53 List Of Meals For Dinner | Wonderful Food Ideas For Your Tasty Life

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Which foods you could eat for dinner? What should you make for dinner list? What family should eat for dinner tonight? What is the United States most popular food? What is the easiest food to make in dinner? Here is a list of meals for dinner. This makes your life very tasty and Yummy. Table […]

What Can You Not Eat in Nepal?

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What can you not eat in Nepal? :- Visiting Nepal has its own fun and achievements. However, the entire journey could be disturbed by simple negligence and carelessness in health. The first thing you should be aware of in your voyage is the type of food you are eating. The wonderfully displayed delicacy of the […]

20 Nepali Foods, Dishes & Recipes That Are Bad For Your Health

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Nepali Foods That Are Bad for Your Health:- Food and food have a different scenario between developed and developing countries. In developing countries where there is already extreme poverty and food insecurity, the heavy use of junk food in urban and semi-urban areas has added another major problem. In the case of Nepal, it was […]

What is Thukpa Soup?

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What is Thukpa Soup? Thukpa Soup is a noodle soup topped with vegetables, spices, and meat. This quintessential dish is the very popular dish in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, China and the states of Sikkim, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh in northeast India However, the method of cooking and the ingredients differ depending on the regions’ preference and […]

What is Himalayan Foods – List of 10 Famous Himalayan Foods, Dishes, and Recipes

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What is Himalayan Foods? Himalayan Foods: – When we think about the food of Himalayan Region, yak meat, and butter tea strikes mind. However, Himalayan food is not just yak meat and tea. There are many quintessential dishes that can blow any one’s mind, from shooting to spicy dishes, vegetarian curries to yummy meat and […]