77 Facts or Things You Must Know About Sun Life Insurance Nepal

About sun life insurance Nepal: – Insurance is the basis of your plan for a secure financial future. It protects your finances when we face health problems and helps to guarantee the quality of life of your family when we are no longer there.

Insurance has become a process to protect the interests of people against loss and insecurity. It can be described as a social device to reduce or eliminate the risk of losing lives and property.

Insurance contributes a lot to the overall economic growth of society by stabilizing the functioning of the process. The insurance industry is developing financial institutions and reducing uncertainty by improving financing.

First we are here with some of the functions of sun life insurance.

1. Offer security and protection:

Insurance companies provide financial support and reduce uncertainty in human and business lives. It offers security against certain events. There is always the fear of sudden loss. The insurance offers protection against sudden loss.

In the case of life insurance, for example, the family of the insured receives financial support when he dies. In the case of other insurance, a guarantee is offered against damages caused by fire, seamanship, accidents, etc.

2. Generates financial resources:

Generate insurance through the collection of bonuses. These funds are invested in government securities and stocks. These funds are used in the industrial development of a country to raise more funds and are used for the economic development of the country. Employment opportunities increase with large investments that lead to capital formation.


3. Life insurance promotes savings:

The insurance not only protects against risks and uncertainties, but also offers an investment channel. Life insurance allows systematic savings through the payment of a regular premium. Life insurance offers a form of investment. There is a habit of saving money by paying premiums. The insured person receives the lump sum at the expiration of the contract. This is how life insurance promotes savings.

4. It promotes economic growth.

Insurance creates a significant impact on the economy by mobilizing domestic savings. Insurance converts accumulated capital into productive investments. Insurance helps reduce losses and financial stability, and promotes trade and commercial activities of these results in economic growth and development. Therefore, insurance plays a crucial role in sustainable economic growth.

5. Medical support:

A health insurance policy that is considered essential to manage health risks. Anyone can be an unexpected victim of a critical illness. And the increase in medical costs is a cause for concern. Health insurance is one of the insurance policies that covers several types of health risks. The insured receives medical assistance in case of health insurance.

Life Insurance Companies in Nepal

6. Diversification of risks:

The insurance facilitates the spread of the risk of the insured to the insurer. The basic principle of insurance is the diversification of risk for a large number of people. A large number of people receive insurance policies and pay a premium to the insurer. If damage occurs, it will be compensated with the funds of the insurer.

7. Source of fundraising.

The big money is collected through the bonus. These funds are used for the industrial development of a country, which accelerates economic growth. Employment opportunities increase with such large investments. Thus, As for the capital formation, insurance has become an important source.

There are many organizations that offer different types of life insurance. In fact, life insurance is the compensation for a person’s life. Life insurance protects the financial security of the people who are most important should anything happen to us. It is also an integral part of estate planning.
There are two main types of life insurance:

• Liability insurance is temporary and only provides death benefits.

• Permanent life insurance policies provide immediate cover for death benefits and increase present value over time. The universal life insurance is a kind of permanent insurance.

Health insurance

Health insurance protects us and your family from the financial consequences of illness, accidents and disability.

There are 4 main types of health insurance:

• The personal health insurance contributes to the coverage of the health expenditure, z. B. for prescription drugs, dentistry and Sehmedizin.

• Critical disease insurance helps cover the costs of surviving a life-changing disease.

• Long-term care insurance helps to cover costs if we require significant support from others due to your limited physical or mental abilities.

• Disability insurance protects your income if we are disabled and unable to work.

In addition to life insurance, Sun Life Insurance offers other features that may fascinate you. So their scheme is favorable for many people, that they are preferred to others. The Sun Life Insurance team is spread over a strong network of employees around the world. Here are the functions that Sun-life commits you to serve according to its scheme.

i) Innovative insurance solutions

Sun Life’s commitment to innovation is reflected in its day-to-day work. For example, they have developed customized life and health insurance policies specifically for their Muslim clients in Indonesia and Malaysia. In Hong Kong, an innovative program is being tested that provides an incentive for patients with diabetes: they can lower their insurance premium if they improve their health.

ii) Financial advice

Lifelong financial security is not just a desire but a planning. Your consultants, agents and consultants can help you choose the right mix of investment and insurance products to meet your financial goals, as well as wellness programs and innovative healthcare solutions that will help us live a healthier life.


Are we starting your career and looking for help in creating a plan for your future financial security? Are we juggling work and family responsibilities and wondering how to protect your family while saving for the future?

Are we about to retire and want to be sure that we are on the right track to achieve your goals? Or are we retired and worried that your savings will be permanent and leave a legacy? Wherever we live, they can help.
Depending on where we live, we can visit your local Sun Life website to find out how we can talk to someone today.

iii) investments

With Sun Life Financial, individual and group investment can help you build your savings through your own plan, work plan, or both.
When developing your savings strategy, there are two things to keep in mind:

• Build up your savings. You can help us to save big costs, such as buying a home or paying for the education of your children. You can also help ensure that we have enough old-age provision.

• Enjoy your retirement savings. You can help us turn your retirement assets into an income that we can rely on when retiring.
Visit your local Sun Life website to learn more about individual savings and savings in the workplace, investment, pension, fund and retirement options.

iv) Asset Management

At Sun Life, the asset management business draws on the talents and experience of professionals around the world. Since the first investment in its insurance business in 1871, asset management activities have expanded to include the subsidiaries Investment Management (retail and institutional investors worldwide) and Sun Life Investment Management (institutional clients in North America).

Asset management is also part of the investment and asset products that they provide to individuals and jobs in many of their companies.
Here is another fact about Sun life insurance which you will obviously enjoy. Check it out;

Facts about Sun Life Insurance, Nepal

1. They serve a million customers in Canada, the United States, Asia, the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. They have extended services all over the world.

Sun Life Insurance Nepal
Sun Life Insurance Nepal

2. Through a network of Sun Life consultants, external partners and other distributors, they allow their clients to live their lives in their own way, from now until their retirement.

3. They work hard to support their health and wellness management goals so that they can enjoy what is most important to them, whether running a marathon or helping their grandchildren ride their bicycles. They offer individuals, companies and institutions a wide range of protection products and services and assets.

4. Your insurance includes life, health, welfare, disability, sickness, death and long-term care insurance. Best for you.

5. Its investment program includes mutual funds, separate funds, pensions and guaranteed investment products.

6. Another service is counseling. The advice includes financial planning and old-age benefits.

7. Another programming is asset management. Common funds, institutional portfolios and pension funds.

8. They help their clients lead a healthier life, as individuals and as part of a healthy community. They do it through programs and initiatives such as: Team Up Against Diabetes – Millions of dollars to support diabetes, prevention, care and research around the world. Checking clinics. Support programs for coworkers. Disease prevention programs.

9. Sun Life is one of the largest listed companies in Canada and one of the highest in the industry.

10. Shares of Sun Life Financial Inc. (SLF) are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), New York (NYSE) and the Philippines (PSE).

Facts About Sun Life Insurance Nepal

11. They are a well-diversified organization. Balanced between protection and asset transactions, they are geographically diverse and have a combination of individual, group and institutional clients.

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Their solid risk management practices allow us to manage the volatility and uncertainty of the market, and we can help customers in all market conditions. Ethics and integrity were the cornerstones of his business from the beginning.

12. At Sun Life, they adhere to the policies that are constantly applied by government throughout the organization, from the Code of Conduct, which regulates the behavior of each Sun Life employee and advisor, to disciplined risk management systems and rigorous programs. of privacy and security.

13. Its board of directors oversees the management and operations of Sun Life, and each director contributes to the long-term success of the company. Sun Life is known for its commitment to government, sustainability and corporate citizenship.

14. They are designed to help clients achieve a life of financial security and a healthier life. They have their motto “Power and stability: Show through” and they followed it.

15. Sun Life Financial is one of the 100 most sustainable companies in the world in 2018, as selected by Corporate Knights, a Toronto-based investment and media research firm. Sun Life is one of six Canadian rated companies and one of the two largest insurance companies in North America that secure a place among the 100 global 100 by 2019.

16. With a data-driven approach, Corporate Knights evaluates around 7,000 companies through a set of up to 21 quantitative performance metrics that include resources, employee and financial management, green revenue, and supplier performance. Worldwide, 100 companies are among the 1.3% highest in the world, according to sustainability performance.

17. For the tenth consecutive year, Sun Life Financial was named the “Most Trusted Brand of Life Insurance Company” in Canada, according to the Trusted Brand Survey of 2019 Reader’s Digest. Sun Life has been a winner in this category since the awards ceremony. Sun Life was also named the “Most trusted brand for medical and dental insurance companies” in 2019.

18. The Ipsos Canada survey, commissioned by Reader’s Digest, asked more than 4,000 Canadians to name the brand they trust most in 32 product categories.

19. Its president and CEO, Dean Connor, was elected as the outstanding CEO of Canada’s Year® in 2017.

20. The outstanding program of executive directors has existed for more than 25 years, and the prize winner was chosen by an advisory panel made up of prominent Canadian executives. The award honors both Dean and the success of Sun Life.

Facts About Sun Life Insurance Nepal

21. The Advisory Board highlighted the successful global commercial strategy of Sun Life and the financial performance led by Dean and the Digital Transformation and Innovation agenda that has been established to provide better experiences to its clients around the world.

22. Riza Mantaring, the Executive Director and National Director of Sun Life Philippines, is the Asia Talent Management Award 2017, which will be presented as part of the Asia Business Leader Awards of the international business news network CNBC.

Riza has been recognized for her dedication to employee development, from highly successful leadership development programs to practical mentoring of high potential personnel in the Philippines, where Sun Life is the oldest and largest life insurance company.

23. Sun Life Financial has been named one of the 50 best citizens of Canada

24. Corporate Knights Magazine has once again named Sun Life among the top 50 citizens of Canada. In the 2017 edition, Sun Life has finished tenth in the general classification, the top 10 for the second consecutive year. Sun Life is included in the 12th annual classification of 16 years since its inception.

25. Sun Life is known for leading leadership development. They are very proud that Sun Life has been awarded the Excellence in Practice Award for Learning and Organizational Development (2016) for its “Promote high performance” program.

26. They were also honored in the Career Development category. ATD awards are widely recognized, recognizing programs that meet proven needs, showcase the best design principles in their class, align with other talent strategies in an organization and deliver sustainable, clear and measurable results.

27. The Sun Life team seeks to provide growth and development opportunities for its employees at all levels. By promoting high performance, senior executives participate in a hands-on program to improve their basic leadership skills. Improve thinking and acting so they can promote their high performance culture in their teams. Continuous development: this is one of the keys to your current and future success.

28. For more information about this program, including strong design and supply partnerships with Duke Corporate Education and Second City Works, see the December 2016 issue of the “Recent Lessons” section of Dialogue Magazine.

29. Sun Life is ranked # 1 in Forrester’s digital sales index by Canadian Life Insurance in November 2016.

30. At the first benchmark for Canadian digital life insurance sales conducted by the influential consulting and research firm Forrester Research, Sun Life was the pride of the industry. His score of 75/100 exceeded the industry average of 47/100, thanks to the ability to satisfy both the needs of customers who prefer to buy online and those who prefer to work with a consultant.

31. Forrester evaluated the life insurance experience of Sunlife.ca based on 35 criteria for desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices, and classified the results into 3 stages: Discover, Explore and Buy. In the discovery phase, they achieved an almost perfect score, helping clients think about their life insurance needs and obtaining the highest score for their ability to simplify the sales process.

Facts About Sun Life Insurance Nepal

32. Sun Life figures in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index – North America

33. In 2015, Sun Life was included for the ninth time in a row in the Dow Jones Sustainability TM North America index. The Index represents the top 20% of the 600 largest companies in North America in the S & P Broad Market Global Index, based on long-term economic, environmental and social criteria.


34. MFS Investment Management, the investment subsidiary of Sun Life, received top honors in the Barron ranking of the main mutual fund families (2015). With a performance of 10 years and one of 1 year, he took second place. It is the eighth consecutive year that Barron’s MFS has been recognized.

35. Sun Life was recognized in 2015 for its corporate governance practices.

36. Sun Life was ranked number 1 in the 2015 Globe and Mail 2015 Business Games 2015. The report examined the boards of 234 companies and the income trusts in the S & P / TSX Compound Index as of September 1. 2015 to evaluate the quality of their governance practices.

The assessment and scores are based on questions related to the composition of the Board of Directors, including the Diversity and Disclosure Guidelines for the Directors’ Period, Participation and Compensation, Shareholder Rights and Disclosure.

Exemplary governance and risk management is one of the four cornerstones of its sustainability strategy. Brighter Life Indonesia wins the IMA Award for Outstanding Achievements 2014

37. The Brighter Life Indonesia website has been awarded the Interactive Media Award (IMA) for its outstanding achievement in the financial information category. Launched in 2012, the website offers information about money, health and family.

38. The awards were evaluated by the Interactive Media Council, Inc. (IMC), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving standards of excellence on the Internet. The IMC is an important sponsor and leading agency of the IMA, which focuses mainly on web standards, accessibility, usability and privacy.

39. Sun Life has a long and proud history based on many industry developments. Among them: They presented the first unconditional life insurance in the world. They were the first to offer collective life insurance in Canada. And its subsidiary MFS Investment Management has “invented” the investment fund.

40. Their continued success, however, depends on looking to the future. It must be at the forefront of product development, use digital technology and respond to the new realities of customers. Today’s environment is developing at the speed of light: yesterday’s proven methods are the standard of today and the museum piece of tomorrow.

Facts About Sun Life Insurance Nepal

41. That’s why Sun Life continually explores the landscape to gain a competitive advantage. They invest in key building blocks that will increase their focus on the customer. They are reinventing processes, investing in innovative digital tools and looking for untiring strategies and tactics to improve their leadership and mission, helping their clients achieve financial security for life.

42. In a Canadian insurance industry, Sun Life’s online assistant, Ella helps clients make the most of their employees’ retirement plans and maximize their retirement savings. It currently provides information, information and advice through the analysis of sophisticated data and is becoming increasingly interactive with artificial intelligence.

43. On the positive side, she makes sure that plan members make the most of their plans, do not put money on the table and make smart decisions for their coverage. And with smart speakers like Google Home and soon, Amazon Alexa, She can help anyone, whether Sun Life Planer or not, to find a dentist, physiotherapist, chiropractor or masseuse.

44. On the side of pensions, Ella is revolutionizing the use and participation of plan members in their plans, helping them to make the most of their employer’s tools and services.

45. The Sunlife team has discovered the MaRS technology that is changing their world. Innovation loves companies. That’s why Sun Life has partnered with North America’s largest innovation center, the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto.

MaRS is leading the way in the urban innovation districts, giving entrepreneurs access to companies, investors, mentors, universities and laboratories to catalyze, accelerate, scale and disseminate innovation.

Through MaRS, they are connected to new financial technology companies that have the most up-to-date solutions that allow us to broaden their digital innovation agenda, continue being leaders in the transformation of their industry and satisfy the changing needs and expectations of their clients. to answer They direct the charge against diabetes: sportsmen, actors, chefs and famous musicians embark on their journey.

Through MaRS, they are connected to new financial technology companies that have the most up-to-date solutions that allow us to broaden their digital innovation agenda, continue being leaders in the transformation of their industry and satisfy the changing needs and expectations of their clients. to answer They direct the charge against diabetes: sportsmen, actors, chefs and famous musicians embark on their journey.

46. At Sun Life, they are committed to creating awareness and resources for the prevention, care, and research of diabetes. They work with professional athletes, actors, the best chefs and musicians in North America, Asia and the United Kingdom, as well as leading experts in hospitals, clinics and universities to bring the issue to life.

Sun Life is leading the demand for diabetes on multiple fronts. And at the interface between their corporate citizenship and their business, they created something really new: in a pilot program in Hong Kong, they offer regular life insurance rates to clients with diabetes (who would normally pay higher premiums) who regularly visit health clinics.

Diabetes and its condition Treat successfully for 2 years. This is just one of the ways that Sun Life improves the health and well-being of its customers, employees and the community. Corporate headquarters breaks record of environmental sustainability

47. The new headquarters of Sun Life on One York Street in Toronto has been awarded the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. The highest score that a Toronto building has ever received.

This means complying with internationally recognized standards for air quality, access to natural light and effective water and energy conservation programs. The energy-saving features of the building include a “light collection” system that controls daylight and adjusts artificial light accordingly, a roof garden, 300 bicycle racks and a “Deep Lake Water Cooling” “to cool the cold water of nearby Lake Ontario Water attracts buildings that use much less electricity than conventional air conditioners.

One York Street also reflects the latest in design thinking in offices. Thanks to technology, people can be available anywhere, at any time, and this is changing the way they work together, communicate with each other and do business with their clients.

There is a global exit from the traditional office concept, where up to 90% of the space has been reserved for offices and cabins. Only 10% for meeting rooms and virtually no opportunity for spontaneous team groups. The headquarters of One York Street opened its doors in 2017 and has rooms that can serve different purposes at different times.

It provides more balance, flexibility and options in work methods, which gives us a competitive advantage to attract, develop and retain the best talent. The offices also house a series of interactive installations, the digital canvas, that give life to the message of Sun Life in an attractive and attractive way.

48. Mobile financial application for the first time for Filipino customers. Your more than 5 million customers in the Philippines can manage their accounts with us anytime and anywhere with the Sun Life PH mobile application.

They built the application, a premiere for the investment and insurance industry in the Philippines, using the latest design and testing methods, and their clients downloaded more than 60,000 times in the first 4 months after its launch.

49. The application also includes an office locator, an advisory function and a frequently asked questions section.

50. At Sun Life, they want to work with suppliers that share their values (integrity, dedication, customer service, excellence, value and innovation) and that can meet their business needs.

Facts About Sun Life Insurance Nepal

51. Your strategic purchasing team identifies and evaluates potential suppliers, negotiates and contracts with them to provide high quality products and services efficiently and profitably.

They evaluate suppliers in terms of the products and services they offer and their proven ability to meet their business needs. Sun Life expects its suppliers to share their goodwill and to comply with prudent business practices, including the integrity of the company and the responsible treatment of people.

52. They are related to suppliers that share their commitment to act ethically and to comply with applicable laws, as established in their Code of Business Conduct. Comply with responsible business practices, respect responsible employment practices and create safe working conditions.

53. They commit to fair and open competition with the highest ethical standards when dealing with their suppliers. These standards (professionalism, honesty and integrity) are reflected in your Supplier Code of Conduct. This code describes the minimum requirements they have for their providers. They expect their suppliers to monitor compliance with this code and make sure that their employees understand and fully comply with it.

54. At Sun Life, they define sustainability as a commitment to environmental, social and governance practices that add value to their customers, employees, shareholders and communities.

Their focus on sustainability reflects the long-term nature of the commitments they make to their clients. It also strengthens your company and positions us to meet the needs of future generations. As their suppliers play a key role in achieving their sustainability goals, they are asked to work with us to achieve a more solid sustainability practice.

55. Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of Sun Life’s values and commitment to corporate social responsibility. This belief and commitment to diversity extends to its delivery base and the inclusion of multiple suppliers in its supply chain.

At Sun Life, they believe that diversity differentiates us from the competition and contributes to its success in the global market. They recognize and encourage the participation of different suppliers as part of their competitive bidding process and strive to provide equitable access to qualified suppliers.

They provide equitable access to different suppliers and promote relationships with companies and suppliers that, like us, are committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce, as well as the commitment of several suppliers.

Its Supplier Diversity Program focuses on creating a level playing field for suppliers who are certified as minority shareholders and interested in products and / or services for Sun Life Financial. It gives different suppliers the opportunity to compete with all other suppliers equally.

56. To participate in your Supplier Diversity Program, your company must be certified as one of the following: 51% owned and operated by Aboriginal, 51% owned and operated minority, 51% female owned, 51% gay / Lesbian / bisexual / transgender owners are and will be 51% owned and operated by members of another recognized diverse community (eg, persons with disabilities, veterans, veterans with disabilities, etc.) by recognized certification organizations.

57. Participating in Sun’s Supplier Diversity Program does not guarantee that we have or insure your business. However, it gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the service and product quality of your business and pave the way for your business to compete for your business. They will contact appropriate potential suppliers when they consider new procurement activities.

58. Sun Life supports the commitment of several suppliers as part of its responsibility and social vision to become a global leader in asset protection and management. Sun Life is a proud member of the Canadian Council of Minority and Aboriginal Providers (CAMSC).

59. Sun Life requests this information to monitor and evaluate the Supplier Diversity Program.

60. Sun Life uses this information to determine if your company is eligible for a purchase initiative. The information we provide can be shared within Sun Life Financial. They will be the profile of your company 2 years ago.

Facts About Sun Life Insurance Nepal

61. The User agrees to treat the information you provide to us confidential. Read more about their global data protection regulations.

62. Its roots are deeply rooted in Canada, where they were created over 150 years ago. Starting with life insurance they have expanded to provide their clients with solutions for health, wealth, financial planning and asset management. Today they are a leading industry in group benefits, retirement plans and individual wealth and insurance. Your asset management business is growing.

63. It is a leading provider of employee benefits in the United States and help protect your lover in the life of your people. They also serve a variety of individual life insurance clients. Your company MFS Investment Management has clients in the USA. and around the world, and also have growing business of Sun Life Investment Management in the US.

64. They founded Sun Life Everbright in 1999 in collaboration with the Everbright Group of China. In the most populated regions of China, it offers a wide range of products for the individual and in group life, health and prosperity. It also offers asset management services through Sun Life Everbright Asset Management Insurance.

65. They were founded in 1892 in Hong Kong and offer their clients today a broad spectrum of protection, health and pension products and services a. The Best serve Financial company is a leading provider of third-party pension insurance in the Hong Kong market. Hong Kong is also the regional office of Sun Life for Asia

66. The Birla Sun Life companies are their joint venture with the Aditya Birla Group. BSL Seguros offers individual and group life, health, savings and pension products, and BSL Asset Management offers investment funds and investment products. The Asia Sun Life Service Center in Gurgaon offers its services to businesses and support.

67. Indonesia Since its opening in 1995, the Indonesian business has grown and the country offers a wide range of protection and wealth management products, including life and health insurance, education plans, Sharia products and investment plans, as well as offer their products through bank branches in the country.

68. In 1996, he founded his Bermuda-based international business and traditional life insurance services and solutions for high net worth markets around the world. They also supervise a group of existing individual clients in Bermuda because they were active on the island before the 1881th

69. The office was opened in 1998 in the development of Sun Life Waterford business software, business administration and technical support.

70. Sun Life Malaysia is a joint venture with Khazanah Nasional Berhad and CIMB Group, an association that was founded, 2013. It offers Malaysians across the country a wide range of life insurance and Takaful products and services.

Facts About Sun Life Insurance Nepal

71. They are the oldest and largest life insurance business in the Philippines. The stores date back to the year 1895th With their local businesses, they offer a wide range of life and health insurance, retirement plans, education plans and investment funds. The Asia Sun Life Service Center in Manila offers support and service services worldwide.

72. Its inheritance in the United Kingdom goes back to the year 1893 a. Today your team in the United Kingdom is compatible with a large number of existing private and UK pension clients.

73. Sun Life Vietnam has offered its clients across the country 2,013 life and health insurance, education and retirement plans.

74. Sun Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited is a fast growing life insurance company that has established itself in a very short time as reliable and professional insurers in the country.

75. In Nepal, Nepal Sun Life Insurance Company Limited under the Companies Act has been registered in 2063 and has required the, by the managing entity in accordance with § 10 of the License Insurance Act issued 2049 to practice the insurance business of lifetime.

76. In Nepal, the capital structure of the Company is an authorized capital of 200 million rupees. Of these, 140 million rupees will be paid by the promoters and the remaining 60 million rupees to recover an initial public offering by the public.

77. Sun Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited is growing with the vision of providing “Security, Education and Prosperity For All.” Their Company is in constant pursuit of providing best customer service to people of all economics status and geographical locations. Many people are satisfied with the services from this insurance.

Author: – Poonam Neupane