What are Some Facts That People Didn’t Know About Nepal?

What are some facts that people didn’t know about Nepal? The world knows about the Nepal but they don’t  know the inside story of Nepal. Nepal is famous worldwide due to Mount Everest and Gautam Buddha. Nepal has earned the name by this two icons which have made the positioning…


100 Important Information About Nepal

The Nepal is not small on the subjects of culture, traditions and much more in natural enrichment. Nepal has its own importance and the great identity on the eye of the world. The world better knows the Nepal because of the present of the world highest Mount Everest. The high…


100 Information and Facts About Nepal’s Economy

Get here 100 facts and information about Nepal's economy. We are here with some and must know facts and information about an economic condition of Nepal. Read them all and get comments. 100 Facts About Nepal’s Economy 1. Nepal is the small country which is situated in the mid of…

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