Marriage Within Relatives in Nepal | Reasons Why It Is Not Common?

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We are here with marriage within relatives in Nepal. Why wedding withing blood relation or family is not common? Can it have some adverse effects? In Nepal, marriage is considered to be the sacred relation formed with Agni (Fire) as the witness. Usually, marriage is the union of a man and woman stranger to one […]

Love Marriage in Nepal

Saranga Marriage

Love Marriage in Nepal Love Marriage in Nepal: – Marriage in Nepal is a very complicated matter. Unlike in the western country where two people fall in love and decide to marry in order to together do not quite apply in the general case of Nepal. It is not an individual decision. Instead, it is […]

Marriage in Nepal

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Marriage in Nepal Fundamentally Nepalese society is extremely traditional. Girls are dealt with mediocre compared to male. By this means Nepali young ladies have hitched ahead of schedule because of numerous reasons. Early marriage in Nepal is exceptionally prevailing in Nepal in the past however these days there has been an extraordinary constructive advance in […]

Everything You Want To Know About Arranged Marriage in Nepal

marriage rituals, customs, system in Madhesh, Nepal

Arranged Marriage in Nepal What is Arranged Marriage? Arranged marriage is a type of marriage where two families, one of the groom and the other of the bride come together and decide on marrying the boy and girl while following a proper religious, cultural and traditional ceremony. Arranged marriages are the customs in the eastern […]

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