Best of Best Smart Mobile Phones Available in the World

Do you know what is the best mobile phone until now. Nobody knows which is the best mobile phone. Nobody knows what types of mobile phone is the best mobile phone. Nobody knows how to say the the best mobile phone in the world or this is the worst mobile phone ever made in the world. Nobody tells. Yes, nobody tell. But everybody can guess about the best mobile phone in the world. Everybody can experience the service and facilities of the mobile phones.

After experiencing the service and facilities, utilities of those mobile phones, he can say that this mobile phone can be the best mobile phone in the world till today. only one can guess that such type of mobile phone can be the best mobile phone till today. But he /she can say that this mobile phone will be the best mobile phone ever in the world. It will always no. 1 mobile phone. Because  he/she know that time is changing.  time is running very fast. change is happing along with the time. so, better mobile phone than the best mobile phone of the today can be produced, launched in the market. But till today we can say that these are the some mobile phones are the best mobile phone in the world.

Samsung Mobile android phone
Samsung Mobile phone

So., there is a big trouble that which is the best mobile phone. Yes, there is growing such type of mental trouble. Because, it is very hard to decide which is the best mobile phone. There are a hundreds of mobile phone, smart phone are available in the world market. As we all knew that world is a small village.  which mobile phone is the best in the United Kingdom, which mobile phone is the best in the United States of America, which mobile phone is the best in the China, which mobile phone is the best in the Japan, Russia, Canada, Nepal, Pakistan, etc. we can easily say that there is that country, this mobile phone is growing sales rapidly, this mobile phone is best seller mobile phone.

Do you have a mobile phone? I think of course, you have a mobile phone. I think we all have got mobile phone. At least one mobile phone each person who is reading this article has mobile phone. Someone has smart phone also. Some has just simple mobile phone. Someone has blackberry mobile phone.  Someone has iPhone too.

But don’t worry. In the internet era, it becomes very easy to decide which one is the best mobile phone made and distributed now.  Internet make is very easy. Surveys are ongoing every seconds, minutes, and hours of a day of the weeks.  Websites of internets and surveys are updated every hour a day.

Every mobile phone users are comparing with other mobile phones.

Here are some 20 mobile phones are listed and short description of that mobile phones. Features, facilities, utilities, services of those mobile phones are as follows.

The last few days, it is showing that it is seen that Samsung Galaxy S3 takes the topmost in the international market. Most of mobile phone user thouth that this Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone deserved the top. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the best and most featured oriented mobile gadgets of this year. it has plenty of features. it is feature packed mobile phone of the year. Because the features of Samsung Galaxy S3 are numbered as follows:

  1. Smart stay
  2.  font changer
  3. check out OAP mode
  4. Motion controller
  5. Don’t forget folders
  6. Quick search bar access
  7. Customize your lock screens
  8. face unlock – it isn’t magic
  9. you can gesture type, like Swype
  10. you can have up to seven home screens
  11. contacts book touch screen gestures
  12. install facebook and twitter for quickie contact-gathering
  13. avoid people with block mode
  14. make use of notification bar setting options
  15. investigate power saving mode
  16. boost battery with a dark background
  17. you can change brightness from the drop-down notification bar
  18. you can record the radio using the FM tuner
  19. check out the custom EQ setting in the music player
  20. Use music square for auto playlists
  21. you can edit videos in the video player
  22. check out All share
  23. HDMI Adapter
  24. consider a battery booster
  25. forget the 64 GB edition
  26.  get a capacitive stylus- nearly a note
  27.  search the web with your voice
  28.  save sites for offline reading
  29.  learn how to use NFC
  30. learn how to use S Beam
  31. Kies is optional
  32. Use data usage monitor if you’re on a data limit
  33. don’t forget Wi-Fi direct
  34. Essential Android apps
  35.  essential android games
  36.  solving app problems
  37.  App side-loading
  38.  Adding app shortcuts to the home screen
  39.  backup to SD = a good idea
  40. Video overlays
  41.  Galaxy S3 codec support is great
  42.  Check out HDR mode
  43. combat closed eyes photos with Best face
  44. Panorama
  45.  fill in the photospheres gap with an app
  46.  share photos directly with share shot
  47.  root it- if you dare
  48.  remote wipe your phone with remote control
  49. for frequent fliers – dual clock lock screen
  50. jelly bean Easter egg

So, we can say that this mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S3 can be the best mobile phone of best mobile phones in the world. Although other mobile phones are also top demanded mobile phones in comparison to Samsung Galaxy S3. Other 19 best mobile phones are listed as follows:
1.    HTC One X

2.    Samsung Galaxy Beam

3.    LG Optimus 3D Max

4.    Nokia Lumia 800

5.    Apple iPhone 4S

6.    Asus Padfone

7.    LG Optimus 4X HD

8.    Samsung Galaxy Nexus

9.    Nokia 808 PureView

10. Panasonic Eluga Power

11.   Motorola Defy Mini

12.  Sony Xperia S

13. Sony Ericsson Xperia Active

14. Samsung Galaxy S II

15. Huawei Ascend P1 S

16.  Samsung Galaxy Note

17. Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman

18. Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus

19. Nokia Lumia 610

So, Samsung Galaxy S3 is competing with above mentioned mobile phones.


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