How To Stay Healthy At Home During Coronavirus Lockdown? 10 Healthy Living Tips


How to stay healthy at home during Coronavirus lockdown? :- Healthy living means enhancing healthy activities such as yoga, meditation, exercise. Healthy living also means being physically, mentally, and spiritually active.

In today’s world, it is a very important concept. Healthy living also means eating healthy foods, keeping the environment healthy and clean. We also need to be engaged in extracurricular activities such as swimming, arts, music, dance, etc. People need to adopt a healthy lifestyle than living a luxurious life.

Healthy living will help to boost the mood which will also help to calm the mind and body. Healthy living will also be able to increase the immunity power as well.

Corona Covid19 Advice
Corona COVID-19 Key Advice

Diseases inside the body can’t be seen by our eyes but our immunity power will help to fight against these diseases. There is a saying “Health is wealth”. If health is their wealth is also there. If health is not their wealth is also not there.

Living healthy also depends upon the lifestyle that you are living in. The environment and surroundings around you need to be properly clean. Your way of living helps to define you.

How To Stay Healthy At Home During Coronavirus Lockdown
health living

People who maintain a healthy lifestyle live longer. The environment around you can change your mood. A clean and healthy environment will help to boost your confidence and bring changes in your behavior.

10 Healthy Living Tips on How To Stay Healthy At Home During Coronavirus Lockdown?

Some tips for healthy living are as follows:


  1. Eat healthy fruits and vegetables regularly.
  2. Drink lots of water and staying hydrated.
  3. Do exercise and yoga daily.
  4. Stop smoking and drink in moderation.
  5. Play physical sports like badminton, football, etc.
  6. Listen to music to relax.
  7. Avoid heavy meals as far as possible.
  8. Get enough sleep.
  9. Avoid unnecessary stress and tensions.
  10. Maintain your blood pressure.

Mental Health:

Mental health is also one of the factors that are required for healthy living. Mental health includes emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Mental health is important for all the people of all ages from childhood, adolescence to adulthood.

Mental health affects daily living and relationships. Conditions such as depression and stress affect mental health.

mental health
mental health

Mental health also affects lifestyle. Mental health issues in today’s world is a growing concern. Mostly youths are being affected by this. When you are not engaged in any activities like sports, music, or any other than there will be a change in your mental health.

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Many people need to know about mental health and how it affects their daily life. Most people don’t talk about this issue openly; it is because they think that people around them will think they are a bit strange.

So, this creates a completely different situation. Mental illness is a health problem just like other diseases so there is nothing to get ashamed or embarrassed.

Some of the signs of mental health issues are:

  • Fear and anxiety.
  •  Feeling hopeless.
  • Eating disorders.

These symptoms are only early signs. If this goes on it will take time for a full recovery. There are treatments for this. They are as follows:

  • As soon as you feel depressed listen or play music.
  • Talk with your parents about this subject.
  • Consult a therapist.
  • Do exercise yoga and meditation.

In this lockdown, We are at high risk of suffering from this health issue. Months of lockdown will affect the overall health of the people.

mental health living
mental health living
mental health benefits
mental health benefits

We need to get engaged in some household’s work as well as gardening, cooking, cleaning, etc. Watching some videos on such topics will help to try something new every day in this lockdown.


In this situation, it is hard to keep ourselves happy so we must bring positive thoughts to relieve ourselves from stress.

Physical Health:

Physical health means activities such as playing sports such as Football, Basketball, Swimming, etc. Physical health depends on lifestyle, diet, and sleep.

exercise girls

Poor physical health problems also affect mental health. Physical health and mental health are interconnected with each other. Physical activities help you to get active throughout the day.

Regular physical activity helps to prevent chronic diseases like heart diseases, stroke, cancer, etc. Physical activity has long term benefits. Physical activity means the movement of the overall body.

Benefits of physical activities are as follows:

  1. It helps to maintain your weight.
  2. It helps to build strong and healthy muscles in your body.
  3. It reduces heart diseases.
  4. It refreshes your mood and makes you happy.
  5. It gives you good sleep and relaxation.
  6. It helps you quit smoking and drinking.
  7. It lowers your blood pressure.

Physical activity is also known as physical fitness. In the gym, there are lots of equipment which you can use for exercise. You can use a treadmill for running and walking.

Sometimes, you may not be able to go to the gym. At home also you can use the stairs for climbing or you can walk around the garden. In this lockdown, you can watch some videos on the internet on how to keep healthy during this period.

Physical activities for children and youth:

Children and youth are always interested in doing something new. Physical activities can help them to be healthy and happy. They have so much energy that they can use it for playing sports. Playing sports is one of the interests of both children and youth. Physical activities at an early age will help to:


  • Helps to strengthen lungs and hearts.
  • Develops skills.
  • Helps to make the bones stronger.
  • Builds confidence.
  • Keeps active throughout the day.
  • Brings positive attitudes.
  • Maintains good weight.

Encouraging them will help them to build confidence and determination. Some of them can even make a career in this type of physical activity. Proper guidance is also important for physical activities.

Proper guidelines will let them know whether they are doing right or wrong. Physical activity helps to control anxiety and depression. The participation of children and youth will help in social development and academics.

children playing image
children playing image

There should be the promotion of physical activities to keep ourselves fit and healthy. We need to increase physical activities. We need to make some changes in our activities.

There are other ways of doing physical activities like engaging children and youth to do some household works. It will help to know them about life. Household activities like sweeping, gardening, vacuuming are also physical activities.


As you know due to Covid-19 we can’t go to the gym or gather around. In this situation, we need to keep ourselves healthy and happy. The main thing to do is to keep ourselves happy at all costs.

Reading some books and comics is a great way to pass the time in this situation as well. Doing something creative will help to learn something new.

Author: Yash Pradhan

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