20 Nepali Foods, Dishes & Recipes That Are Bad For Your Health

Fermented Tama bamboo shoot

Nepali Foods That Are Bad for Your Health:- Food and food have a different scenario between developed and developing countries. In developing countries where there is already extreme poverty and food insecurity, the heavy use of junk food in urban and semi-urban areas has added another major problem. In the case of Nepal, it was […]

What is Thukpa Soup?

thukpa soup recipes Nepai dish

What is Thukpa Soup? Thukpa Soup is a noodle soup topped with vegetables, spices, and meat. This quintessential dish is the very popular dish in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, China and the states of Sikkim, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh in northeast India However, the method of cooking and the ingredients differ depending on the regions’ preference and […]

17 Famous Nepali Dishes Recipes That Everybody Want To Try

Pyala Kheer Recipe

Some delicacies from the land of Serenity…. Nepalese cuisine has the taste of its rich and diverse culture. There are certain must-try dishes as well. Being a multi-ethnic nation, they happen to have their own food culture. Here are some must-try dishes if you are in Nepal. Top 17 Famous Nepali Dishes Recipes Everybody Want […]