The History of Christmas Trees – Story Behind Christmas Tree

The History of Christmas Trees – Story Behind Christmas Tree

The History of Christmas Trees or Story Behind Christmas Tree: – Christmas is a beautiful festival that is observed annually on twenty-fifths of the month December in order to celebrate and commemorate the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. It is a very big and important festival for Christians all around the world. But the people today regardless of their religion, celebrate this auspicious event with happiness and smiles on their faces and lots of love in their hearts. Christmas is the birthday of Jesus Christ and the Christmas Eve that is the night before the Christmas day is very auspicious and awaited moment. Christmas is a festival that is a beautiful symbol of love and spirit and care for one another. This is a very much awaited festival of the year. In this period, holidays are given so that there are opportunities where the family members can spend some quality time with each other.

People rekindle with their family, friends, relatives and all their loved ones who are near and dear to their hearts. They reunite, eat delicacies, drink wine, have lots of fun and make a lot of memories. Christmas is the month where snow falls. Children enjoy playing in the snow, making snow angels and playing with snowflakes. They enjoy skiing in the snow too. This is the time when people decorate their houses very beautifully with full of lights. They put lots of efforts into their decorations to make their houses look very much beautiful. People not only decorate the exterior parts, they also decorate their interiors too with a lot of pretty and beautiful decorations.

They decorate the interior part of their houses with garlands, shiny golden baubles, many beautiful wreaths, stockings of different fabrics and much more. One of these many important decorative components and an important factor that symbolizes the merry festival of Christmas is the evergreen Christmas tree.

story behind the christmas tree history image
story behind the christmas tree history image

People put lots of efforts decorating their Christmas trees with lots of shiny baubles, angels, and stars. They put gifts under the Christmas tree and tell their children that Santa Claus put them there. The gifts are wrapped with pretty gift wrappers to excite the children. Now, all over the world, traditionally, a fir tree is used as a Christmas tree. The fir tree is an evergreen tree. This has been going on thousands of years. There are many significances of a fir tree. For instance, the pagans used the branches of a fir tree in order to decorate their houses in the winter season. This activity made them dream of the season of spring. Another example is that the Romans also used the fir trees to decorate their cultural temples. This was done in the event of the festival of Saturnalia which is a very important festival for the Romans. The Christians use the fir tree as an everlasting lifelong connection with God, the almighty one. These are just a few of the examples.

There is no definite origin of how and when the tradition of using and decorating the fir tree during the festival of Christmas started. There are just too many stories and theories behind this mystery. But the theorized hypothetical stories and legends are surely very amusing. This tradition is said to have begun in the northern part of Europe where there are lots of vegetation of fir trees around many thousands of years ago.

But of course, it is just an assumption. There is one legend that says that there was a monk in the seventh century who was from Crediton which is in Devonshire. He was traveling to Germany in order to spread his teachings and to teach people about God and learnings. There, he spent a lot of time in Thuringia doing a lot of good social deeds. The place Thuringia later became famous for the industry of Christmas decoration. One theory says that he once used the triangular shaped tree of fir in order to describe the Holy Trinity. His disciples and the coveted people started to symbolize the fir tree as the tree of God. Later in the twelfth century, the fir tree was used as a symbol of Christianity by hanging it upside down from the ceiling during the month of Christmas.

Then, the tradition of using the evergreen fir tree during the festival of Christmas started. It is said that the first decorated Christmas tree was in the year of 1510 in Latvia. It is also said that Martin Luther once decorated a Christmas tree with lots of candles in order to show his children of how the stars twinkled and shined in a dark night sky. This happened in the sixteenth century. The sixteenth century was when there started being setups for the market dedicated solely to the festival of Christmas in small towns of Germany. In this Christmas market, there was everything available to buy that were required to celebrate this festival. There were lots of foods, drinks and different kinds of presents.


Apart from these, there were other necessary things, for example, a knife grinder that was used to sharpen a knife in order to cut and carve the goose for Christmas. There were developments of different types of occupations and other types of Christmas symbolizations. For instance, the bakers started baking gingerbreads of different types of shapes. There was also the production of different types of decorative pieces, toys, small wax ornaments that people could easily afford and buy to take these to their homes in order to decorate their Christmas fir trees. This helped to boom the economy of the town during this festival. There is a very convincing piece of evidence that was recorded by a visitor in Strasbourg in the year of 1601 AD. In his records, we can find that he once saw a Christmas tree with lots of decorations. These decorations comprised of very simple things like sweets, treats, wafers, and lots of flowers that were handmade with different colors of papers.

And of course, these decorative items had their individual symbolism. The food represented plenty whereas the flowers had meanings according to their colors. The red colored flowers were symbols of knowledge and the white colored flowers represented innocence. The shape of the trees also had their own meanings of symbolism. In the biblical period, these trees were referred to as the paradise tree of the infamous Garden of Eden. Therefore, we see that every little detail had their own meaning, symbol, and story behind them.

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There are many other important decorative components of a Christmas tree. One of them is tinseled. Tinsels have originally invented in Nuremberg in Germany in the year 1610 AD. Originally, the tinsels were extruded from thin strands of real silver. There were inventions of specific machines which were intended to do this type of work. Because of the quickly tarnishing property of silver, other metals were considered in order to make tinsels. Tinsels were being started to use in order to adorn the Christmas tree so that the flickering of the candles in the tree shall be enhanced beautifully.

They were used in order to replicate beautiful scene of a starry night sky. Later in the twentieth century, tinsels were cheaply manufactured by use of aluminum. During the period of 1950, tinsels were used more than the lights in the decoration of Christmas trees because of the fact the tinsels had zero chance of a fire hazard than the use of lights, and also because the tinsels equally beautified and sparkled the Christmas trees.

christmas tree image
christmas tree image

Slowly, the tradition of use of Christmas trees during Christmas came to England. This tradition marked it place here with the help of the Georgian Kings who had come from Germany. At the same period, the merchants from Germany decorated their houses in England with the use of Christmas trees, which means they were continuing their tradition. The cultural ways of using a traditional Christmas tree did not immediately imply in the homes of the British people because they did not want to copy the ways of the Germans. This may be because of the cruelty of the world war that had occurred and the role of the Germans in that war.

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