500 Happy Dashain 2076 SMS Wishes Messages Greetings Cards Collection

303. I still remember the day when you walked through that door into my life. Ever since that day, it has never been the same. The love that you gave me and passed onto me will always be remembered. May this Dashain give you lots and lots of opportunities and bring you lots of love and happiness. Happy Dashain honey.

304. I wish happy dashain and wish you all the happiness of this entire world. If I could I would put all the love, care right in your feet. I love you so so much. Happy Dashain once again honey.

305. This is the great occasion for you to start new dreams that you were waiting for. Allow this festival to light up new hopes and bring you new opportunities. Have a bright and beautiful Dashain.

happy Dashain Messages in English language for your beloved one

306. May this Dashain bring you new opportunities, new hope and new moments. I wish all the wonderful opportunities knock your door and light up your life and face. Happy bijayadasami.

307. On Dashain there is nothing more amazing than gathering with all your family and celebrating this auspicious moment. May you always remain happy and cheerful. May this Dashain bring you and your family all the good luck.

308. I wish you peace and joy in your life. May the glow of joy and prosperity follow you every where. Always remain cheerful and good luck for all your coming days. May this Dashain bring you new opportunities to your life from this day onward. Happy Dashain once again.

happy Dashain Messages in English language for your beloved one

309. I wish you great accomplishment and prosperity. May your days be filled with happiness and prosperity. May you always be blessed with goddess blessings. Have a wonderful year ahead. Happy Dashain 2019.

310. A good true friend is hard to get by and when the friend is like you it’s near to impossible. I am so lucky to have you and call you my friend. You truly are an amazing person. And you deserve no less in return as well. I pour all my heart out for you. May you achieve many great things in life. Happy Dashain my dear friend.

311. I wish you great many things in life. Great wonders and life full of love is what I dream for you. You deserve so much more than you are getting. I love you. Happy Dashin love.

happy Dashain Messages in English language for your beloved one

312. I never knew how it was to be full in love. To love someone not expecting to get anything in return. All I knew was I would never be that person until you came into my life and turned my world upside down. I was there pouring out all my heart for you and you were there protecting me, loving me. You were still there when I showed you all my scars. I love you so much. Happy Dashain love. I pray for goddess Durga to protect you all your life just like you protect me.

313. I wish you love, happiness and moreover peace. May you get lots of blessings from goddess Durga. I love you so so much. I cannot describe what my heart feels for you and I can’t control it. I have no problem with it. I can spend all my life loving you. Happy Dashain love.

314. I pray to goddess to look after you. Goddess Durga will watch over you and your family. May your path be filled with full of love and good people supporting you. I wish for your endless success and happiness on this auspicious occasion. Happy Dashain 2019.

happy Dashain Messages in English language for your beloved one

315. I promise to be there when you need to share your happiness, when you need s shoulder to cry on. I promise to be there for you always. I love you so so much. And I wish you Happy Dashain love.

316. A day before Dashain gives the idea of the festivities with the sound of Ghanti and shines with the brightness of Diya for the goddess Druga. Welcome to the true celebrations of the great day with open arms. Have a miraculous Dashain …

317. The festival of tika and jamara have become a center of happiness and prosperity. Since the holy occasion of Dashain has come and the around is full of happiness and love, here is the hope that this festival of beauty will show the way, the bright glow of satisfaction that lives with you during the days to come. Happy Dashain 2019 !!

318. Dashain is beautiful when family and friends come together to share happy moments, share laughter, enjoy food and create wonderful memories. I wish you and your family, Happy Dashain 2019 !

319. Dashain is the celebration of life and unity. Celebrate the occasion of Dashain paying homage to the gods, offering them prayers, seeking the blessing of the elders and of God. That Dashain very happy …

320. Let’s make this Dashain a set of beautiful moments together. I wish you the best wishes on the occasion of Dashain … Enjoy the festival.

321. Dear, I wish you a good holiday in Dashain. I hope you put all the students of tika and jamara, playing swings and extending happiness and joy to the house.

happy Dashain Messages in English language for your beloved one

322. I wish everyone a happy and prosperous Dashain. Let this festival of Tika and Jamara bring brightness and happiness to your life today and always …

323. I want harmony, peace, health, success, prosperity and good luck for the most beautiful girl. May the Goddess Durga bless you. Happy Dashain, honey!

324. May the blessing of the Goddess Durga always be with you to brighten your days with vigor and hope. That you doubt with all the happiness. I wish you a very Happy Dashain 2019 !

325. I wish you good health, great fame, sweet feelings, more wealth, true dreams, deep love and joy in your life in Dashain. I wish you a happy Dashain,

326. I wish you a Happy Dashain 2019. May you be blessed with the best celebrations and parties of this Dashain. God bless you.

327. Happy Dashain, friends … May the divine season of Dashain, add a new spark and everything to your life. Divide your life in peace, happiness and good health. Have fun


328. Dashain is the festival of tika, jamara and the blessing of the elders and the goddess Durga. May this festival give you new opportunities for growth and prosperity. I wish you all happiness, Dashain.

329. I pray for your health and happiness on this auspicious occasion of Dashain. May Lord Ram and Goddess Durga fill you with wisdom, prosperity and success and enlighten every corner of your life. I wish you a Happy Dashain 2019…

330. I wish you a wonderful Dashain, darling. May this Dashain become the brightest of all the festivals, since you will celebrate with the people you love the most. Have fun …

happy Dashain Messages in English language for your beloved one

331. That you enjoy great success and glory, happiness and good health, satisfaction and positivism in your life. Enjoy the festival with your family and friends. I wish you much pleasure Dashain …

332. On this great day, I wish you a happy Dashain and may God always help you in your life. May happiness and success fills your life and make it more special.

333. Happiness is in the air. It’s Dashain everywhere. Let’s show a little love and respect and we want everyone to be there. Happy Dashain 2019…

334. We meditate on the glory of the creator who created the universe, who is worthy of adoration, who is the emanation of knowledge and light, which is the eliminator of all sin and ignorance. In this Dashain, you can enlighten our intellect. Dashain happy!

335. May this Dashain festival fill your home with joy and happiness. And that next year will give you everything that brings you joy. I wish you a Happy Dashain 2019 !!!

336. Look outside, it’s nice outside. The birds are smiling at you, the swings are calling you, the angels are waiting for you to wish you a very good Dashain …

happy Dashain Messages in English language for your beloved one

337. The sun does not shine there, neither the moon and the stars, nor the brightness. All the rays of this world cannot be compared to the inner light of your inner being. Join the happiness of Dashain. I wish you a Happy Dashain 2019…

338. As you celebrate this holy occasion, the most loving thoughts and desires are for you. May the beauty of Dashain fill your heart and the love that always belongs to you bring an infinite joy. Dashain happy with you …

339. In this festival, Dashain, wishes joy and prosperity. Hoping that the beauty of this blessing party will bring you a world of joy, happiness and satisfaction to last all year. Dashain happy! I wish you a very good Dashain!! May the supreme light illuminate your spirit, enlighten your heart and strengthen the human.

340. Dashain is the festival of joy and happiness. Welcome goddess Durga and Lord Ram with tika, jamara and swings. Enjoy this festival with lots of fun …

341. On this Dashain festival, I pray god to shower all the happiness, prosperity, health and lots of fun in your life. May you bless with warmth and splendor that are the part of your life with cheerfulness and happiness.Enjoy this beautiful festival. Dashain happy!!

happy Dashain Messages in English language for your beloved one

342. Friends are great, friends are great, good or bad, they are always right. All the spheres of our lives are impregnated. They are the gift of God, our life in growth, they share everything, important or even innate. I wish you good luck Dashain, we can answer.

343. Happy Dashain, my friends. May the divine spirit of Dashain spread peace, happiness, prosperity and good health in your life. Enjoy the party

344. Dashain has to do with unity and joy. I send you my best and warmest wishes with your loved ones. My Dashain is not possible without you, dear. Happy Dashain, my love!

345. Fly the colorful comet of love, blow the chain of sadness, pull the rocket of prosperity, draw a pot of happiness. I wish you a very good Dashain!!! The feast of blessing has come to extend happiness and joy in our lives. Let’s enjoy this festival with harmony, love and care. That Happy Dashain 2019… Take care of yourself …

346. Enlighten inner joy, make life a celebration and create happy joy. Make Dashain real, enlighten your own soul for perpetual bliss. I wish you, Happy Dashain 2019 !

happy Dashain Wishes for your best friends in English language

347. Dashain happy, my dear brother. May our bond of love and care always be important. You are my strength and my companions in crime and I hope you are always with me. I really miss you at this festival and my love will shine.

348. God has sent in my life a beautiful princess who has loved me beyond conditions. My pretty little sister, thank you for helping me in all the ups and downs / Happy Dashain, my pretty sister.

349. You are the most beautiful gift I have received from God and you will always be special. I send you my love and my wishes for this special festival. Let’s celebrate this Dashain festival with more happiness and joy.

350. Dashain is about remembering and celebrating the beautiful moments spent with our friends, parents. It is about receiving love and affection from one another. Dashain happy for all of you. Messing

351. Dashain is the sweetest and sweetest festival of the year, and yet, when he speaks, his voice has great authority. Happy Dashain and celebrate the festival with more joy.

happy Dashain Wishes for your best friends in English language

352. The best of all the gifts that God gives us is the presence of a Happy Family, all wrapped up in each other. I wish you and your family Dashain very happy.

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