First of all, let’s go about a short description of the country Nepal. For that let’s be ready. You can get all information about Nepal related to History, Facts, Information, Map, People, Culture, Traditions, Business, Trades, Travelling, Tourism, Trekking, Heritages, Nepali Songs, Nepali Videos, Movies, Models, etc. Facts & Information about Nepal Nepal is our […]

Naya Sambidhan New Constitution of Nepal 2072 : 2015 PDF

New cosntitution naya sambidhan of Nepal 2072 BS or 2015

Get here  a copy of new constitution of Nepal 2072 BS or new constitution of Nepal 2015 AD. We have published here nepal ko naya sambidhan 2072. You can read online now. If you wish you can download too after clicking the link. It’s depends on you whatever you want to do. नेपालका संघीय लोकतान्त्रिक […]

Election Commission Nepal: Candidates withdraw candidacies


Many candidates in Nepal for the upcoming Constituency Assembly election from across the country have withdrawn their candidacies for the upcoming election.   Election Commission Nepal: Candidates withdraw candidacies for upcoming Election According to the District Election Office, Saptari, seven individuals like Lalan Chaudhary from Sanghiya Samajbadi Party (Constituency No. 1), Fajil Mansuri (indepent- constituency No. […]