Which is The Tallest Temple in Nepal


Which is the tallest temple in Nepal? :- There are thousands of temples in Nepal. Most of the temples are famous among Nepalese people. In this post, we are going to tell you which is the tallest temple in Nepal? Do you know which temple is the tallest temple in Nepal?

The tallest temple of Nepal is the Nyatapola temple. One of the temples that still exist today is the Nyatapola Temple, which was built in 1702 AD. under the rule of King Bhupatindra Malla.

This beautifully carved building is considered one of the highest pagodas in the country and is a good example of the immense workforce that has been introduced into buildings of this type.

How to reach Nyatapola temple?

You can reach this five-story temple with a five-story roof that rises a little over thirty meters high by climbing a flight of stairs that leads to the top of the platform.

As you climb these terraces, you will notice that there are statues on both sides of you at each step. With five floors rising 30 meters above the square, this is the tallest temple in all of Nepal and one of the tallest buildings in the Kathmandu valley.

The temple is reached by a staircase flanked by stone figures of the guardians of the temple. At the bottom there are the legendary Rajput fighters Jayamel and Phattu, represented on their knees with strong clubs.

The following levels are guarded by elephants with floral mounts, bell-lions, beak taps with ram horns and finally two goddesses: Baghini and Singhini. It is said that every figure is 10 times stronger than that of the lower level.



nyatapola temple bhaktapur Nepal -
Nyatapola temple, Bhaktapur Nepal – Photo by HARMEN van der VAART

The idol of the goddess is so frightening that only the priests of the temple can enter the inner sanctuary. You may also be surprised by hearing that the less brutal incarnations of the goddess appear in the torana.

They appear above the door, under a canopy of intertwined snakes. Not only here but also in the 180 sculptures of the temple roof pillars In a classic piece of religious crossing. And lastly the eight lucky Buddhist signs are carved next to the temple gates.

Construction of Nyatapola temple

Bhaktapur is one of the three cities that are in the Kathmandu valley in Nepal, not far from the capital, Kathmandu.

Today, this ancient medieval city, dating from the fifteenth century, is part of UNESCO’s world heritage, which universally records buildings of cultural and natural value.

How was it built?

It was built in just 17 months from the beginning. According to King Bhupatindra Malla’s account book, the structure was built in just 7 months with the help of other nearby communities such as Challing, Jitpur, Bagshowari, Shakhu, Jhaukhel, Changu, Gokarna and Paunati, to name a few.

His reign had a rivalry with the western neighbors Kritipur and Kantipur, and to show his power, he built the imposing building. It was built at a time when the Taj Mahal was under construction. He also stated that he had built 7 brick factories and that all raw materials were brought in advance.

The biggest challenge was to bring a huge stone from Challing that is almost 9 km from the temple. In the end, he invited all the kings of citizens and neighbors to the party to show.

At that party there were about 23,000 people; four times the population of Bhaktapur. It was written in a book that was discovered by Dr. Madan Lal Vaidya.


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