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However, there were definitely some involvement and use of the Christmas trees in very few homes in England. There was no rule or law for such of fir trees as Christmas trees so this might be because they had German neighbors and that they just wanted to get along and celebrate without any hate or differentiation. The trees that were used during Christmas were beautifully decorated with tinsels, sweets, treats, candles, colorful beads and other types of ornaments that were all manufactured in Germany. At that time, there was a custom that the family would put a small Christmas tree on the table each for all individual family member with a gift underneath that particular tree. This custom was however discontinued.

There is a very interesting story of the famous royal personality, i.e. Queen Victoria. Around the year 1846 AD, it is said that Queen Victoria and Prince Albert who was from Germany were celebrating the festival of Christmas with their children. It was covered by the London news. They were seen celebrating Christmas with their children standing around a Christmas tree. Queen Victoria was very popular at the time and her fashion was favored by many of her subjects. This act which was done in the royal court soon caught on. Then, the trend became popular of having a Christmas tree during Christmas. This now then became popular among the British population and also among the along the east coast. This was how the first Christmas tree in England was introduced and late became an international culture.

The culture of following the decoration of Christmas tree also was followed. The English women spent lots of time and put in a lot of effort and hard work into decorations of Christmas trees. They were engaged in making lots and lots of hands made crafts like gifts, Christmas cards and much more. They also made ornaments to go with the rest of their decorations like colorful beads, garlands and much more. They purchased materials like tinsels, food presents from the markets of Germany. The English people also kept candles on their Christmas trees, but the only difference was that they kept their candles in the wooden hoops for safety from any mishaps of fire hazards. They also bought shiny, glittery ornaments, angels or stars to keep on the top of their Christmas trees. This was a very interesting addition to the history of Christmas trees.

With the use and the starting of the tradition of Christmas trees came the development of different types of decorations. The production of glass beaded garlands started in the year around 1850 AD in Lauscha, which is a town in the district of Sonneberg within Thuringia of Germany. Short beaded garlands were made from necklace baubles. They were easily available for the population of Germany but unfortunately, they were not produced in quantities that could be exported to the British population. ‘Tingled angel’ that was dressed in all golded tin became a very famous ornament to decorate Christmas trees. They were widely purchased in the Thuringian markets during Christmas. Today, Lauscha is famous all over the world and is known for glassblowing for decorations of Christmas trees like baubles. With the continuation of the tradition of the use of Christmas trees, these trees were also going through phases of innovations. Around the year of the 1860 AD, in the English trees, small toys were being hung as decorations but they still placed the Christmas gifts on the table under the decorated tree.

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Slowly and with time, Christmas trees started being noticed in other countries of the continent of Europe. The countries in the Mediterranean, however, were not too keen on the idea of having a decorated Christmas tree on the festival of Christmas. They only preferred to showcase a Creche scene as the decorative element during Christmas. The people of Italy used a wooden triangle with a platform as a decorative piece during Christmas. This also had the display of the Creche scene for Christmas.


The use and need of display of a decorated Christmas tree during Christmas were resulting in the massive destruction of the trees in Germany. People started cutting off the tip of a big fir tree for their sole purpose of having a Christmas tree. This did not allow the treed to grow further which was a huge problem. Then, statutes, rules, and laws were made and implied that people were not allowed to have more than one Christmas tree in their homes. Even though these problems were occurring, Christmas trees were still being introduced all over the world. The popularity of the use of Christmas trees did not immediately take off in the Britain. The Christmas trees were introduced in America by the Hessian soldiers in large quantitate. However, the records of that particular quantity are not available. The use of Christmas trees in huge quantities made it a requirement of growing Christmas trees as a wide business. In the year of 1747 AD, the Pennsylvanian German settlements started having community trees.

history of christmas tree image
history of christmas tree image

America was a very large country. There were lots of immigrants. So, there were certain laws and customs in different parts of the country. There were pockets of customs that related to various immigrants. There was lack of communications among the people. The communications really started happening only around the nineteenth century, so the references of having Christmas trees during Christmas and decorating them are very less until the nineteenth century which means that the interactions and communications among the people started to spread the culture of having to have a decorated Christmas tree during Christmas.

Meanwhile, around the year of 1850 AD, Lauscha was booming with the rise in an economy with the production and selling of glass ornaments and baubles. They started to produce in quantities enough to export to the British population. People purchased these glass ornament and baubles to decorate their Christmas trees. They were quite expensive than other types of decorations. Handmade decorations were still being used but the richer people started to buy these ornaments and decorative pieces in order to showcase and display their status in the society. The more they bought, the higher their status was. The people usually topped their Christmas trees with their national flag. They also preferred topping off their Christmas trees with the national flags of other allied countries.

What we learn here is that the Christmas trees were once becoming a symbol of patriotism and loyalty for their respective countries. The decorations in the Christmas trees became so popular that these types of ornaments were also being exported to faraway nations like America around the years of the 1880 AD. The American population became very fond of these decorations and started innovating their own Christmas trees in their own ways. After following this culture, the people in America started using electric lights instead of candles. This trend started around the year of 1882 AD. Then after a decade around the year 1892 AD, the American people started the use of the metallic hook to hang the decorations which was a much better and safer option. In the markets of America too, there started establishments of lots of stores in order to sell the Christmas decorations during Christmas. The materials were being imported from Germany.


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