Sweet Love Messages & Shayari for Him in Hindi Language SMS


Love is as smooth and sensitive as water. Love is as pure as water.

Being cherished through someone gives electricity to you and giving love to a person offers you braveness.

Love is made of a soul that is living in two of our bodies.

The only who loves you sees you with his heart, no longer together with his eyes.

Each time I am far away from you. I read your vintage messages and letters time and again. Yes, I like you so much.

Love is just a phrase until you feel it out of your heart and soul. Pronouncing I like you isn’t enough.

You are mine in my dreams however it’s miles my dream to make you mine. I desire you probably did no longer cross far from me. I leave out of you.

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Each moment spent with you changed into like the goals of existence being fulfilled.

Only fools fall in love and I am one in all them.

Each time my heart is depressed or my day isn’t excellent then I consider you.

I am impatient to spend this entire existence with you.

I nevertheless am looking ahead to you. Please come again into my existence.

You have got filled shade in my life. You and only you.

Relationships turn out to be vulnerable while you answer all the questions that stand up via false impression. Communicate with me.

My smile comes out on my lips only while I am with you.

Once I saw you I understood what love is. Before seeing you I heard only the praises of the phrase.

Love messages for boyfriend long distance

All and sundry informed me lifestyles is very beautiful. After I noticed you I used to be satisfied.

I don’t want you to mention you will convey the celebs and the moon for me. Just say two words with love and touch my heart. That is sufficient for me.

When you’re with me I was yours only. When you’re far from me I am nonetheless yours.

Whilst I’m irritated you come to me and hug me in your chest. I’ll be satisfied again.

Don’t sense that I have met handiest you. I have met masses of human beings. It is handiest your face that attracted me and made me fell in love.

This love may be very peculiar. Every time you are sad I feel the cause is me.

Handiest two matters are nonetheless incomplete in my lifestyles. One is I couldn’t inform you how an awful lot I really like you. Other is you furthermore might fail to understand me.

You stated I’m loopy and mad. Yes, I’m crazy about you. I am head over heels in love with you.

Love messages for boyfriend long distance

Whilst I will become worth for you. I’m able to advocate you. Tall then I’m able to maintain on loving you.

Time and love are very critical in life. Time would not watch for all of us. Love does not appear to all of us.

Allow’s love every other but do not allow love to come to be bondage for us.

I concept approximately why to name you whilst you don’t name me. Maybe this taking into account both people can be the purpose of our break up within the future.

You don’t consider me as your partner. This is excellent. Permit me to come with you.

You’re the dreams of my eyes. You are the desire of my heart. The simplest wish I have is with the intention to stay with you continually and for all time.

Love does not take place to all and sundry. You have to overlook yourself to make someone yours.

When everyone asks me what is lifestyles. I answer them by way of taking your name.

Authentic love wishes emotions, not words. Are you able to apprehend me now?

Love messages for boyfriend long distance

Love is not that helps you to be mine. Love is that which doesn’t will let you be with anyone else.

I concept I advanced my behavior but I used to be incorrect. I still want you. I still love you.

There is the motive for the hatred. No longer for romance. Love occurs without any cause.

Let’s deport all the argument. Just tell me why did you come in my dream final night time.

The actual identification of affection is to be reputable. One who cannot recognize can never love. The best issue I asked from you is little admired.

With a small fight, we end our love. As a substitute, it is good to complete our combat with love.

I do no longer have the proper however even then I want to tell you to take my lifestyles but don’t be sad.

Irrespective of how commonly you fall. I will constantly take care of you. However, do not ever fall from my eyes. I might not be capable of life.

Love messages for boyfriend long distance

I fall for you with none cause. Now be the purpose of my existence and pleasure.

Even though the whole global ignores me I will no longer care. But if you ignore me I might not be able to live.

This unnamed and unknown relation we’ve is giving me the reason to stay all over again.

I’ve selected you to be mine amongst thousands and thousands of faces. Don’t ever depart me on my own.

Love doesn’t require two people.  Human beings are required to have love within.

I never requested you to meet me. My love has no restriction whether or not I meet you or now not.

Perhaps you’ve got the affection for me to your heart. Otherwise, you don’t have cried whilst we’re separated.

I want to do so much for love with you. From time to time I think I simply need to die to love you.

Short love messages for boyfriend from girlfriend

I cannot hate you even if I want to. But I can’t love you want before despite the fact that I need to.

Love arises from pain. Ache arises to combat. I combat with you because I like you. It’s easy as that.

Anywhere you are, with whom you’re. Just be satisfied, my love is with you.

You’re mine, there may be no doubt on this. But you will now not belong to each person else reassure me once more.

You have acquired my love effortlessly. So you do not value my love.

I reflect consideration on you extra than you consider me. I love you more than you like me.

Tell me what do I have to mention to you to touch your heart. Tell me wherein ought to I go to pray and ask with a purpose to be mine.

Short love messages for boyfriend from girlfriend

It is not possible to apprehend love. It is now not possible to apprehend the coronary heart. I bet the coronary heart has its personal mind.

How am I able to say I don’t love you? The lies I instructed can be stuck in my eyes.

My heart doesn’t listen to me anymore. It simply wants to keep in mind you and talk approximately you.

I’m very uninterested in proving myself. My methods can be wrong, however not my love.

Goofy and loopy human beings most effective fall in love. The rest do the enterprise of compromise. So I am lucky that I’m each goofy and crazy.

I am satisfied that you are in my life. But the thing that is gonna hurt extra is the reality that you’ll go away me someday.

I’m afraid to reward even your photograph. I am afraid that people will know I like you.

I realize I am not that crucial to your existence. But I also recognize while you pay attention my name you will smile as soon as.

Short love messages for boyfriend from girlfriend

I can give my life for you. However, tell me actually do you love me just like the way I do.

It’s no longer vital to fall for the only who makes you happy. I have fallen for you who has always damaged my coronary heart.

Learn how to appreciate my love for you. I get bored with proving myself to you again and again.

Whilst you disconnect your net and turn out to be offline. I suppose my coronary heart has a tendency to forestall beating.

I have heard someplace that actual love continually returns. I have saved my wish alive.

I have come to a long way loving you. Now you tell me in which and what is my vacation spot. Don’t go away to me anywhere.

My love turned into in no way fake. The most effective aspect that was faux became your talks and your love.

Short love messages for boyfriend from girlfriend

After a long time on the cellphone, we remained silent for a while. Though we didn’t talk we exchanged masses of thoughts.

I cherished you more from the day I came to understand that you do not want to be mine.

After falling in love with you all the relationships within the entire global seems my own. Because you got here in my life all my desires seem actual to me.

Whether you like me or hate me I don’t know. However, each time you are taking my name I love to hear it again and again.

I combat with you but I am nevertheless with you. It method that I love you a lot. This simple issue you cannot apprehend.

I don’t want anything else. I got you. I have the whole international.

On occasion, I envy my fate how lucky it’s far. I get to be with the man or woman whom I like so much.

Short love messages for boyfriend from girlfriend

In case you cannot accompany me for a complete life. Supply me some treasured moments with you. That can become the help for me to live my existence.

I check your photo each time I  get stricken. As though an insignificant picture of yours can take my pain away.

Whilst broken hearts fall in love. There’s no possibility of any betrayal.

Every folder of my cell has pictures of you. That is the only precious assets I have. Will you take delivery of me now.

I broke up with all those people who have been advising me to neglect you. I’m able to go in opposition to all those who are towards you.

I need a person who is afraid to lose me. No longer the one who’s afraid to be afraid.

Whether we makeup or break up. You live happy this is sufficient for me.

I have heard that if love and the passion for romance is actual. Then you may truly get your love. I am expecting you so.

His victory brings happiness to me. This was the solution to my defeat. Due to the fact I don’t see my defeat however I see only your achievement.

I’ve loved you in my own will. But I will not force you to love me back as properly.

Short love messages for boyfriend from girlfriend

I’ve most effective you to get or to lose. Nobody approach to me the manner you supposed to me.

In case you really need to be with me. Then you have to take delivery of me with all my weaknesses too.

I will wait for you until my final breath. My love is true for you. Don’t ever question my love for you.

You’re each my want and desire. Whilst god can be merciful than one in every one of them will be fulfilled.

There may be no doubt of forgetting you. You have been chosen not via me but by my heart.

Short love messages for boyfriend from girlfriend

Do not question me how. A great deal I like you. I cannot a solution.