Social Problems and Their Solutions in Nepal


• Drug abuse

The illegal trade of drug is called drug abuse. Generally, in Nepal the youth’s people are engaged in this sector to get entertainment themselves. But it is the serious problems of our society as well as country also. And it affects our society in different ways. It is creates only criminal activities. They are not only ruin their own’s lives but also destroy the peace, prosperity or happiness of families and societies. Now the borders of India are opened and it becomes to easy for the illegal trade for drug in our country. It makes individual disorder can be seen for the drug users. we know that, that makes short-time pressure but affects the people in long time. There should be unhealthy in human resourse in society or country. So, it is never good for any personal(indivual), families, communities, society or country.


• The solution or measures of Drug abuse; as,

a. Should be public awareness
b. Programs should be conducted from time to time to convince the bad efforts of drug addiction.
c. Should be severally punished by Drug traffickers
d. Should be hospitalization for treatment
e. Should be made strict laws

• Girl Trafficking

Girl trafficking is the main problems of our country. Because of almost 5,000 girls are sold per year in our neighbor country or in other countries or even different parts of our country. But they are sold to work in factories or in household works. Such trafficked gires or women are physically, mentally and sexually exploited.

Girls Trafficking in Nepal

Mostly poor, innocent, illiterate, and underprivileged from rural families’ members sell in town and cities in brothels. They are in pressure to have sex with many people in a day and a night. They live like a horrible life, captives of the brothels. Many of them suffer from different sexual diseases such as HIV, AIDS, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, etc. When they are unable to do, then, they are forced to send back at home with empity handed, sick, and down. They are difficulties to adjust in their families or society. They are ignore, hated or humiliated by other.


• Solution ar measure of Girl trafficking; as,

a. Public pressure should be given to the government to work as against girl trafficking or prostitution.
b. People should be more active, about to solve the social evils.
c. Security in open border area should be made tight.
d. Activities of police, different organizations should be made more effective.
e. Consciousness should be raised in every levels and conducting awareness meeting, speeches, relies upon, publishing newspaper articles etc.
f. To provide women’s rights.
g. Strict legal measures must be enacted and implemented against such activities.

• Causes of girl Trafficking

a. Poverty
b. Gender inequality.
c. Lack of employment.
d. Open border with other countries and week border security.
e. Lack of awareness or Illiteracy.
f. Lack of economical properties and political rights of girls and women,
g. Ignorance of becoming rich overnight.
h. Poor monitoring of legal provisions.

Some social evils and their solution or measure are described; as,

• Some social evils of our society

a. Chhaupati pratha

Chhaupati Pratha is traditional social evils that has been existing mostly in the Far-western development Region and the Mid-western Development Region in our country. It is inhumane practice. According to traditional, women could be kept out of their houses when they have become monthly period (cycle). They are isolated from own house and family during the period of whole menstruation. They should be stayed in dark or gloomy houses, cow sheds, goat housea, etc of very poor condition. When she is that condition, not allowed to touch, to see,to walk, to mix up with other person. They should not allowed to use regular domestic things such as bedding, blankets, sheets, goods, utensil, or other household. They have to sleep in hay (paral), grass, local mats, jute bags and also to eat in whatever pot they have got. Many of women suffer from this condition, as psychology, mentally, physically in tradition.

• To solve this chhaupati Pratha; as,

a. First of all, the people should be educated about this condition.
b. Wider awareness programs must be conducted in many places.
c. To ignore that traditional practice.
d. Government should be provided different types of facilities.


• Deuki Pratha

This social evil traditional exists in the far-western Development region in the hill. In this Pratha, people should offer own their daughter to the temple or God in the believe of getting blessing from the God. But rich family could not offer own daughter but they buy from poor families and offer them to Gods in the temples. The girl who has offered to the God or temple that should not get marry. But there are many cases of sexual misbehaviours on them. It is the upright violation of women’s rights. This system is gradually disappearing with the social awareness.

• Ghumto Pratha

According to this traditional, Hindus married women should cover up their faces by the peaces of the clothe because of other male person or senior person can not look her. Generally, Muslim women should cover their face with a Burka (shawl), to hide their whole bodies from men. Such traditional hunt the mind, emotion,health or dignity of women. This is a vivid examples of gender discrimination. This practice have not any rationale. It is discouraged and ended at the earliest.

• Jhuma Pratha

This is a social evil that found in the Far-Western Development region in mountain and the Mid –western Development region in our country. In this Pratha, the second daughter of his/her families is offered to the God in Ghumba as like traditional. The women who offered in the Ghumba that has to spend her whole life to take care of respective Ghumaba by cleaning and offered support. The girl who has offered in Ghumba that girl should not get married. But she stays to guard of the head Lama in the Ghumba. She has illicit sexual relationship with many person, many times. It is an inhumane and against women’s rights that should be ended by all means.

• Chhuwachhut Pratha ( untouchability)

In our country, there are mainly 123 castes. According to our society, there are many lower castes or upper castes that should be existed discrimination on the basis of caste. Saday, Dom, Ram,etc are considered the lowest castes and untouchables. It should be cursed our society. It is the root of humanity and violats human rights in traditional. But this practice, has been declared by Muluki ain in 2020 B.S. but at present, this traditional, has been taken place in many part of our country. Untouchability creates disharmony,dissention,mistrust,division or conflict in our society. But this types of practice has ended at the earliest from our village. And we have to come together against it.

• Daijo pratha (dowry System)

Money, Property, goods or all of them given to the boy’s parents at the daughter’s is called Dowry. In the Terai, it is mostly prevalent but is spreading all over the country. If the property should not given as a demanded of the bridegroom’s side not acceptable the bride in marriage. Eventhough after marriage,the bridegroom’s side giving torturing the daughter-in –law. such types of problems occurres or creates in the families and societies. So many families of our society get broken, does suicide,killing the women,burnt,etc in order to not get enough dowry. We know, the parents of a girl try or collect or save the money for dowry than also giving her education. This dimazed the dignity and honour of women and this should be done away.

eradicate dowry

• Child Bibaha ( child marriage)

In terai area, people are only educated 57%. There are more communities where the child is marriage while he/she is in her/his mother’s womb. Child marriage is generally done according to culture, religion and to get ride of socio-economic burden. That should hurts child rights, child emotion, child entertainment, child health, prevents from traditional is shame on our society. This practice must be stopped.

• To end this Practices

a. Skill training and job employment opportunities should be given to the marginalized people.
b. Marginalized, backward and schedule castes and group of people should get opportunities in government services.
c. Women should be encouraged in every sector for development and other activities.
d. We should includes all of the social evils in the school curriculum ( text books)
e. Wider awareness program should be conducted at different places.
f. Social boycott should be carried out against those practice in social evils.
g. We should give every children free compulsory education.
h. Government should play vital role to enact and enforce strict laws for ending such bad practice.
i. Media should publish news and articles to promote women’s right and awareness.
j. Active monitoring and surveillance must be carried out.

writer : Binod Mahato

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