8 Steps To Measures For Checking The Girls Trafficking By Nepal Government

Some of the girls trafficking slogans

Don’t believe a stranger guy.

Don’t talk with a stranger guy.

Don’t eat anything by any stranger guy.

Don’t go to be an employee in Indian cities.

Don’t get married without giving information to the family.

Don’t go anywhere from home without giving information to the family.

These are the common words and sentences that are mostly told by parents to their daughters in Nepal. Daughters are alerted by their parents especially mothers.

But all the words and saying of parents are forgotten by the children and run away with a guy to India. Most of the girls are familiar with these words. But while running away with a man, all the girls forgot the alert. And in many cases, traffickers are not strangers.

The traffickers are her own relatives. Remember, more than 300,000 girls and women are trafficked. More than 200,000 girls and women are worked in Indian brothel as sex workers.

Most girls don’t know what is girls’ trafficking? How it is happening? Who are trafficked? They can’t answer. But they have heard about the Indian brothels. Girls have heard about prostitution in India.

But some of the girls are careless. Some girls are unknown about Indian brothels. But most girls are exploited.


In the crisis situation of girls trafficking in Nepal, the Nepal government is almost asleep. The politics of Nepal is getting worse day by day. The main cause of girls trafficking in Nepal is a political situation.

Girls trafficking are increasing day by day due to open border. Open border with India and China is motivating for such type of girls trafficking criminals works.

The government of Nepal is unable to practice laws, rules, and regulations related to girls’ trafficking. Police officers are known and responsible to check the rules and regulations, but some officers are helping sex trader by taking the bride. It means they are motivating.

When sex traders are caught red hand, officers leave them taking a bribe, not given hard punishment. There are many steps of the Government of Nepal to measure to check the girls’ trafficking.

Some of the steps of the Government of Nepal to measure to check the girls trafficking are as follows:

  1. Girl trafficking areas people should be made educated
  2. Girls should be provided with good employment opportunity
  3. The discrimination between girls and boys should be abolished
  4. Brokers of traffickers should be given severe punishment.
  5. Boarders should be checked strictly
  6. Strict laws rules and regulations.
  7. Check highly and seriously in the open borders.
  8. Make police officers be honest.


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