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Naag Panchami or Snake Day is one of the most popular Hindu festivals observed. It is a day when devotees of Lord NaagRaj burn incense in a form of a snake to honor the Lord.

During Nag Panchami, the Nagas are also worshiped by Nepalese people as the snake gods. Nagas stopped rain from falling over Nepal in ancient times. The king of that time was also a Tantric, so he used his power and made Nagas stop rain.

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Not only did the king succeed, but he also made the victory day into a celebration of Nag Panchami. Devotees place a Naga image high above their doors and perform puja using the necessary puja items.

In the yards and paddies for the snakes, people leave food offerings. On this day, devotees flood the Naga temples at Nagpokhari and Nagdaha.

Naag Panchami or Snake Day is a special festival that honors the Lord Naagraj and his loyal servants. This special festival is observed in many parts of northern and eastern India. The festival is celebrated on the full bright half of the Hindu lunar month Shravana. This festival is highly revered by Hindus.

In fact, according to Hindu myth, Lord Krishna was born in Mathura at the night. Later, he had to cross the River Ganges.

The use of flowers and grass is also observed as part of the ritual.



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Snake-worship is not limited to India only. While the country as a whole has this belief, it is common to find people in other parts of world and even in the entire world to have some form of this ancient religion and practice. The snake is considered sacred in almost all Indian religions and philosophies, especially Hinduism. For thousands of years, snake-worship has been a part of most Indian festivals and rituals. With the globalization and liberalization movement of the last two decades, however, the snake-worship is no longer considered appropriate or mandatory in most Indian cultures.

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Although it is debatable whether Naag Panchami actually represents the ancient beliefs and practices of Hindus or not, the festival remains a part of Indian life. The snake in both the south Indian tradition and the north Indian tradition is a part of the pantheon of Hindu mythology. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but it is interesting to note that in this part of India, snake-worship is still quite common.


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