11 Surprise Gifts For Nepalese Wife – That Can Present From Husband To His Beloved One


Surprise gifts for Nepalese wife from husband: – Men fall in love easily. They then her married and settle for life. But it is very important to keep renewing and rejuvenating the love between husband and wife so the married life can be enjoyed happily and peacefully. As the saying goes, happy wife happy life.

So, husband’s should put their 100% effort to impress their wife by surprising her with, especially gifts. But what gift should they give? The question is annoying because men often don’t understand women and their needs and what they really want. No worries. Here are Some of the best surprising gifts that any husband can give to his wife.

11 Surprise Gifts For Nepalese Wife – That Can Present From Husband To His Beloved One

1. Jewelry:

Jewelry of gold, silver, and diamond can be the best gift that a husband can give to his wife as a surprise gift. We, women, LOVE jewelry, especially of gold and diamond. Since men will be men, so it is clearly mentioned that as you consider to surprise your wife with jewelry, make sure it’s not fake. Just to save some money, do not risk the wrath of your wife for the rest of your life. As a husband, it’s often acceptable that you do not know the exact measurements of your wife’s finger or her hands.

If you know, however, you can purchase the bangle, finger ring or the bracelet for her. If you don’t know, you can purchase the earring or the necklace and chain for her. Or you can Give in White Gold, Platinum, Diamond or Pearl Set. With this new stylish and trendy jewelery in her jewelery collection, your life partner’s blues will bloom. And then jewelery is the first choice of women. Just surprise her and show her your love. Look at the enthusiasm on her face and rest assured, enjoy your married life happily for the rest of your life.

2. Saree:

Saree is the main garment of Nepalese woman. It is probably counted among the world’s longest and oldest garments. It is about 5 to 6 yards long without a piece of cloth stitched, which is worn with a blouse or bodice and wrapping over the petticoat. Sarees increase the beauty of women and also retains the woman’s civilization. Your wife may have many sarees in advance but there is no need to worry.

First No matter they have a cupboard full of sarees, it will never suffice for your wife. Second, women are always fond of new saree or dress. Saree is specially mentioned here because husbands often want to see their wife in saree which is a traditional attire that enhances the beauty of their wife. A traditional saree is perfect for any occasion such as party, evening dinner, birthday or festivals. If you want you can gift a sari of traditional silk or handloom to your wife.

Women are very fond of clothes anyway and believe that this gift of your wife will also be liked. If your wife is fond of saris, then you should give her a gift set of various types of sarees like Paithani, Net sari. But keep in mind that while giving this gift, you should take care that she should not know. Keep in mind while surprising your wife with the saree, make sure you say “You are very beautiful when you wear this sari, you will be more beautiful”. This will definitely seal the deal. Your life will be much easier then.


3. Treadmill:

Women now have become much more aware of fitness and health. So if your wife is also a fitness freak, then this is a better option. Workout on the treadmill will have many advantages. Workouts on the treadmill can aid your wife to get rid of strokes and increase the amount of oxygen in her body. Running on the treadmill will keep their hearts fixed. Workout on the treadmill assists in sweating, from which the skin pores are exposed and skin toxins get out.

This makes the skin shine. There is also a 10-15 minute treadmill workout enough to burn the extra fat of bodice. On this, the workout also increases the metabolism of the body, so that your wife will always stay energized. While purchasing the treadmill, some things need to be considered. Make sure the treadmill is motorized. There should.be a monitor which show clearly how much calories have been burned during g the session. The shower system of the treadmill is of good quality.


Make sure to connect the treadmill with the stabilizer so when the light goes out, it will not completely shut down but can run for a little while. The stabilizer also should be connected to protect your wife from the shock which can happen sometime during electricity fluctuations. The belt and the Dec which move the belt is made from the high quality. Make sure the treadmill has the sidebars for safety in case she lost her balance while exercising on a treadmill.

4. Scooter:

Almost all the women are now employed. Even if they stay in home mom, she needs to run for numerous errands like picking her children from school, visiting her parent’s house, or go to the beauty parlor, or go for groceries shopping etc. As the media has been continuously spreading the news that public transportation has been one of the main sites for eve-teasing and sexual abuse for women.

Getting your wife her own mode of transportation is the best gift you can surprise her with. Scooter is the best option for this purpose as it is light weight, cheaper in comparison with the other vehicles, has adequate space to store the goods, and can be purchased with monthly installment. Not only will the scooter increase their confidence, but they will also become self-reliant. This unique gift of yours will be very useful, safe and protective to them.

Then when they use the scooty, though they will not say bit their hearts will always say thank you. Before purchasing the scooter, you should consider a few things so as to make the scooter ride for your wife pleasant. Such as the cost of the scooter, the scooter should be insured so at the time of the accident the company can beat the expenses. Properly inspect for the engine and its capacity. The best capacity would.be 100 to 150 cc.

Make sure the height and weight of the scooter are appropriate with the height and strength of your wife. Make sure to buy the branded scooter like Dio, Honda or Suzuki etc. Also look for the storage space in the scooter. Make sure the scooter auto starts, and spare parts of the scooter is easily available in the resided city. The service center for the servicing and bike Maintenance should also be nearby so your wife can easily walk the scooter to the center in case of any emergencies. Likewise, check for the durability of the battery. Finally, choose the right color and style that can go with the current fashion and trend.

5. Weighing machine:

Weighing machine can be another best surprise gift for your wife along with treadmill. Women of the modern era have become health conscious, fitness freak ad figure conscious. They want to look good not only for their husband but also for themselves. Usually, after childbirth, women tend to gain weight and completely focus their devotion to reduce weight. In such a case, it would be a nice gesture from.all.hisband to gift them the Weighing machine so they can monitor their weight at the comfort of their home.

If you want your wife to look like a model and remain slim if your wife is slightly overweight and you don’t want to be rude by telling her she looks fat. You can give her the weighing machine as an indirect message that she is gaining weight. It also helps in showing how much husband cares for his wife. Since gaining weight is not good for health.

There are many weighing machines made of plastic and glass with the platforms available in the market. The machine can be auto opened and off. The machine has many features like LED indicator light, the maximum weight capacity of 120kgs and digital LCD display. While purchasing the machine, make sure it’s easy to operate, the monitor that easily show the weight without any complexity. Also.make.sure that the machine is light weight so it’s easy for your wife to carry wherever she wants. Use this gift to see your wife always happy and fit.


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