10 Steps: How to Open a Twitter Account


Twitter is not only a publishing or an advertising platform, it is means of primarily conversation.

You maybe interest on opening a twitter account, but you don’t know how to open a twitter account. You might not know how to get started twitter account. Don’t worry. It is very easy to open twitter account and get started. I will lead you step by step to open account. Here are 10 Easy Steps that helps you on how to Open Twitter Account.how to open a twitter account

Step 1:  Go to www.twitter.com

The first step is just go to Twitter website. It is a Twitter.com. When you get to Twitter.com, you’ll see a page like given below.

twitter home page

Step 2: Click on the button “Sign up for Twitter”

When you browse the twitter.com, you will get a form box like that (above) on the top of page. So, be sure and get confidence. Don’t hesitate. It is a door to go ahead. There will be displayed a message box like given below. Click on the button ‘Sign up for twitter’

Step 3: Fill the given form


After clicking on the button ‘New to twitter?’, you will get a form to fill up. You’ll be asked to fill the forma about full name, email address, create a password and choose a username. Fill the form very carefully. It’s easy.  If you want to make twitter account for your business purpose or for brand management purpose, I’d recommend you to use your domain name minus the dot com/net/etc

twitter create an account

Tips for this step

Full name: Write there your real and full name here. Do write your fake name.

Email address: Write there your real email address. Don’t provide your fake email address or nor to other email address. Otherwise you will not be success to open a twitter account.

Create a password: Make secured password. You’ll also be asked to provide a password with full name. Password must be secured. And it can be secured when you will use a combination of letters, symbols and numbers for password. When you’re satisfied with your choices, click on “Create my account.”

Choose your username: Decide a Unique Username. you will be taken to a page where you’ll be asked to choose a twitter username. It is a most important step and things. It is that whatever you decide to get twitter username. It’s critical but don’t worry. If you put there a name that is already exited, you can get that user name. As a result, there will be displayed a box ‘Not available’. On that situation, below that user name box, you will get some suggestion about twitter username which are available. If you like that suggested username, you can put on the given box and get it. If you don’t like that suggested username, then check availability putting another name. The username may be the alphanumeric. It is as your wish.

After filling up the form and you should click on the button ‘create my account?’


Step 4: Interest and importing address:  

There will be displayed a box that is related to your interest and hobbies, importing address books or like that. So, if you want to address them, you can. Or if you don’t want to address now, just skip interest and importing address now.

Step 5: Go and confirm email address:

After creating account on twitter, it sends an email to you on the provided and given email address while filling the form. So, go to your email and check your email. on the email address, there is a link to verify your account. So, kindly click on that given link to activate the twitter account.

After all, there are be displayed a message like “Done? Congratulations, you’re now on Twitter. The next step is to customize your profile”.

Step 6: Upload your profile picture:

Now you are set up for official user. After confirming the email address, upload your profile picture. Before you starting to build relationships or composing tweets, you should make a profile and put some basic information about. So, on the right side of page, you will get a display that is related to upload a profile picture. So click on the upload a profile picture button.

When you get a display showing a chose file, please click on choose file and upload your image. Twitter displays your image in just 128 pixels on twitter homepage. But is shown good to upload larger image size because of easily viewed bigger when anyone click on it. Pick your image that’s clear and distinguishable. You will not be bothered to upload a larger image.

Step 7: Give information about you in the given box:

Click in the top-right corner of the Twitter home page and get a drop-down menu that is related to username, location, web, bio etc. write down what you are in real. In the location box, you can write your town, city, village, and then country. In the web box, you can write your personal website, blog etc. if you have. And in the bio box, fill in detail about you, your company. You can also write about your family.


Step 8: Design your page

It is very important thing you should know. Now it’s time for choosing a great theme for your profile. Please choose a theme that will affect how the Twitter home page looks for you.

Please create a custom background with custom colour that makes you and your follower happy. That gives you a unique appearance of your own brand profile to other users. So choose best design.

In Settings, click the “Design” tab near where you clicked “Profile” before. Twitter offers several design patterns for your profile. But if you don’t satisfy with provided them, then you can upload your own background image and choose your own color palette.

When you’re done, click “Save changes.”

Step 9: Read the post of other people:

Before you tweet something, I recommend you to read other’s people tweets first. We all know that Twitter is about social connections of conversation especially. It is a best way to get people interested in you, your business, brand, product, services via twitter.

You can also browse popular accounts by your interest. It is helpful for the new comer twitter while getting started on twitter.

Step 10 – Your first Tweet

Here you are a twitter. You are a member of twitter. Now you can tweet anything you can from anywhere in the world from the any kinds of internet device. Now it’s time to publish your first tweet. But remember tweet can be only less than 140 characters at a time.

I truly hope that anyone thinking of starting a Twitter account for the first time, this article help them.

If you have any questions, or advice of your own, feel free to share them in the comments.

Enjoy reading.


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