from India within a flow of time, but till this date, another website never leaks hit films with releasing date.

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How and why Tamilrockers website is banned in India

Because of this act, both audience and government eyes at this website and mainly users started to increase rapidly. Now, it becomes a serious issue in and a threat to the Indian film industry that as soon as possible, this website needs to bane.

Otherwise, none of the south Indian movies is going to hit on box office collection and producer started to seem worried about their films. 

Now, the government need to fix this ongoing threat on film industries and Tamilrockers target all the south Indian films with Hindi dub on their website.


Nobody is sure about the content uploader on this website so, it becomes very hard to target the owner of the website through a simple process. There are so many states and reports from a different source that, there are thousands of active and contributing members who keep this website alive and all are from around the world.

There is a complete process on Tamilrockers websites which is also an illegal act against the film industry. Members who used to contribute on this website need or if they manage to get print of that movie from any theatre than Tamilrockers website get new movies to release again.

Those entire members who bring those content and printed movies get their money based on download. If this print gets more download than the member who brings it will be benefited more than regular payment on Tamilrockers website.

So, it is also like a competition among member for highest income by bringing hit movies from local theatre and sells it on Tamilrockers illegal website. Many people and users unknowingly contribute their time and illegal act on these types of criminal websites which is much more difficult to manage for the government.

All Tamilrockers editing work is held outside of the country, and they publish it on their website without any charges. That audience who are poor or they don’t have any interest to go theatre are the reliable source of income of this website in India.

Films are the main source of entertainment in India, and people love acting and stories. Fans of actors and actress have more excitement to watch their favourite movies so, the audience also prefers sometimes pirated website to see it first.

They cannot wait for the ticket in the cinema hall and enjoying with a large audience, but many are the silent watcher. 

Some of the reason to block this website is given below

Tamilrockers website is a fairly illegal website which is popular to leak all south Indian movies even before the release date. Government of India has given their best activeness to ban any pirated website, but it seems not an end. Many times Indian law has banned these types of websites, but they will act through other URL.

Once this website is taken down by the court, but through another proxy medium, they set up another URL and continue their pirated content. Finally, Tamilrockers website case has been closed after the whole URL takedown permanently and tracking the owner of this website.

One of India reputed news channel cover up the whole issue and flashed the reality of Tamilrockers ban in India. Officer of a senior cyber cell has told that reporter about how not an individual but a group of people are behind this website.

Any single person does not create Tamilrockers website, but the whole cast from a different country is active behind it. Tamilrockers become unbearable to every south Indian movie because of its leaking content and fear has been raised among all the industry.

Entire cybercrime investment takes place as a secret plan, and they collect enough data about the owner of this website. They give close attention when each hit films are leaked and track down the server each time.

Whenever big-budget movies leaked Indian cyber crime agency find out that, their sites were hosted by the other proxy servers which are based on the Russian and Ukraine countries of the world.


All the supportive server show that leaked movies are directly related to strong hacking countries under some group which has strong immune of a cyber hack.

In those countries, it is legal to practice and be active in the cyber hack, so, the entire members are active from those countries as well. some of the movies which are really big hit in south Indian film industries and overall India but Tamilrockers leak it through their website are as follows

  1. Rajnikanth and Akshay movie robot 2.0 
  2. Sarukha khan movie zero
  3. Yash film KGF which is sup hit in all over India and many countries of Asia
  4. Dhanush maari2
  5. Aamir khan movie thugs of Hindustan and many more.

These biggest and popular movies got leaked after a certain period of release and producer become panic after hearing news about it. The government also takes little more time to ban this website because of its URL, and there are many more URL than any other pirated website. Some of them were as follows

  1. Tamilrockers. By
  2. Tamilrockers. Ms
  3. Tamilrockers. Li
  4. Tamilrockers. Cl
  5. Tamilrockers. Com
  6. Tamilrockers. Net
  7. Tamilrockers. Ch
  8. Tamilrockers. Mv
  9. Tamilrockers. To
  10. Tamilrockers. BZ

Above all was the URL which helps Tamilrockers to avoid tracking the main website in a short period and get banned. Tamilrockers are mainly active in supplying Bollywood and south Indian movies which are popular among youth. It is full of new release film and series with many more language which gives height to this website. 

Recently after the open case and too much concern upon a pirated website like tamale rockers get banned in India, and five admin from this website are under custody for violating the law of Indian film industry.


The Google search engine has blocked all the Tamilrockers.ac and Tamilrockers.com with the help of Indian cyber crime agency. They have taken action against all those five admins of this website and ban their website permanently, which is the solution to ban this type of website as well.

All the admin got arrested after it had proved that they are the one who operates the Tamilrockers pirated website and used to leak hit movies. South Indian government of cybercrime takes strong action against this website so that incoming future film industry remain safe from this type of unforgettable crime in India.

The boy name Prabhu is the one who seems more active and leader of the group of Tamilrockers website and found that he has 19 other such domains which support pirated website. The main source of their arrestment was by tracking down their email, which is mention in one of the piracy website.

Through that email, police get a clue of their hideout and their films leaking work through the website. Police said that one of the similar cases has happened in a few years back which helps them to get that email and it has mentioned the admin name.

That email has a direct connection to the Tamilrockers website so; admin got arrested through that email. After the arrestment, new crime scene also comes out that they are selling all the leaked films not only through website but also through DVD.

There are a group of people name DVD rockers which are also as active as that website to convert it into DVD movie and sell it. Websites and ads have a great connection with them, and the admin source of income of these websites is almost ads.

Tamilrockers website also gets banned through ads when one of the ads company mention its name on its original field. Anti-piracy cell sp track that website through the ads company and the email that provide them. 


The admin of Tamilrockers and DVD rockers bring other 19 domain already in case police block their website and also release many more new films from that.

After all the arrested people have brought together like Tamilrockers owner Prabhu, DVD rockers owner Tirunelveli native Johnson and subordinate Maria john. Now, police research about their income field and they have found that more than Rs 1 crore have reportedly earn by their owner through that website within a month.

Police become silent and shocked that they are earning a lot of cash by leaking others hard work and struggle. After that, police search about their qualification and education and the reason behind the entire website creating and all shocked after finding out that all are well educated.

All the member of that website creating group holds MSC and BSC holder in computer science, which is the main reason for being that much smart. 

They all deserve punishment, and it has done very smartly so that nobody ever knows about it. In India, it is much difficult or almost impossible to thief the whole film from its original creator.

So they have brought the idea about taking all the pieces from all over the world and tie it together to make the whole movie. It needs a lot of coding and professional editing skills, to sum up, whole films from a much small part and it has done very silently.

Police also said that time they are searching other more member who is out of the contact that time and maybe run away from police. Tamilrockers website well-played tricks and use skilled workforce to develop criminal activities inside the country.

They even have created a lot of free domain from which they can save their upcoming release film if in case their original website gets banned inside the country.

We can watch and download all kind of films and TV series, songs and photos on this website and mainly it is also popular for its HD quality. Within the small data pack, you can have high-quality films and favourite series than anyone can be interested in it.

When any films get printed than that member, get their work money by admin, and they bring that print link to upload in two to three server so that it can be saved properly.

They are even ready for other various methods to get their movie back if that got a ban in one server or domain. They detached movie in 3 or 4 part and store all of them in the individual server so that in future that can be bring back together. And all of the individual server links will give to the multiplex operator when the film is going to release.

So, all the process has been already prefixing, and those operators pay huge amount of money to get those link from Tamilrockers admin. Tamil rockers website become so famous in India especially in the state of Tamil that the producer of the movie kabali which was one of the best south movies of Rajnikanth, first ask the cyber anti-piracy office to ban Tamilrockers website than only they will release film.

Producer and director both ask court as well to take action against that piracy content website so that they don’t need to bear a huge loss.

The film release on the theatre than it will also be got a release on the website and the biggest problem was the audience cannot wait too long to watch hit movies.

Another situation to give huge profit to Tamil rockers website is that because of the fewer seats on cinema and the huge crowd on India, the only way to watch a new film is through pirated websites.

Tamil rockers website used to give an open challenge to the filmmaker than they will release movies on their website and even police and other anti-piracy community are unable to stop it sometimes.

This website keeps changing it’s URL from one to another in time to time so that even enforcement agency takes time to take down one by one. Tamilrockers piracy website becomes an open threat to the whole cinema and needs to pull it down by taking strong action.

Whenever it releases its new movies, we can find it in multiple languages so that any country and state people can watch it. It also helps them to add all type of users and increase their range in all over the world. These types of websites were full of copyright materials, and even the government cannot ban it without proper proof and sources. 

 Everyone feels safe as well and seems easy to download from Tamilrockers website through magnet links and torrent files. Many times IPS has banned all pirated website like Tamilrockers and 9x movies, but they will come with another domain and URL.

They almost all-time switch address so that Indian law cannot find them easily and on the other hand their growth will also be rapid. It has its hosting providers and app, which we can even found in the play store, and through them, anyone can assess on this website.

Indian movie industry group MPAA has listed it as one of the most notorious markets and also ask the anti-piracy community to help solve these problems of pirated websites. Within a 4years of time, Tamilrockers website collect huge fan following around the world and start to provide all kind of films and series in a different language.

In 2018, after the three men got arrested than one of the men was website administrator, and he is the responsible one to leak and organize all this website game play in India.

In Tamilrockers website, we can save various movies and save it for later to watch and even can share to the friend zone. Jyotika, one of the actresses in India, newly film ponmagal vandhal has been leaked even before it comes into the theatre and just an hour before its release.

This film is the first film from Tamil sate to release on OTT platform, but after leaking on piracy site, the producer starts to demand its fund back from the government of being careless on these websites.

In this film, she acts as a lawyer and played a fascinating role, but before it reached the theatre, it’s been hacked and sells indirectly through Tamilrockers website. The government takes a wise step by banning Tamilrockers website permanently from India and help to save other many more movies from corrupted.

Tamilrockers start its journey as a small website by leaking small films and reach to the top within a few years where it starts to supply all Hollywood and Bollywood films with original and dub.                            

Day by day, crime related to film industries and online stuff were increasing too much. Government trying to track down one by one and help filmmaker from bearing huge loss by putting a full stop on leaked movies. It has been so common topic for Indian people that they will get newly release movie or that film which are going to release in upcoming days.

Doesn’t it feel disgusting for the filmmaker that their movies got leaked even before the time of original release on theatre? Thousands of cases are still pending, and many more website get bane from the Indian Supreme Court as soon as possible.

Increasing demand for people on high rated films create a pirated website and provide even more motivation to their creator. Directly and indirectly, the final solution to put stop on their illegal online section will be from all the users of this website.

First of all, people must get awareness on this topic, and they need to stop watching it for a permanent solution. If the audience becomes active and stops these pirated sites for downloading newly release movies than only the future of film industries were secure.

Film industry future is really in our hand, and we must realize it before it gets late. Big movies like zero and robot2 are not a joke for Bollywood and filmmaker in the context of the budget.

Special and superstar actors are known for their super hit movies for which they have invested their hard work, time, and as a producer, they got all the responsibility of expenses of movies. Film leaking was a big flop for any movies which even has organic and original content.

Every film cast and crew have spent day and night for any movie and we even never think once that it effects on their career. The day we become active and stop watching and downloading any pirated content than the government doesn’t need to take any action, and it will wipe away like it was never there.

All these pirated websites are so popular around the globe these days and doing their business so well. They use advance code to crake the movie and leaked it through their website, and nowadays it also becomes a competition among the entire pirated website.

There is a race among all of them who will upload biggest hit movies and TV series so that they gain more users and try to become number one around the globe as well as India.

That competition turns into horror dream for many filmmakers and country like India cannot defend back against the strong hacker.

As we can see, those entire websites makers are from outside the country most of the time, and they continue their web crime business in many under developing countries which are unable to stop cybercrime by themselves.

Website owner become richer and richer and also Indian economy will get down if the film industry goes to losses.

Author: Abhishek Ojha


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