14 Most Successful & Famous Actresses of Bollywood 2018

14 Most Successful & Famous Actresses of Bollywood 2018

Bollywood is the largest platform for creating and cultivating the beautiful actress with their arts and adeptness that transform into popularity. Bollywood has great controversy and great myths too but on the screen, it makes the vibrant like the thundering of appreciation when the beautiful actress get the entry. The beautiful actress of Bollywood is also treated as assets of Bollywood which have made the industry powerful and likable by everyone. Thus, it is listed in the second position in the film industry.

The movies get more values and more appreciation when the female character is played by some of the beautiful actresses. The Beautiful actress along with popularity makes the movies earlier succeed. Some of them are a role model of struggler and some of them are the dream of naughty boys. But it is seen that most of the actress mingles with a businessman. Apart from this context, actress having popularity have such efforts that make the industry popular as well as movies too.

Bollywood is better known for giving the beautiful actress but it is said that the gold becomes more valuable after giving its shape and design. Similarly, the actress of Bollywood is always trying to contribute best to make own image as an inspirational lady. Many actresses are involved to evolve the best traits in a unique form that can be picked out and identified even in puzzle pictures or actress list. Here are 14 Popular Actress of Bollywood who are always in the headlines of the magazine, always in hearts of teenagers and always in the dream of dreamers and also mostly arrives in Bollywood movies.

14 Most Successful & Famous Actresses of Bollywood 2018

1. Anushka Sharma

She is popular for his best dramatic role in the movies. And, she is humorous and frank in nature that is her strength which makes connected with fans. Anushka also mostly become the news of magazine due to the relationship with the Indian cricket captain Virat Kholi. Although, her popularity is also not less than any other actress and politicians. Her charming face and glowing smile. This combination presents her like the silver colored have the radiance of Diamond. She can fit up in any character that the story demand. Due to the dynamic and magnetizing role, has also made the fans confused to either keep watching or judging. some of her movies like PK, Band Baja Barat, Pk, Badmash company etc are sensational movies that characterized her image and popularity. She is surely on the list of 14 Popular Actress of Bollywood.

Anushka Sharma - bollywood actresses
Anushka Sharma – bollywood actress

2. Shraddha Kapoor

She is also treated as dream girl of Bollywood due to her acting style and monitoring on the screen. She is also the dream girl of many youngsters. In very short time, she is able to create own label in the Bollywood that bark as one the reputed figure. Mostly she played the love related movies on the low budget but the movies are able to collect the highest amount. The role of Aashiqui 2 has made her more popular in which she has played the role of struggling singer get to meet with the famous singer and falls in love and acted as real and divine love. She recently released movies Ek VILLAIN, Baaghi is some of the movies which have made plain in every eyes. And his role and acting is everywhere conversating. she has become the star of everyone of eyes. She made it to the list of 14 Popular Actress of Bollywood

Shraddha Kapoor
Shraddha Kapoor

3. Jacqueline Fernandez

She belongs from neighbor country Sri Lanka but given her amazing contribution in Bollywood with superframes. She has made domestic places in domestic hearts by her acting models. Her acting in the movies like Houseful Houseful 2 and Houseful3 3 are very successful along with the movies Roy and Murder 2 have pushed up her remarkable starred in the movies. The songs” chittyia kallaiya” become one of the most listen and viewed song help her to rebuild the glaring identity. She is also famous for making the decision and commenting best while attend in some TV shows as guest. Jacqueline made it to the list of 14 Popular Actress of Bollywood.

4. Kangna Ranaut

The self made actress of Bollywood and recognized as one of eth popular actress. She has also gain great appreciation by acting as drunkard girl in the movies without having drink. She has been in the headlines of news and social site due to the squabble with Hrithik Roshan in twitter. Some of the media and person have also given it the name twitter war. Beside it, her popularity also signed up with her magnetic acting and squeaky voice. She also treated as fearless actors. Her acting in the movies fashion, gangster and more are really likable and appreciable. She is rising with rising of sun radiance in Bollywood at the moment.

5. Priyanka Chopra

She is also popular actress of 2017 because she has recently return from America by doing Hollywood movies. And has also acted in the series Quantico and sung Hollywood song exotic and Pitbull. Well, She is the composition of beauty, talent and creative actors. Priyanka is also popular for making places in Hollywood and largest kingdom in Bollywood. She has been listen in the top 10 most beautiful sexiest Bollywood actress 2017. Her dancing as item groups Pinky, Ram Chahe Leela Chahe Ram are very popular songs. The movies which she plays has mostly hitten the great collection due to her image and reputation. She is also remembered by the movies Dostana, Aitraaz and, Fashion etc. Priyanka Chopra definitely made it to the list of 14 Popular Actress of Bollywood.

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra

6. Katrina Kaif

She has collected highest popularity by the songs Shelia Ki Jawani which has entered in every cell phone. This songs has flooded the mud while it starts. She is Britain born but has made big place in Bollywood. Her popularity cannot be guessed by her less movies but by her magnificent acting. Her role in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, Phantom, Ek Tha Tiger, Bang Bang etc has made a super blast in Bollywood. She is also treated as highest paid actress of Bollywood due to her popularity and gruelling garnering roles in movies. The structure of body and style that she does is mostly become the acts of many others. She were also dragged in the great controversy of love with Salman Khan but later on it gets distracted and the name is also extracted for getting good places in Bollywood. Among the 14 Popular Actress of Bollywood Katrina is one of them.

7. Kareena Kapoor Khan

She has recently became the mother after marrying with Saif Ali Khan. She is also known as the radiance of Bollywood. Her beauty reveal the rave of lights and glare. Those who one saw her, will not sleep in night due to her effects. Her beauty is really hypnotizing and heartful. She is one of the eyes actress of Bollywood has played many critical and blissful role in movies. Her seducing acts and sensational acts make many youngster uncontrolled to leak out . She has played the movies with all the big stars Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachhan. And she is treated as one of the valuable actress of Bollywood having a broad image and glittering identity. Kareena is popular for acting as well as zero figure maintain the body. Kareen is on the list of 14 Popular Actress of Bollywood.

8. Deepika Padukone

She has crossed the limitation of success by making her remark in Bollywood as well as in Hollywood. Her movies and her action has made people around the world her loveable. The actress is also famous for zero figure and tall size. Her acting in the movies Bajirao Mastani , a warrior movies more popular. Her talent and her smiling face have killer effects that can drag up anyone attention towards self. She has entered in the industry with movies Om Shanti Om with Shah Rukh Khan, started her to push towards the stardom from first movies. Then after, one by, her all the movies like Chennai express and other were very hit. she is also known as highest paid actress of Bollywood.

9. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Undoubtedly, there are very few men and are unlucky who does not have listen the name and movies of Aishwarya Rai. She is one of the great ornament of Bollywood which have priceless values. She is also miss world that has helped her to become stardom actor very soon. By the release of movies one after one, make her more popular among the fans and in the country. After marrying with Abhishek Bachanna, she becomes the members of Bachan generation, that rose her image and identity more precious. She has also plays the Hollywood movies as vampire in Pink Panther 2. Recently, she had also played the movies with Ranveer Kapoor in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil which were also hit movies. Her eyes are the green color which has some ignited norms that can make anyone confuse to judge and keep watching towards her smiling face.

10. Kajol

She is the oldest actor but even she is ruling in the Bollywood by own acting novelty. And, has recently played the movies with Shah Rukh Khan. Kajol is the evergreen actress of Bollywood and has gain greater popularity in the Bollywood. Her acting and her style of acting has become the inspirational chapter of a newcomer. Many of youngsters treat her as their favorite actress. Her shining beauty and magnetic smile have such erection that can make any fever into the favorite movie. She is most popular with couple acting role with Shah Rukh Khan. She is now busy in producing and directing the movies.

11. Zareen Khan

She is most popular for giving seducing scene in the movies that add the smell in the movies which invites mostly youngsters to bagged her love. She is Mumbai born actress and forcibly become the actress due to the weak economic condition of the family. But luckily, she has established herself as one of the popular actresses of Bollywood. Her beauty is really un-definable and physique is really like the bottle of coca-cola. She has collected a huge number of loves and wished by the youngster because of the erotic scene in the movies that youngster like most. Her beauty and acting has created the challenge for other actresses because of the new taste, she includes in the movies. Her entry in the movies increases the quality and smell that chilled up the viewer to watch it.

12. Sonam Kapoor

She become the headlines of news and conversation of people when she played the role of queen and cultural girls in the movies Prem Ratan DhanPayo with Salman Khan. Her popularity spreads all around the India and set up here in the new zenith. Her acting in different movies is also parallel. But with the pass of time and release of new movies, is making her popular and pushing her towards stardom. She is the niece of filmmaker Boney Kapoor that supports her to stay strictly in Bollywood and form a better career in the acting sector. She is better known by the Saawaria, Ranjhna, Delhi 6 and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.

13. Kriti Sanon

She is also a well popular actress of Bollywood by playing movies Shahrukh Khan ”Dilwaale” which brings her into the limelight. She has made her entry with Tiger Shroff and got huge success from the movies. By profession, she is an engineer and then comes to acting industry. She basically belongs from Uttar Pradesh. Kriti has played the recent movies Rabta, which were in average hit but collected the appreciation that she deserves. And also known as one of the talented actresses of Bollywood. Tall and slandering actress has many uncommon qualities and intelligence. She is also one of the popular actresses of Bollywood in 2017 due to a release of many movies having average and hit values.

14. Illeana D’cruz

Before coming to Bollywood movies, she has made her trademark in Telugu movies. She has entered in the acting field by debut movies Devadsu which has pocketed the huge success. She has made her minor as well as the major place in many movies like Barfi, Kick Jalsa. Her cuteness looks is her assets that make her flash up and people obliged to adore her. Her acting in the movies as real leading acting style is also the one arts that she only holds. She has entered in the Bollywood with Barfi and now she is precious as Barfi in terms of confection.And, she is precious in terms of acting. Also, a very popular actress in Bollywood and one of the highest paid actress. The role that she mostly plays as humorous and serious both that gives other to define her in more and more praiseful words.

So they are the 14 Popular Actress of Bollywood.

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