How Holi Festival is Celebrated in Nepal – Must Know 33 Things

Holi of 2019 is near and if you are wondering how to celebrate this Holi, then, here are the different ways which could make your Holi of this year a memorable one. Holi in Nepal Holi, alongside numerous other Hindu celebrations, is commended in Nepal as a national celebration. It is an imperative significant all-inclusive […]

Holi Facts – 50 Interesting Facts About Holi, Festival of Colors

Happy Holi Festival Colors Image celebration

There is an emblematic legend to clarify why Holi is praised as a celebration of hues in the respect of Hindu god Vishnu and his devotee Prahlada. Let’s discuss Holi Facts. Here we have enlisted 50 Interesting facts about Holi, a festival of colors. Lord Hiranyakashipu, as indicated by a legend found in section 7 […]

Saraswati Puja Mantra Bandana in Nepali and Sanskrit Language

mata-saraswati-vandana mantra in Nepali, hindi and sankrit langauge

Get here Saraswati Puja mantra and bandana in Nepali and Sanskrit language. We have posted here Holy Mantra of goddess Saraswati Mata which are chanted for the goddess of knowledge and wisdom in the day of Saraswati Puja. You can chant this bandana anytime as well. There is no time boundary. But specially, in this […]