The History of Christmas Trees – Story Behind Christmas Tree


The Christmas trees were used from real fir trees and not the artificial ones. People started keeping large Christmas trees and started decorating them beautifully with great joy and effort. People decorated their Christmas trees with glittery balls, baubles, tinsels, flowers, ribbons, and gifts. People also started to top off their Christmas trees cute angel toys. The unfortunate period of war put lots of stops to many Christmas trees. It was illegal to cut down the trees for making them decorating objects for the festival of Christmas. So people started keeping their Christmas decorations safely in their home stored carefully. And when needed they only used what they had at home to decorate a small tree kept on a table decorated with their homemade decorations and the materials they stored at home.

Merry christmas tree image
Merry christmas tree image

During this very tragic period, large trees were grown in public places in order, to provide people strength and morale to cope up with this loss. After this war, the people of Britain again went through phases of a revival of the regular culture of Christmas trees. People who followed the tradition of Christmas with their families had to be given security of their customs and beliefs. They had to be provided with a symbol of something that would not change or be rejected at difficult times such as war. This was a symbol of their identity.  The time was such that people could only afford trees according to their budget. There were

still lots of very poor people who celebrated Christmas with their families with table top goose feather little trees. The brush trees manufactured in America were imported and the British people became very fond of this new artificial Christmas trees. But who can beat the natural things? The best and the preferred ones were still the large, beautiful real fir trees which were quite expensive to afford. There were lots of production of the decorations for the Christmas trees in Britain itself and it was sold by many local stores of the local markets. There were innovations and experimentations with different materials like plastic. Plastic toys were also manufactured and were quite cheaper.

In places where real Christmas were quite difficult to find, the holly bushes were decorated instead of big fir trees. These kinds of activities went on for a while but then there were some changes in the years around the 1960s to 1970s. There were modernists just everywhere. They had new ideas, new aspirations and wanted to make a new world. With these new and modern ideas came the ideas of using materials like silver and aluminum. These silver aluminum trees were manufactured in America and imported into Britain. The silver pine tree was quite unique as they had a revolving light source under the tree. The light was emitted in different shades while revolving so therefore, there were no requirements to decorate this type of tree. Many families doing their own versions of decorations. Some used only shiny glass baubles, lametta to make it just a tad bit modern with a sense of elegance. People started being creative and spicing up their own fashions and styles of decorating the Christmas trees.

Merry christmas tree picture with bulb
Merry christmas tree picture with bulb

During the year of 1970 AD, America followed back the Victorian nostalgia. This was new and a fresh idea. The people in the business realized how important it was for their business to grow and thus they made more efforts to innovate the decorations that could be used in the festival of Christmas. New decorations and new types of artificial trees were mass produced in their industries. Some of the companies made great business moves by producing glass ornaments that are very much popular among the people during Christmas.


They even hired or took special advice from the specialists who were involved in the making and production of the glass ornaments originally in Germany or around Europe. They started manufacturing lights, glass ornaments, tinsels, different types of pressed foils and much more. Real Christmas trees are very beautiful and popular. But many housewives preferred to have the artificial Christmas trees. The reasons were that they were more convenient to decorate, store and moreover there would not be a single needle to clean on the floor. The companies provided so many options for the Christmas trees. There were some small ones and there were some big ones too.

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The best things were that they could be conveniently stored, easily cleaned and could be used again and again and they looked as beautiful as the real fir trees. They also looked equally mesmerizing with all the cool decorations during Christmas. If you wanted a small tabletop Christmas tree, you can buy easily. If you have a huge double story living room and you want to have an artificial tree, you still could easily find it in the market. The industry involved in the business of Christmas decoration companies got slowly evolved so much that they even started to manufacture sprays that smelled like real pines. People could spray this on their Christmas trees and voila, you would have created a beautiful aroma with the feel of a real Christmas. With the developments of new ideas and even newer designs, there have been introductions of many themes for Christmas all over the world. Some of the newer versions of Christmas trees with special themes are the starry night tree, the twilight and the snow queen themes are also quite popular.

The Christmas trees have quite an interesting story behind them and of course an incredible history. This history makes the Christmas trees even more amusing and it has definitely engraved an indent that can never ever be erased by anyone. My cultures follow the decoration of Christmas trees. Thus, it has successfully brought the lives and hearts of the people in one big unity. It is amazing how they were started, went through horrible times of war and still managed to survive in the hearts of the people. We see that they played a great role in the economy of many countries and they also compelled people to experiment new ideas with newer materials. They were difficult times when there were problems but they are now a symbol of a beautiful festival. They are now a symbolized component of the beautiful and snowy Christmas. As evergreen as they are, they have won the hearts of many people all over the world and have been true to their colors. The Christmas trees have made a special significance of their own in the pages of the history.

There is no doubt that people will definitely innovate and make their own creative processes with the Christmas trees but it is evident that Christmas trees are a great part of their customs, traditions, and culture. The Christmas trees create warmth and spread love among all. Families enjoy decorating the Christmas trees with each other. This only means that these Christmas trees have strengthened the love and bond among the people. We learn that the Christmas trees were a medium through which people made their own stories to interpret. They were once a symbol of patriotism when people hung their national flags on top of them. Christmas trees also once were a symbol of status. Their sizes determined your place and your status in the society.

They once also represented your living condition when they used to be decorated with food materials. Because of the Christmas trees, there were introductions of various business ideas and methods of manufacturing processes. People gained job opportunities and also profited economically. But more importantly, Christmas trees have united the people all around the world as it brings joy to all as everyone enjoys the sight of decorated Christmas trees. In the world today, they do not divide us by our status but brings us together by bringing all of us, the people all over the world, in one place and that place is the place of Christmas. The spirit of Christmas has grown popular and more loved by every individual who believes in love and the joy of living. Let the joy of Christmas stand high and strong with the love of people for the beautiful Christmas trees. It has definitely been a cultural symbol that reflects our way of life and our love for the festivals that bring together that share thought, feeling and want to give and spread joy and happiness all over the world.


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