11 Surprise Gifts For Nepalese Wife – That Can Present From Husband To His Beloved One

6. Air conditioning:

When the outside temperature is hot, obviously the temperature in the bedroom and the mood of your wife will also be hot. Which is not good news for the husband. So in order to cool your wife and make her mood delightful, you can gift her the air condition as a surprise gift. There are many options of AC that you can purchase such as Window AC and Split AC in the market.

As far as window AC is concerned, they are available in 1 ton to 1.5 ton of varieties. At the same time, there are 2 stars to 5 stars + in the market, which provide perfect cooling and also do the work of power savers. They will give your wife a concentrative and happy environment. Some things that you need to keep in mind before buying the AC are the power consumption of the AC.

Make sure that the AC consumes less.power and generate less electricity bill at the end of the month. Else your surprise gift for your wife may turn to a shocking gift to yourself. For this, if you have to increase your budget a bit, then it will be a wise decision in your part. Similarly, when the shopkeeper asks you how many tons of ac is needed? You need to understand that Here the ton does not mean the weight, but the cooling capacity of the AC, that is how much cooler it can make the atmosphere.

AC cooling capacity depends on many things. Just like the size of the room, how many people live in the room, luggage in the room (beds, closet etc.), electrical products in the room, whether the room has direct sunlight or not. When buying an AC, your attention should also be on the energy star rating side too. High rated AC means less power consumption. So use your wisdom and make your wife happy and cool.

7. Kitchen television:

Usually, husbands may notice that wives are irritating and getting angry without any reason. Here, the husbands are wrong. Because there can be a major reason behind your wives irritation. Wives are fond of Hindi serials and entertainment programme. Wives are the unofficial housekeeper of the house so they don’t get much time to watch their favorite serials. More than half of their day is spent in the kitchen.

So when they can’t watch their favorite programme, it’s obvious that they get irritated. So.its duty and responsibilities of the good husband to keep his wife always happy. Buy her the television and keep it in the kitchen so she can watch her serials while cooking. This way your food will always taste good and your digestion better.

Give her the opportunity to see her favorite movies and programs while making your favorite dishes in the kitchen. Believe it will be a pleasant surprise for them. The market has televisions like LED, HD, LCD, 15 inch, 16 inches, etc. You can buy anyone which fits your budget. And please husbands, you not only buy the TV but you need to attach the cable lines too. So your wife while creating your favorite cuisine will not miss the episode of any serial and for that they will always be grateful to you. This will further strengthen the chemistry of love between you.

8. Security system:

What is more important than your wife in your life? Don’t tell me your car or bike etc. Though the husbands often deny, they love their wives dearly no matter how bossy and irritating she is. So how can you ignore the security of them? Whether your wife is working or stay in the home. She needs to be safe and secured in her house at the times when you’re not there. So give your beloved wife the gift of the home security system.

This security system will protect your wife better than Security Guard. You can stay tension free by applying this security system. Every 13 seconds a home burglary takes places, 4 burglaries a minute, 240 an hour and nearly 6,000 a day nowadays. With the security system in your home, you can be stress-free from the risk of home burglary. There are finger print lock system or electric locks which helps in avoiding making the duplicate keys and any chance for forceful entry.

Likewise, there can be video door phone so your wife can know who is knocking the door or ringing the bell before opening the door for any unknown. Asides from the burglary, security system can also detect smoke reducing the risk of fire in your home. It may seem unusual to hear a bit the security system not only keep your home and property safe but it also helps in maintaining your health and keep you safe from gas poisoning.

The gas stoves, burning wood, and charcoal or any other heating devices release the odorless and colorless gas called carbon monoxide that can be harmful to you and your beloved wife’s health. The security system comes with the part of the carbon monoxide detector which can give you an alarm when the gas level is high inside your house. So proper preventive measures can be taken on time. Can there be any special gifts other than this which can show your wife how much you love and care for her.

9. IT gadgets:

Do you also wish that your wife be techno active and techno-friendly? They are updated with the new gadgets of technology, then you gift her various IT gadgets. There are many gifting options available in IT gadgets. For example, gadgets such as smartphones, ipad, ipod, tablet, laptop, handy cam, and GPS fitness trainer are in the market. Digital cameras can be a good gift option if you want to store your beautiful memories.

As time goes on, lifestyle changes have become a necessity, technology has become our need. There was a time when the camera used to work only during a celebration or event, but it seems like now this technique has made a special place in our daily lives. So gift your wife a quality digital camera which she can use to capture her moments.

Make sure that the camera is easy to function and operate. Also, the one thing that is most discussed when selling the camera is Megapixel. These days, most of the digital cameras come with at least 5 megapixels of the lens. The number of megapixels the camera depends on your needs. Before making a decision on this, decide whether you want to print the pictures you have taken and store in the album? If so, then what will be its size? Because the camera of 4 or more megapixels is enough for printing the photo in normal size.

Think of it like this that the size of the megapixel directly decides how big your photo can be printed. While there is a deficit of over megapixels, every pile of the photos takes more space in your memory card as soon as the megapixel rises. While buying the camera, along with its features, also check whether there is anything available as the extras offered. Among the things that are important to you, the camera case, memory card, extra battery, charger, lens (if you have a DSLR camera), filters, tripod, monopod, external flash, reflector etc. Comes.

Actually, these are those things that you need to get earlier or later. So decide the better deal. Another important and popular gadget that you can gift your wife is the smart phone. The smartphone has become our necessities in our day to day life. So gift your wife with the smartest phone you can give by considering things like the RAM and memory power of the phone, the GPS system of the phone, web browsing functions and different other features.

Choosing a brand of the phone before buying a smartphone is an important step before purchase because many things depend on it. With respect to software brands, software updates and customer support services are trusted of their availability. This is probably the reason why most users like to go with a big brand and famous brands. Firstly, these brand products are easily and readily available in the market. Whether you are on an e-commerce website or a retail market, you can buy from both places at your own convenience and your budget.

There are several companies in the market today. You have to review the names of brands such as Samsung, Apple, Sony, Gionee and Micromax. But after the arrival of many foreign companies, there have been more options available in the market for the customers. The most important thing is that the brand you are purchasing has your customer care center in your city. Apart from this, look at the feedback of old users of that brand.

Now consider the screen size of a mobile phon which is measured in diagonally. Today, most of the smartphones have a screen size of 4 to 6.5 inches. Smartphones with a 4-5 inch screen are considered to be better, keeping it in hand is also highly configurable and convenient. However, it also depends on how much screen you want for your wife to use. If you are accustomed to small screens, the 4-5 inch display of the screen is fine for you.

Some people like bigger displays and some bigger screen, they also have many options in the market. Apart from this, the resolution of the phone is also an important factor. If the resolution of the phone is deemed straightforward, then the quality of the image appearing on your smartphone’s screen is determined by it’s a resolution. Many users can be confused with the size of the screen, but the situation is clear in terms of resolution of the smartphone.

The higher the resolution, the better. If you are taking a device with a 4.5-5 inch display, its resolution must be at least 720 pixels. The handset with a display screen larger than 5 inches is required for full-HD resolution (1020 pixels). It is possible that the use of mobile usage is not as good as it has a low resolution. Keep in mind that even the direct effect of the resolution effect on battery life. Battery consumption is high in high-resolution screens. Battery life is the most prominent and important property for any smartphone user.

These days the phones readily come with removable and non-removable batteries. Smartphones which use non-removable batteries are slicker. There are other advantages with non-removable batteries which are the back cover is much safer and stronger and the possibility of water intrusion and damage in the phone also decreases. But it is not at all that they completely waterproof the back cover of the phone.

Some users consider removable batteries as beneficial and easy to use because they prefer to keep extra batteries with them. When the first battery is over or damaged, Change it and use the other. But now when there are powerbanks available in the market, there is no point in carrying the battery separately. The size of the battery is also important. The larger the battery, the higher the smartphone’s runtime is expected to increase. So choose wisely the smartphone you want to buy for your wife and give her the pleasure of being techno-friendly.

10. Washing machine:

Another best gift that you can surprise your wife with is the washing machine. Nepalese wives still wash their clothes by their hands. The method not only consumes the time and efforts but it can be hazardous for your wives health in long term usage. So it can be the best way to show your love for your wife and show care for her.

Everybody wants to have a good washing machine today, but everyone gets into the problem of what is the good washing machine, semi-automatic or fully automatic. Before buying a washing machine, take a few consideration in mind so that you can buy the best washing machine. There are many companies that have introduced their best feature washing machines in the market.


The semi-automatic washing machine is completely cheap in comparison to an automatic washing machine. If you want to take a good washing machine then keep in mind the specific points to choose the best washing machine. If you want to buy a good washing machine with the best features then first see the functionality of the washing machine and buy the washing machine which has good function.

Before taking a washing machine, see the material of the drum of the washing machine, from which the drum is made of. The drum of the washing machine should be made of plastic or stainless steel. Before buying a washing machine, check the loading option of the washing machine. Many washing machines take less load of clothes and many machines more.

Before buying a washing machine, check the temperature controller heater in the washing machine. Being a temperature control heater, it controls the temperature in the washing machine itself. Likewise, There are two tubs in semi-automatic, one tub is for washing clothes and another for drying clothes. In semi-automatic, we have to shift clothes from one tub to another. Semi-Automatic does not have a facility like heating system. Fully automatic washing machines contain only one tub.

Washing and drying are done in the same single tub. In the Fully Automatic Washing Machine, you do not need to shift clothes. Fully automatic washing machine already has a heater-like facility. Most people fall into the problem, which machine to buy. The semi-automatic or the fully automatic washing machine, and which washing machine is better. To overcome this problem, adopt some methods. If you want to take a washing machine with a push button, you buy a fully automatic washing machine.

If your budget is low then you buy the semi-automatic washing machine. If you want to take a high-capacity washing machine, then take full automatic washing machine and buy a semi-automatic washing machine if you want to take a low-capacity washing machine. If you want to conserve water and electricity, then buy a semi-automatic washing machine because the semi-automatic washing machine fully takes less water and electricity than the automatic washing machine.

If there is a small room in the laundry room in your house, then buy Fully Automatic Washing Machine because the semi-automatic washing machine is very large and takes even more space. If you want to take a washing machine that is good to wash clothes, then you buy a fully automatic washing machine because the Fully Automatic Washing Machine works better than the semi-automatic washing machine.

11. GPS fitness tracker:

GPS fitness tracker is another technology that you can present your wife with if she is a complete fitness freak and loves running and exercising. If the exercise and running are one of the morning routines of your wife, then nothing can beat this gift of yours. This gadget has a smart MP3 player, which is sweat proof and stylish. So she can enjoy her morning workouts with the nice music she loves to hear. Believe me, when I say, it completely helps to keep the mood of your wife elated and jolly good. You cannot ask for a better morning when your wife is in good mood. In this, there is a GPS heart rate capability.

This is an Android base. It helps your wife to monitor the heart rate while she works out so she can keep her heart rate at a normal. The GPS tracker helps your wife to monitor her running activity and measure the distance she has run. This gadget helps your wife to stay fit and follow the accurate direction to home. If you’re looking for a top fitness tracker for your wife then you can purchase the gadget as an activity band, fitness watch or a clip-on tracker, there’s no shortage to choose from.

It will be a kind of fashion statement for your wife in case you present her with a watch or activity band. Fitbit, Garmin, Xiaomi, Misfit, Polar are the leaders in the top his tracker, with bands to suit every budget and fitness level. It’s simple to use and operate. Not much has to be considered while purchasing the gadget because it’s simple. You only have to take care of the taste, activity, and style of your wife. Rest assured, you’ll be a happy husband of a happy wife.

So, these are some of the options with which you can please your wife. So surprise her and bring back the love, peace, and harmony back into your married life.

Writer: – Ankur Pradhan

Author: Jitendra Sahayogee

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