500 Happy Dashain 2076 SMS Wishes Messages Greetings Cards Collection

404. The abundance of May is your constant companion, so you have much to share. May hilarity be near you always like a bright lamp in the many roads you travel.

405. My desire for your Dashain is beauty and sweetness with surprise thrown for pleasure. Love every day bringing happiness, making your life a bright and bright scene of light.

406. Let’s meet and celebrate the dawn of the dazzling Dashain. He brings gifts of happiness, good health, luck and surprises. My best wishes for Dashain.

407. Honey, I want you to know that the time I spent with you was the best thing in my life. Here to share many more times together. Happy party

408. Dashain is the perfect time to renew the bond of love. I wish you my life and good luck like this day and always. I wish you a festival full of good times and fun moments.

409. Dashain is the time to unfold the new horizons. I make new dreams, rediscover strength and faith in you, to enjoy the simple pleasures and adapt to new challenges. I wish you a truly satisfying Dashain!!

happy Dashain Wishes for your best friends in English language

410. Happy Dashain 2019 ! May the dawn of Dashain take you to the path of the beautiful moments and bring you abundant joys, filling your heart with love and happiness.

411. In this festival of Dashain, I wish you success in all the opportunities presented this year. May your dreams be born and make you happy in many ways. Have a wonderful Dashain.

412. Dashain Festival full of beautiful wishes for those who look beyond the horizon. Embark on a new beginning, Dashain. May he bring sunlight to your life.

413. May this festival embrace you with happiness, love and good wishes for the festival of Dashain.

414. Pick up a drink at the right time and welcome the Dashain Festival with good friends and good cheers. I wish you eternal happiness and an excellent climate.

415. Dashain promises a new beginning and will fill every heart with hopes and aspirations. Here, I send my wishes for love and laughter today and forever.

416. May you succeed in all facets of life and may all your sincere wishes come true. I wish you a happy Dashain of happiness and prosperity.

417. The Dashain festival is for celebrations and has a good time with your loved ones. May the beauty of the Dashain Festival remain with you forever and that your wishes for peace, health and happiness sound true.

418. In this dashain festival, may god fulfill all your wishes and always keep you happy and cooI. wish you, Happy Dashain 2019 !

happy Dashain Wishes for your best friends in English language

419. My friend, on this happy occasion of Dashain, appreciates our memories and feels the warmth of my desires. I wish you a Happy Dashain 2019 !!

420. Dashain happy for you. I hope you spread the joy and happiness in this Dashain festival and in the days to come and get the same in return.

421. Dashain brings joy, fun and a new vision for all of us. So, forget all the bad memories of the past and enjoy the party. Have a fabulous party.

422. No one can replace the place of friends in your life. We can give our friends a sweet smile by sending Dashain wishes and greeting cards and inviting them to join the celebrations. So, have fun with your family and friends.

423. The beginning of the first day of Dashain brings you closer to the realization of your dreams. I hope that the blessing of the goddess Durga turns all your dreams into reality.

424. Happy Dashain 2019. With friends around you, Dashain celebrations are always more exciting. I hope our friendship lasts longer and our bond strengthens.

425. For all my friends, it is my advice to touch someone’s heart with every little smile, no one is happy all the time, but we must all create happiness. Have a wonderful Dashain.

happy Dashain Wishes for your best friends in English language

426. May the passion and splendor, which are part of this holy feast, fill your whole life with prosperity, happiness and a much brighter future and bring you joy and love. For the whole year ahead. My best wishes for this blessing party for you and your family.

427. A time of celebration and unity, a time for the victory of good over evil, a time when the world sees the example of the power of good against evil. Let’s continue with the same “true spirit”. I wish you a Happy Dashain 2019 !!!

428. Dashain simply celebrates love and joy as he commemorates the holiday season by enlightening the spirits. I wish you all, Happy Dashain 2019 ! And have great celebrations.


429. Dashain brings the light that gives hope to despair, and that your mind rises while you wait for good times before you. I wish you and your family Happy Dashain 2019 !!!!

430. Like the blessing of the goddess Durga and the ancients, it brings brightness to darkness. May this Dashain Festival bring good health, joy, luck and prosperity to your beautiful life. Let’s commit to being good and finding the right path in our lives.

431. It is Dashain everywhere, let’s show a little love and care and we wish everyone! May the blessings of the goddess Durga guide you towards happiness and joy in life.

happy Dashain Wishes for your best friends in English language

432. May the blessing of God illuminate your life with infinite happiness, wealth, health and wealth forever. I wish you and your family a welcome to Dashain!!!

433. Honey, I want you to know that the time I spent with you was the best thing in my life. Here to share many more times together. I wish you, happy VijayaDashami!!

434. Your bubbly presence has added sparkle to the celebration of the Dashain festival, making every moment special. Thank you very much for finishing my life. Have a wonderful vacation.

435. I wish you: “Happy Dashain: May your heart be filled with the joy of giving, since it is the expression of love in your heart and kindness in your soul.

436. This is another Dashain worthy of being celebrated! I wish you happy memories in your heart with laughter and applause shared with your family … Wonderful celebrations.

437. With great devotion, fervor and joy, with rays of joy and hope. A bright and warm Dashain festival I wish you.

happy Dashain Wishes for your best friends in English language

438. Dashain, the feast of blessings is here. May they bring you greater knowledge and wisdom, and enlighten your life for the days to come … Have a better party …

439. As the season changes and everything is fine. It makes the happiness of the whole year. I wish you and your family Happy Dashain 2019 !!!

440. In the sky colorful kites are flying high to touch the success and joy. Sweets are in the mouth of everyone spreading sweetness. It’s time to enjoy the moment in full intensity. I wish you all a Happy Dashain 2019 !

441. Happy Dashain, 2076. Wishing that your days are filled with surprises and incredible gifts. May this festival bring you prosperity and give you energy.

442. I can be far away, but the heat of my desires will reach you. May the blessed occasion of Dashain be the beginning of good times, convenience and good luck for you. I wish you a Happy Dashain 2019 !!

443. I am wishing you “Happy Dashain 2019.” I hope you always fly high like the colorful kites that dot the sky.

happy Dashain Wishes for your best friends in English language

444. As a beautiful and bright party, let your days be sprinkled with joy and happiness! May the festival of Dashain bring you new hopes and wisdom … We wish you good luck, Dashain!

445. The festival of dashain has bring the feeling of love, harmony. Lets celebrate together and flourish happiness everywhere. May Goddess Durga Bless you with more and more blessings. Happy Dashain 2019 !!

446. Like the flame of candles, Ur’s life can always be happy, as the U mountain shifts without timidity, as the sun creates morning glory, the perfume fills with years like Flory, all the darkness is far as the light is on the way.

447. Happy Dashain 2068 This SMS with explode in 5 seconds. 5 4 3 2 1 ((((BOOM)))))) HAPPY DASHAIN

448. May my warm and heartfelt wishes be with you, celebrating this holy festival. May the beauty of Dashain fill your life with good will, sparkle of courage and wisdom. Have a wonderful Dashain and days ahead.

449. Happy Dashain 2019. Look outside … That’s so nice! Sun in the sky is smiling at you … trees are dancing for you, birds whispering for you … because I asked everyone to wish you Happy Dashain

450. DASHAIN is a festival with true spirit, peaceful soul, lovable heart, more care, relaxing mind, you can have them everyday. May the blessing of god fill you with all these things.Wishing you all, Happy Dashain 2019 !!!

451. I wish each of you a very happy and prosperous Dashain. May this year bring you much happiness in life and realize all your dreams.

happy Dashain Wishes for your best friends in English language

452. Lets celebrate Dahsain together and recollect all the unforgetable memories. Lets unite and make the dashain more enjoyable. May this dashain festival flourish the feeling of brotherhood among people. Have a grand celebrations.

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