Major 15 Social Problems, Evils & Inequalities in Nepal

Major 15 Social Problems, Evils & Inequalities in Nepal

Social Problems

Immoral, illegal, rootless and unscientific activities which backward the societies are social problems. Girl trafficking, forced or unwilling physical relationship between two individuals of opposite sex, smoking in public, gambling, corruptions, drinking alcohol and misbehaving in public places or at home, drug misuse, violence against women, theft, robbery, kidnapping, murder, rape etc are a few examples. Such social problems are great hindrances to our peace, security, harmony, well-being and development.

Social Evils

The part or whole of social norms, values, rituals, cultures and traditions existing in the society which have negative or adverse impacts on a particular gender or sex, caste or ethnic group, children, elderly people etc is known as Social Evils’. Child marriage, untouchability, caste-based discrimination,  gender discrimination, polygamy, Bat Bibah, Chhaupadi Pratha, Deuki Pratha, Ghumto Pratha, Jhuma Pratha, accusing of women and men as witches, mistreating widows, spending excessive money in the name of social and cultural practices, superstition and habiswas), dowry system (Daljo Pratha), etc. are social evils. Such evil social practices harm the peace, harmony and development of the society.

  1. Child marriage, bal Bibah
  2. untouchability: Untouchability is one of the evil social practices or tradition in Nepal. Untouchability was legally prohibited on 2020 BS but it is deep rooted still now. The practice of untouchability among human beings is a disgrace. It can be taken as the remnants of feudalistic culture. The practice of discriminating people on the basis of so-called higher and lower class has created a big gap in the society. It has given birth to conflicts in the society. Therefore, the practices of untouchability existing in our societies should be eliminated in a joint effort.
  3. caste-based discrimination,
  4. gender discrimination,
  5. polygamy,
  6. color discrimination like madheshi pahadi feelings,
  7. Chhaupadi Pratha,
  8. Deuki Pratha : Deuki system one of the evil social practices or tradition or culture in Nepal. In the hilly area of the far western region, poor people offer their young daughter to the god. But the rich people do not offer their own daughters. They purchase the poor girls for it. The offered girls do not get married which is the violation of their human right. This system may create social absurdity. But Deuki. system is not so common in these days.
  9. Ghumto Pratha: Parda or Ghumto system is one of the evil social practices or tradition or culture in Nepal. The married women in Tarai area cover their face with the part of sari or shawl to keep their face unseen by males. This practice is a burning example of gender discrimination.
  10. Jhuma Pratha, 
  11. accusing of women and men as witches,
  12. mistreating widows,
  13. spending excessive money in the name of social and cultural practices,
  14. superstition and habiswas),
  15. dowry system (Daijo Pratha): Dowry system is one of the evil social practices or tradition in Nepal. The cash or goods given to bridegroom from the bride’s father in the marriage ceremony is called dowry. The bridegroom side bargains saying that they would stop the marriage if they do not get enough dowry. So it is a serious social problem. We can see or hear news that some recently married women are facing mental trouble because they could not bring enough dowry. The Tarai area is seriously affected by the dowry system. This system is spreading in other parts of the country also. The conscious people should fight against this system.

Causes of Social Problems, Evils & Inequalities in Nepal

There are many social problems and evils traditionally existing in our country. These are immoral, bad, illegal and unpleasant actions practiced due to different reasons. Some of the main causes of social problems and evils are as follows:

(a) Superstitious beliefs
(b) Radical values and beliefs
(c) Poverty, unemployment and inequality
(d) Illiteracy
(e) Corruption, lust for money and consumerism
(g) Population explosion and urbanization
(h) A decline of community and individualism

(i) A decline of values
(j) Drugs and alcohol

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