Social Problems and Their Solutions in Nepal

Social Problems, evils and Their solution in Nepal

We know that all those activities which have carried out to fill full of own’s personal interests misunderstanding at the feeling up others’ and such activities as mentioned below:- Some social problems are immoral, illegal, bad, undesirable, untouchability, third Gender, drug abuse, child labour, domestic violence action of the people in our locality. And All these problems are socially generated, it is our common responsibility and duty to search solution and measures within the society and such problems need to be tackled as possible. Social problems or evils should be abolished to create a peaceful and harmonious in society. First, we discuss the different between of social problems and social evils in our society; as,

• What Social problems are; as,

The personal interesting or to willful one’s personal of the people at the cost of others rights, dignity, health, safety, and socio-cultural values can be called Social problems; such as Girl trafficking, forced, smoking in public, gambling, unwilling physical relationship between two individuals of opposite sex, drug misuse, violence, against women, theft, robbery, kidnapping, murder, rape, corruption, drinking alcohol and misbehaving in public places or at home places these are the examples of social problems. Such social problems are greater hindrances to make the peace, well-being, development of our country, security, harmony etc. And it also affects to How the people react to the certain situation, such examples include; as,

a. Behaviours of social Anti.
b. Poverty
c. Abuse of Alcohol
d. Economic status
e. Unemployment condition
f. Abuse of drug addition
g. Sexual Contraction
= Early Pregnant
= Rape
= Mutilation of Female Genital
h. Lack of Education

• What Social evils are

The part or whole of Social norms, values, cultures, rituals and existing in the society which has negative impacts on a particular gender are known as “Social Evils”. Such as caste-based discrimination, gender discrimination, polygamy, Bal Bibah, Child marriage, untouchability, Ghumto Pratha, Jhuma Pratha, Deuki Prabatha, Chhaupadi Pratha, mistreating windows, accusing of women and men as witches, spending excessive money in the name of social and cultural practices, Superstition ( andhabiswas), dowry system ( Daijo Pratha), etc are the examples of social evils and this practices harm the peace, harmony, development in our communities, families or society.

Some major social problems and their solution measures are described below; as,

• Corruption

The misuse of financial authority or authority of any sectors is can be called corruption. Not only in Nepal but also all over the world, Corruption is the greatest challenge for good establishment of a governance. It is also defined as ‘ the dishonest or illegal behavior or doing illegal work or misusing own authority”. Thus, corruption should also be defined as “Misuse of authority”. In some cases; People of Higher post of administration accept money in the form of bribe for doing the work of that person. If someone fails to give bribe, that person’s works should be either never done or done after quite long time. That work should be accepted sometimes illegal financial offers as the commission from the parties which are expecting to get the contract of some big projects of the government.

Bribery and corruption

Generally, Corruption is caused lake of a feeling of responsibility, duty, and nationality, because of the low Expectation, the lake of the low implementation, desire to be overnight billionaire etc. It is the effects to develop the country. That should be demoralized the image of the countries in the all over the world. Because of corruption, the peace of development of any country should be slower and it will cause loss of the faithful of the people in the government services.

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• The solution or measures of corruption are mentioned in points; as,

a. Leave to luxurious
b. Social boycott to the corruption people
c. Establish of a good governance
d. Political parties should be different political commitment
e. Enhance of “Transparency”
f. To develop accountability and responsibility among them
g. End of commercialization of public service ( education & health)
h. Necessary laws should be formulated ( should be amended if necessary and should be implemented strictly)
i. The power of Commission for the Investigation of authority ( CIAA) should be expanded.
j. The work of constitutional organization should be made effective and efficient.

• Bullying

The use of superior strength or influence to intimidate someone, typically to force someone to do something, is can be called Bullying. It is the one types of the acts of the acts of intentionally, causing harm to others, through verbal harassment, assault of physical, other more subtle method of coercion as a manipulation. This practice is mostly practiced in campus, universities, school, workplace, It is also called peer abuse. Phycology studies that the person who is abused their group are at risk of mental health problems like stress, tension, fears, independent, etc so they think to do suicide.

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• The solution or Measures of Bullying ;as,

social problems and evils in Nepal

a. Make all the people are respected
b. Create an identity –safeguard
c. Create the trust that should help them to connect the young people. Make them educate.
e. Provide the opportunities for students to shear his/her feeling to other


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