Nepal : Dreamland and Paradise Places in the World for Adventurers

Langtang National Park Nepal

Paradise Places in the World : Nepal Nepal, located in the lap of the magnificent Himalayas is among the most pleasant and wildest tourist destinations of the world. Blessed with wonderful natural bounties and bestowed with uncountable contrastive natural phenomena, Nepal is considered to be the nature’s paradise. Incomparable natural beauty, daunting mountains, scary heights […]

Name list of All the “Class B’ Development Banks in Nepal


Most developing countries are facing with scarcity of capital. They need development banks, as the existing financial agencies cannot co-ordinate and integrate with the long-term development requirements. Development banks are thus established in different underdeveloped countries to suit the development need of the countries. Development banks are established for the development of certain special sector. […]

Name List of All the A-Class Commercial Banks in Nepal With Detail Information


Commercial Banks in Nepal: – Commercial banks perform all kinds of banking business. The primary function of commercial banks is receiving deposits and lending to others, the banks undertake a wide variety of functions to assist their customers by performing agency services and general utility services. Deposit of the commercial banks generally are for a […]

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