200 Facts About Nepal and Nepali | Nepalese

200 Facts About Nepal and Nepali | Nepalese Get here some 200 facts about Nepal. Read here interesting facts about Nepal’s history. We are with not only with 10 interesting facts about Nepal which will amuse you but also 100 important facts about Nepal. Get here the most interesting facts about Nepal.   In this article, you can […]

368 Facts / Things to Know About Nepal

Terhathum hyatung jharana falls, Nepal

Get here 368 things to know about country Nepal. We are here with 368 facts about Nepal related to history, education, Ranas, politics, health, sports, game, entertainment, film, movies, actress, actor, science, human, record, literature, government, policy, organization, members, saarc, Asiad, etc. Get here things to know about history of Nepal. 368 Facts / Things to Know About […]

15 Interesting Facts about UCPN Maoist Party of Nepal

Find here 15 interesting and curious facts about UCPN (Maoist) Party of Nepal. There are many facts and information we have. But we will publish them step by step. Here we have posted 15 facts about Maoist party of Nepal that makes you curious. Some facts are awful. You can’t believe and ask, ‘what? can […]

147 Most Interesting Facts About Nepal & Nepalese That Amaze Everyone

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Real, Amazing & Interesting facts about Nepal– When thinking about Nepal, the first thing that strikes everyone’s mind is the gigantic and mesmerizing mountains that lie in Nepal. Well, with 8 out of 10 highest mountains in Nepal, it’s not surprising that no one in the world would not know about it. However, Nepal is […]

Funny Amazing Facts about Nepal Comparing to United States

नेपालको नक्सा

Funny Amazing Facts about Nepal comparing to United States This post is about giving you funny amazing facts about Nepal comparing to United States. It’s really interesting facts as well. This amazing fact about relates to surface areas of Nepal. It’s Nepal, not Napal. Napal is wrong term. Some people writer napal. So correct it. […]