500 Happy Dashain 2076 SMS Wishes Messages Greetings Cards Collection

353. Love, peace and joy came to earth in Dashain to make you happy and happy. May Dashain spread joy in their lives. I wish you a Happy Dashain 2019… Celebrate this special festival with more joy.

354. On these great vacations, forgive your enemy, your tolerance towards an adversary, your love towards a friend and your family, and respect for yourself. I send you all a very Happy Dashain 2019 !

355. One of our true friends of the holiday season is the opportunity to say “thank you” and wish the best for Dashain. I send you all the wishes of Dashain and I enjoy the festival with pleasure and joy. Let’s enjoy the festival together.

356. Colorful kites fly in the sky. The beautiful sounds echo Dashain’s atmosphere. We celebrate our true love, looking to the future with hope. Dashain happy with all of you …

357. Dashain is about counting your blessings and being grateful for the things that are dear to you! I looked into my heart and found what is closest to my heart. It is your love and your attention. I wish you very Happy Dashain 2019.

happy Dashain Wishes for your best friends in English language

358. May the unforgettable moments of the present time become the wonderful and unique memories of tomorrow. I wish you much love, joy and happiness. Happy birthday Dashain happy!!!

359. A silent night, a beautiful moon and twinkling stars on high, a blessed gift of love and hope, a blessed Dashain for all of you. Have a wonderful vacation …

360. Dashain happy for all of you. May your vacation be blessed with peace, love and joy. I send you my best wishes with a joy that never ends. Have a party with your family and friends

361. Love is air in Dashain everywhere. So, stop opening gifts and flourish love and care around you this Dashain. May your days be beautiful and bright with the light of God’s love. Have a dark Dashain.

362. Dashain is not a time nor a season, but a time of grand celebrations. To appreciate the peace and the willingness to be merciful is to have the true spirit of Dashain. Let’s celebrate this festival together,

363. With new faith and new aspirations, new beginnings and more. Dashain is the great moment of coexistence with family and friends. The moment to brighten up your day and see beautiful things. I wish you a very good Dashain!!!

364. Dashain happy for you, my dear! At this time of year, I am grateful for your love, your friendship and your family. Thank you very much for being part of my life. Take care and organize a fantastic festival.

happy Dashain Wishes for your best friends in English language

365. May your home be filled with peace, joy and love as you celebrate the magnificence of astonishing festival. May these blessings follow you through the days and years to come. Dashain happy!

366. The best gift you can have is not in stores or supermarkets. We find it in the heart of your family and your friends … In this Dashain festival, enjoy all the moments and recover it in your heart!

367. Our friendship has always been special from the beginning, as have the festive greetings that are warm and cordial. May the next few days be filled with friendship, laughter and all the good things that life can bring. Happy Dashain;

368. Let’s enjoy this Dashain Festival that allowed us to share our joy with our loved ones and loved ones. Happy Dashain, my friend. May your life be filled with love, acceptance, kindness, peace and happiness.

369. Happy Dashain for all of you. May this Dashain Festival be so special that you never feel alone and are surrounded by your loved ones.

370. I send you my warm and sincere greetings on this special day. I wish you the best that this festival of Dashain can bring and that your home has been blessed with love and happiness.

happy Dashain Wishes for your best friends in English language

371. As we celebrate victory over evil on this special day. May the air of Dashain enliven your spirit, may the sun illuminate your destiny, and may the moon of the season shine with God, favor everything you put your hands on. Dashain happy!

372. Dashain is a necessity. There must be at least one day of the year to remind us that we are here for something more behind us. I send you my deepest wishes for a wonderful Dashain and you can have a good time.

373. Dashain came with love, hope and faith. I wish you all this in this festival of Dashain. May all the happy and sweet magic of Dashain conspire to delight their hearts and fulfill all their desires. Dashain happy!

374. Dashain is the best time to open your heart to your loved ones, just like the rest of the year. May the joy of Dashain provide you the light to dispel the darkness in your life, key to the closed pathways and may god grant you peace and favor.

375. Dashain is the festival that celebrates the bonds of brother and sister, friends, communion with family and friends. Let’s enjoy the festival together. I wish you all Happy Dashain 2019 !!!

376. Dashain is a magical holiday season that brings joy, love, happiness and comforting thoughts. Inspire your friends and loved ones with just and touching words to spread the joy of Dashain. Have fabulous celebrations.

377. This holiday of the year brings festive and family fun. It is a time to remember and look to the future. I wish you all Happy Dashain and collect your wonderful memories during this happy season.


happy Dashain Wishes for your best friends in English language

378. Dashain is a season of great joy. It is time to remember the time that has gone and the hope of the coming time. May the splendid wishes of love and peace fill you with joy during this wonderful season.

379. During this time of faith and family, the true meaning of Dashain will bring you joy. I wish you a happy Dashain and blessed days …

380. In this Dashain season, I wish you the peace of the season, the spirit of love, the comfort of faith and the beauty of Dashain’s season. I hope your holidays are full of festivities and are very fun.

381. I wish you and your family a very Happy Dashain 2019. May this happy season greet you, good health and happiness. May the magic of the Dashain festival delight and fill your hearts with happy moments, good humor and laughter.

382. This Dashain can turn anything you have dreamed into reality. Dashain happy for all of you. May your family feel the love, peace and joy that accompany Dashain’s spirit. Have a brilliant Dashain!

383. I wish you a peaceful Dashain. May the blessings of Dashain be with you today and always. I wish you the beauty, blessings and joy that this Dashain festival brings.

384. I wish you a blessing party for the goddess Durga. May this Dashain bring you more happy memories and joy. May this Dashain fill your house with joy.

385. Dashain is a moment in which everyone wants their past to be forgotten and their present remembered. So, let’s celebrate this festival together and let go of mutual love and concern. Dashain happy!! Have a wonderful Dashain!

happy Dashain Wishes for your best friends in English language

386. Dashain happy for all of you. May the good times and unforgettable memories of the past and present be the inspiration for you in the future. I wish you all the love, joy and happiness that Dashain ..

387. Dashain is a great celebration that expresses love, hope and joy. Spread the word to everyone in your life. Have a great Dashain and enjoy it completely.

388. Happy Dashain to the best father in the world. Your love and your example are the gift for me in this festival. You are the light of our family and this day I want to recognize how much you shine. Always equal, dad …

389. I know that I always have the best friend of my life. You are my sister, this Dashain and every Dashain, you are my best friend in this party and in every Dashain, that is why I am very grateful to you. Thanks for always being with me. I wish you a Happy Dashain 2019.

390. You are the best gift that I have given to God every day. How could I miss this opportunity to pass on all my love to the dearest of all! I leave you, honey … Happy Dashain 2019.

happy Dashain Wishes for your best friends in English language

391. Living with you is like a dream. I do not want to wake up. This Dashainfestive is combined with the immense love I have for you, which made me a true romantic this year. I just want to be with always. Happy Dashain 2019 !!

392. In this festival season, give and receive love and care and you will surely have a happy and wonderful Dashain. My best wishes for you and your dear ones this Dashain and always. May Dashain spread joy in their lives.

393. Dashain is a joyful season to take a step back in our busy lives and spend time with our loved ones. I am sending you and your family my best wishes. Have a good party.

394. Send greetings reflected on your way this Dashain festival. May the treasures and traditions of the Dashain Festival fill your heart with hope and joy. May you always have happy days … Happy Dashain for all of you …

395. May the melody and spirit of festival fill your house with love and peace. I wish you all, Happy Dashain 2076. Happy birthday …

396. In this beautiful and happy party, let your Dashain be decorated with joy and full of love. Have a wonderful festival

397. Being with you is like having Dashain every day of the year. I send you my best wishes for a happy Dashain full of health, happiness and spectacular success.

happy Dashain Wishes for your best friends in English language

398. I wish you all, Happy Dashain 2019 ! May the air of Dashain elevate your spirit, may the sun illuminate your destiny, and may the moon of the season shine with God, may it favor you in all that you give with your hands.

399. In this Dashain festival and always, may your life be filled with warmth and good humor. Wishing that your Dashain be filled with peace and joy.

400. Dashain is the festival in which life is peaceful and what you want, you get. It is time to treasure memories with loved ones and loved ones. Have a better party with your loved ones. Dashain happy!!

401. The festival came back to life with more joy and many bright memories. I send you wishes with happiness in abundance.

402. The Dashain festival guarantees that peace will fill all the empty spaces that surround you and in you, that satisfaction satisfies all your wishes Happy Dashain 2019.

happy Dashain Wishes for your best friends in English language

403. May comfort be yours, warm and sweet like a sign, and may the days to come show you that every day is like Dashain, a happy day … I wish you all a Happy Dashain 2019.

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