500 Happy Dashain 2076 SMS Wishes Messages Greetings Cards Collection


253. May your awesome wishes work out not surprisingly and you may have store of fulfillment .have a huge amount of fun, have a fantastic time, and have an average day ahead. Happy vijaya dasami.

happy Dashain Messages in English language

254. May you live long presence without diseases. May your handwork lead you to sucess.Happy Dashain 2019.

255. It is the best festival of Hindu in Nepal.have fun, essentially chill out. Have an extraordinary and superior to normal dashain festival.


happy Dashain Messages in English language for your beloved one

256. No matter how hard your day is going, always keep in mind that goddess Durga is always with you and people who love you are right beside you. All those beautiful memories that we shared together I am grateful to you. Let’s celebrate this great occasion with huge blast. Happy Dashain love.

257. Every second, every minute, every hour I desire to lay by your side. My hearts seeks for you and when you are with me I just love it. I long to meet you and when I meet you I just don’t want to leave you. I wish for the great goddess Durga to bless us with her blessing and love. Happy Dashain darling.

258. Your sparkling eyes, those sweet smiles are what make my life so worth living. I am so glad that I will get to spend this Dashain by your side as one big family. Happy Dashain darling.

happy Dashain Messages in English language for your beloved one

259. I am committed to you as you are to me. I am yours as you are mine. I want you to get all the happiness and all the blessings that you can take on. I pray for the great goddess Durga to impart her blessing on us forever and ever. Happy Dashain my love.

260. With each passing days our love for each other is growing day by day. Our love is getting stronger day by day. We are a match made in heaven. We were meant to be together. May all your sadness and problems vanish in a blink of an eye. May this great Dashain bring all the happiness and take away all your sorrows. Happy Dashain honey.

261. You came and filled my void heart with all your love and warmth. I never felt what I feel when I am around you. It’s the best feelings in the world and I am so grateful to you. I am so glad to stand by your side and I feel so proud when you call me yours. Yes I am only yours. Happy Dashain darling.


262. I got you as my blessing. You are my only and the best blessing. I pray for you to get the best thing in life just like I did. I wish for all the joy and happiness to surround you. Happy Dashain love.

263. I cherish your love, warmth and happiness. You have filled my life with happiness and love. You are all I wanted and you are all I’ve got. May you be blessed with fortune, wealth and prosperity. Happy Dashain love.

264. Boy if few years ago someone had said I would be in love with a guy I would have laughed it off. But now it has come true. I am just in so so love that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You are all I need and all I want. May you have all the happiness and love. Happy Dashain darling.

happy Dashain Messages in English language for your beloved one

265. I am sad because i won’t be able to spend this Dsahian with you but I am also happy that I will be spending rest of my life with the love of my life. I want you to have a delightful Dashain. I will see you soon. Happy Dashain 2019.

266. I am so grateful that you came into my life. You just changed my life. You gave me so much of love and support. And it just makes me want to give you much more in return although you say I am enough. You showed me I was deserving of love and capable of loving. You are my love, my strength and my everything. Happy Dashainjanu.

267. May the Durga goddess give you strength and courage for your soul to take on all the hardships. I will always be there for you. I am so glad to call you mine. Happy Dashain love.

268. You are so perfect and so kind hearted. I am so so lucky to have you as my partner. Your kindness, smile everything is so intoxicating. You have filled my life with love and peace. May you get same kind of love and support throughout your life. And as for me, I will always be there for you. Happy Dashain 2019.

happy Dashain Messages in English language for your beloved one

269. I am completely struck by your awesomeness. The way you talk, the way you make me feel, the way the surrounding feels I am simply so addicted to them. I wish only good for you. I wish for the love to surround you and i love you so much. Happy Dsahain honey.

270. Love is not something that we can define exactly. It differs from people to people. But in my case, you are my love. You are my everything and I owe you. You are the one who brought me back to life. You saved me, loved me and looked after me. Now it’s my turn. I just want to say I will always be there for you. Happy Dashain love.

271. Life is not all about unicorns puking rainbows. It has its own pain and struggles. I wish for the great goddess Durga to save you from all the darkness and all the pain. I wish you have lots of fun this Dashain. Happy Dashain love.

happy Dashain Messages in English language for your beloved one

272. I wish you Happy Dashain for this year and all the coming years love. May our life together be blessed with goddess. I wish all our years together be spent in happiness and love and in her mercy. Happy Dashain love.

273. The pain that we had to go through has come to an end. With the blessing of Durga all our years of pain has come to an end. We will start new life from this day onward. Happy Dashain love.

274. I hope the light of this Dashain will illuminate your life and fill it with all its blessings. May you have the grace and luck to get and fulfill your unattempt desires. May goddess Durga be with you in every step of your life. Happy Dashain 2019.

275. Dashain is celebration of good over evil. So, this is the moment for you to win over your bad side, to renew yourself as a new person. Be happy and love yourself. Fill your life with love and those that love you too. Goddess Durga will always be by your side. Happy Dashain 2019.

276. Mahishasura was a demon that caused so chaos and pain to people but was later killed by great Durga. So, whatever chaos there is in your life think it as mahishasura and now it’s time for it to end. Pray to goddess and get her blessing and live your life with a new bright beginning. Happy Dashain 2019.

happy Dashain Messages in English language for your beloved one

277. May your life be filled with love, success and happiness. I love you so much and I wish that every step that you take is filled with love and care and all that hatred that exists be destroyed. Happy Dashain love.

278. No matter how long it may take and how hard it may hit you up, always be strong and have patience and faith in yourself. Even it great Durga nine nights and day to finally kill the demon, so always have faith and never lose your hope. Happy Dashain my fighter. Keep on fighting.

279. Never lose hope and when you look around and you donot find anyone for you, keep in mind that I will always be there cheering for you even if you do not see me. May the glow and prosperity follow you wherever you go. Happy BijayaDashami.

280. Dashain is a season when all the family get together and enjoy and celebrate. They put on tika and get blessings from their elders. It is indeed a sight to see. We are soon going to be a family and we will be sharing such moments from now on. I am just so happy. Happy Dashain my love.

281. Dashain is a season of happiness and celebration. The joy of being with family and celebrating the victory of goddess Durga. It is such a joy. The joy and this feelings is irreplaceable and unlike any feeling. May you get all the happiness and love in your life. Happy Dashain love.

happy Dashain Messages in English language for your beloved one

282. The sky high kites almost reaching and touching the sky, those high swings only lion heart would dare are something you would only have to wait for Dashain to see. Those bright forehead and happy faces of people lightens your mood so much. It is indeed an amazing occasion and beautiful one too. And I wish to see your faces among those happy faces always and forever. Happy Dashain love.

283. May the light of happiness, peace and love illuminate your life and your family. May you get all that you desire. I wish for all the good things for you on this special occasion honey. Happy Dashain 2019.

284. Everybody leaves their places just to be home for the Dashain. But you are my home. Wherever you are, I find myself comfortable and happy. Empty streets have no effect on me, empty place have little effect and all that is for me is you. My Dashain is not complete without you. All those blessings that I get are incomplete without you. I love you and Happy Dashain love.

happy Dashain Messages in English language for your beloved one

285. Whether you are just starting out or you have reached your peak, you will always find me there by your side. I will always be there cheering for you from the depth of my lung. Always stay strong and remember goddess Durga is always there for you. Happy Dashain honey.

286. May you prosper and live your life to the fullest. You belong there and all your hard work is giving you fruits. Enjoy them to the fullest. Goddess Durga’s blessings are always with you. Happy Dashain love.

287. I am so lucky to have met you. I miss your smile, your laugh and your gentle voice. Your protective nature and little bit of that possessiveness. You are such a kind guy. Happy Dashain to the most amazing guy of my life.

288. I wish you a blissful Dashain love. May you prosper and have an amazing life ahead. I wish you success, wealth and peace from the inner corner of my heart. I am so lucky to have you. Happy Dashain 2019.

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